Stunning Churches in India That Are Architectural Masterpieces

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List of Churches in India

The exquisite churches in India date back to 52 AD with the coming in of Christianity. With the coming in of colonialization, a number of churches were constructed during the rule of Dutch, Portuguese, French and British. Designed with new style of architecture and imported material, these stunning churches stand tall and beautiful even today. Besides, being a place of worship, these are visited by tourists both domestic and international to admire the beauty and architectural prowess of the bygone era. Choose from our compiled list of churches in India before you decide to head out to one.

Here is the list of 28 Stunning Churches in India That Are Architectural Masterpieces

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

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The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a historic church in India and is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Basilica of Bom Jesus houses the tomb and remains of St. Francis Xavier. Even after 400 years, the remains are in a good condition and are taken out once every decade. Up untill half a century ago, Goa was the capital of Portuguese rule in India and this is part of their heritage.

2. Se Cathedral, Goa

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One of the largest churches in India and in Asia, Se Cathedral took nearly 80 years to get constructed. It was established to remember the victory of the Portuguese over the Muslim rulers in the city.

3. Medak Cathedral, Telangana

Built in the Gothic Revival style, Medak Cathedral is one of the most gorgeous and striking churches in India. It is believed that the mosaic tiles of six different colours used in the construction of the church were imported from Britain.

4. All Saints Church, Coonoor

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Built 163 years ago, the All Saints Church is one of the oldest churches in Coonoor. This reformed protestant church was a part of the church of England. Established in 1854, the church adorned with beautiful interiors and is identified as an old Anglican church. It owns an ancient pipe organ and also antique wooden interiors. The stained glass windows and its classical appearance gives you a feeling of a typical British countryside with a building of huge dome-like structures.

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5. Mount Mary Church, Mumbai

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The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount is commonly called as the Mount Mary Church by the locals. Thousands of people of all faiths visit this church in India to attain peace and blessings in the caress of Mount Mary. The basilica is a truly grand, yet humble edifice made from nothing but stone.

6. St. Andrew's Basilica Arthunkal, Alleppey

St. Andrew’s Basilica at Arthunkal in the district of Alappuzha, is considered to be the largest shrine of Saint Sebastian in all of the world. Originally constructed by the Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century, the church was rebuilt in 1584 under the priest Jacomo Fenicio who was believed to possess powers to heal body and mind; and was popularly known as ‘Arthunkal Veluthachan’ translating to ‘fair-skinned father’. Eight years after the vicar died, the shrine was renovated to face the West towards the silken white sands of the Arabian Sea.

7. Christ Church, Shimla

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Located at the Mall Road itself, this church is the second oldest church in North India. The interiors and the neo-gothic architecture are very beautiful and appealing making this church in India one of the most important attractions in Shimla.

8. St. Paul Church Diu, Diu

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Situated in Diu, a Union Territory of India, St. Paul’s Church is the largest and the only functioning church in Diu. Renowned all over the world for its stunning architecture by Indian craftsmen, the church boasts of rich wood carvings, splendid facade, intriguing volutes and shell-like motifs.

9. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi

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The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is located at Fort Kochi and is one of the eight Basilicas in India. It is one of the finest and most impressive churches in India and is visited by tourists all year round. Made by the Portuguese; Santa Cruz Basilica is considered as one of the heritage edifices of Kerala.

10. St. John in the Wilderness Church, Dharamsala

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This neo-gothic church was built in 1852 and is one of the most important churches in India and in Himachal Pradesh. Located near Dharamshala and on the way to Mcleodganj, this church was built in dedication to John the Baptist.

11. Kohima Cathedral, Kohima

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The city of Kohima has had a really violent past and now, the city is making up for it. This cathedral too stands out in the city, providing a beacon of hope and peace.

12. St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church, Thrissur

Established in 52 AD by St. Thomas and situated in Palayur, St Thomas Church is the oldest church in India and one amongst the seven that were founded by St. Thomas the Apostle.

13. Our Lady of Snows Basilica, Tuticorin

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Our Lady of Snows Basilica is one of the most popular places of worship in Tamil Nadu. It is a shrine dedicated to St. Mary and is inspired from the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

14. The Christ Church, Munnar

Established nearly 110 years ago by the British tea planters, the Christ Church draws visitors from far lands.

15. Santhome Church, Chennai

San Thome Church is among the only three in the world that house the tombs of one of Christ's original disciples. If you visit this church in India, you will be stepping into a historical tale that will take you back a couple of centuries. The museum inside displays souvenirs of the great saint and his legend.

16. Church of St. Cajetan, Goa

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This church has a major resemblance with the St. Peters Basilica in Rome. On the left, there are three altars dedicated to the Holy Family, Our Lady of Piety and St.

17. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Goa

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In the heart of the capital city of Panajim, Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is a beautiful church lying on a hilltop. You need to climb up quite a few stairs to get to the church.

18. St. Paul's Cathedral, Kolkata

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Said to be the first cathedral built in the overseas territory of the British Empire, St. Paul's Cathedral is a Anglican cathedral located in Kolkata. Also said to be the seat of the Diocese of Calcutta, the church was completed in 1847. The edifice now stands on the Cathedral Road on the 'Island of Attractions'. This church in India is said to be a very fine example of Indo-Gothic style of architecture.

19. All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad

Built in the late 19th century, All Saints Cathedral or Patthar Girja is a spectacular Anglican Christian Church on M G Marg, Allahabad. Constructed in the gothic style architecture, the church boasts of intricately carved glass panels and marble altars. One of the most beautiful churches in India and all of the world, the shrine is thronged by tourists and pilgrims alike.

20. Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pondicherry

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This Gothic style building is a highly revered place of worship in Pondicherry. Visitors comprising of both tourists as well as devotees, who are staunch believers, visit to offer their prayers to the All Mighty here.

21. St. Mary's Basilica, Bangalore

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St. Mary's Basilica is the oldest church in Bangalore and is the only church in India that has been elevated to the status of a minor basilica. It is famous for the festivities it holds during the St. Mary's Feast, in the month of September each year, an event which attracts a large number of devotees from in and around Bangalore. St. Mary's Basilica had a humble beginning when a thatched hut was constructed in the 17th century by Tamil Christian migrants from Gingee. Now, it is a marvellous sight to behold.

22. St. Philomena's Church, Mysore

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Recognized as the second tallest church of Asia, St. Philomena's Church was constructed to pay tribute to the Catholic Saint and martyr of Roman Catholic Church, Saint Philomena. It is one of the most important historical sites in Mysore and is frequently visited by tourists from all over the country.

23. St Francis Church, Kochi

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St. Francis Church in Kochi, which finely exhibits Portuguese architecture, is believed to be one of a kind amongst all the European churches which were constructed in India. It was constructed in the 15th century by the Portuguese traders. With such historical importance, this church in India has now become one of the most visited tourist attractions making it a perfect getaway for the ones seeking solitude and inner peace as it gives a sense of belongingness.

24. Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Pondicherry

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Immaculate Conception Cathedral or Eglise de Notre Dame de la Conception Immaculee Church is a beautiful place of worship established in year 1686. Dedicated to St. Peters, it is a church of Capuchins and was first served as a small chapel situated outside the government park.

25. St Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore

St Aloysius Chapel is a Catholic Church and a famous attraction set atop the Lighthouse Hill and has a regal look which is breathtaking right from the entrance. The unique wall paintings of St. Aloysius Chapel are stunning and attract visitors in quite a large number.

26. Velankanni Church, Velankanni

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Located on the sandy shores of Bay of Bengal, Velankanni Church is considered as one of the holiest Christian pilgrimage churches in India. Declared as the holy city by the Pope, it draws devotees in large numbers from all over the world.

27. Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores, Thrissur

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With murals on its walls and ceilings, this 1875-built Roman Catholic Minor Basilica has the largest church interior in South India. It is adorned with 140 ft long steeple, which is visible from anywhere in the town.

28. Shettihalli Church, Hassan

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Located at a distance of 22 km from Hassan in Karnataka in the small district of Shettihalli, Shettihalli Church is an ancient catholic church built in the 1860s by the French missionaries. Boasting of magnificent Gothic architecture, Shettihalli Church was abandoned in 1960 and is currently in ruins. The uniqueness about the church is that it gets submerged in water every monsoon and for the same reason, the ruined church has become a popular tourist attraction in the region. Standing tall in the middle of barren fields, the church doesn’t have a roof and echoes with the silence of the surroundings and the chirping of the birds.

Which of the churches in India have you visited? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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