Music Festivals in Thailand - Exciting Bucket List Strike Offs

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Music Festivals in Thailand for an Experience of a Lifetime

If music is your passion, the chances are that you have attended at least one music festival in your life, or desperately wish to. Music festivals in Thailand host the zenith of wild party experience and are said to be the bigger and better hosts of music concerts. Besides attracting local and global audiences, Thai music festivals hold opportunities that gather young and passionate masses of the world to exchange life-changing ideas and celebrations.

Here is the list of 11 Music Festivals in Thailand - Exciting Bucket List Strike Offs

1. S2O Songkran Music Festival - Thailand's Biggest Music Festival

The S2O Songkran Music Festival is an addition to the Thai New Year, the famous Songkran festival. The S2O Songkran Music Festival is one of the biggest and most anticipated Thai music festivals. With mass gatherings of local and global enthusiasts, the S20 Songkran Music Festival hosts a great musical water party as well. Some of the Top Chart artists at the 2018 Songkran Music Festival were DJ Snake, Tujamo, Ookay, Tchami and Anna Lunoe.

Dates: April 2020 (Dates TBA) 
Live Park, Bangkok

2. Waterzonic - The Water Music Festival

As the name suggests, Waterzonic is a maddeningly exciting music festival soaked and drenched in musical waters. Waterzonic is yet another of Thailand's most awaited music festivals as it brings plenty of water games with it as well. Waterzonic grooves to some of the top EDM giants from across the world such as Dmitri Vegas, Like Mike, Afrojack and Orjan Nilsen. An indulgent affair, Waterzonic is an exciting combination of water and music supported with a huge stage, art installations, and endless fireworks that welcome into dawn as well.

Dates: October 2020 (Dates TBA)

3. Wonderfruit Arts and Music Festival - Art Exhibitions and Concerts

Wonderfruit Arts and Music Festival is a happening four-day cultural festival aimed to bring together people from all over the world in an attempt to tighten intercontinental friendships and fuel world peace. The itinerary ranges from never-ending music parties to skilful art display all aimed at encouraging an exchange of ideas to create a better world. With sustainable living as its prime objective, Wonderfruit Arts and Music Festival offers a great time of responsible partying. 

Dates: 12th to 16th December 2019
Venue: The Fields, Siam Country Club, Pattaya

4. Big Mountain Music Festival - Celebrate Music Amongst the Mountains

The Big Mountain Music Festival is a brilliant two-day music festival bagged the title of being South-East Asia's largest outdoor event since its inception in 2010. A magnificent celebration, The Big Mountain Music Festival spans over nine stages hosting close to 200 performances ranging from Thai folk music to urbane EDM and rock music. The Big Mountain Music Festival strives to encourage new talent and local heritage from across the nation thus most of the Big Mountain Lineup comprise of Thai artists. The stunning ranges of Thai mountain backgrounds add to the surreality of the Big Mountain Music Festival.

Dates: 1st to 3rd December 2019
Venue: Nong Nam Daeng

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5. Maya Music Festival - Traditional Thai Music Festival

Maya Music Festival is the ultimate festive experience fusing traditional Thai culture and contemporary music, thus emerging as a Neo-modern musical phenomenon. The artistic setup and displays borrow motifs from local cultures to preserve Thai customs while displaying them to the world. The iconic image of a colossal monkey forms the backdrop of the two stages, which hosts a great lineup of electro-naga genre DJs.

Dates: 8th and 9th December 2019
Venue: SHOW DC, Bangkok

6. Songkranzonic - Water Themed Music Celebration

New to the outdoor festival scene with its first edition introduced in 2018, Songkranzonic has already made its name as an unforgettable music party. The four-day music mania witnesses over 10,000 attendees grooving to EDM-packed lineups hosting listed international DJs such as DVBBS, Julian Jordan, Borgeous, Brennan Heart and Shapov. Songkranzic is the perfect blend of water and music, as concerts and other musical gatherings comprise of massive water sprays and showers. With its stellar show and management, Songkranzonic is soon to become the most anticipated music festival in Thailand.

Dates: April 2020 (Dates TBA)
Location: Cartoon Network Amazone, Na Chom Thian, Thailand

7. Kolour in the Park - Where Music Paints the World

Kolour In The Park is an annual music festival, held at the outskirts of Bangkok. Featuring local and international Techno and House lineups, Kolour In The Park is a two-day treasury of music, art and multicultural exchanges. The music fest also organises several after-parties, graffiti exhibitions, light shows, a pool party and a food market.

Dates: 7th March 2020
Venue: Thai Wake Park, Lamlukka

8. Warp Music Festival - Celebrate Music in Outer Space

Occurring on the Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Warp Music Festival is Thailand's first beach EDM festival. Based on futuristic and universe-based concepts, the Warp Music Festival imparts a new experience each year. The 2017 Warp Music Festival themed as 'Survivor Saturn' saw an impressive techno-electronic line-up of artists like Gammer, Zeds Dead, Deorro, Crankdat and Breathe Carolina plunging the crowd to dance to the theme of an imaginative Saturn setting wildly.

Dates: May 2020 (Dates TBA)
 Jomtien Beach, Pattaya

9. Mystic Valley Music Festival - The Thai Tomorrowland

The experience at Mystic Valley Festival is as exciting as the name sounds. Inspired by the Tomorrowland trend, The Mystic Valley Festival spans for three days providing camping and food facilities for attendees. Widely spread across eight stages, The Mystic Valley Festival hosts big international names from EDM, Trap, Techno, Trance, RnB and Disco industries. The Mystic Valley Festival also hosts a big pool party and fantastic light shows.

Dates: November (Dates TBA)

10. Transmission Festival - Thailand's Best Trance Music Party

The Transmission Music Festival may not be unfamiliar music festival veterans as it is famous for its maddening music parties. The Thailand edition of the Transmission Festival is held in Bangkok is deemed to be one of Asia's best and biggest trance music festivals. Known for hosting top artists such as Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Thrillseekers and Ben Nicky, the Transmission Festival is an audio-visual treat combined with trippy lights, giant speakers and a lively crowd.

Dates: March 2020 (Dates TBA)
Location: BITEC Bangkok, 88 Bangna Trad Road, Bangkok

11. Full Moon Party - The Monthly Music Festival

Known for its New Year's Eve event, the Full Moon Party is held every month and ranks as the most famous music party. With unending celebrations, attended by local and multinational music enthusiasts, the Full Moon Party touches dawn. Immersed in the best beach vibes, the festival hosts full-fledged music, lights and alcohol. With music ranging from Reggae to Trance and Bass by local and international musicians, The Full Moon Party always is a house-full celebration. Hence, it is advisable to be safe and cautious of your surroundings.

Dates: Second week of every month
Location: Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan

Music festivals are a great place to meet people from across the world and make some great connections. Thai music festivals hold all the more opportunity as these musical celebrations attract vibrant crowd globally. Here are some of the top music festivals in Thailand that would force you to take that day off, let your hair down and create a book of memories!

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