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Timings : 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Mass Timings: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 5:30 PM on Sunday, 6:00 AM on Monday, 8:00 AM on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

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St Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore Overview

St Aloysius Chapel is a Catholic Church and a famous attraction set atop the Lighthouse Hill and has a regal look which is breathtaking right from the entrance. The unique wall paintings of St. Aloysius Chapel are stunning and attract visitors in large numbers.

These paintings were painted in 1899 by Antonio Moscheni, an Italian Jesuit when he visited Mangalore on a mission in 1878. What we get to see are mostly restored paintings that have suffered damage over time but the charm and authenticity of St Aloysius Chapel are still very well maintained.  This is Mangalore's very own Sistine Chapel and offers a serene atmosphere to calm a troubled mind. The view of the Arabian Sea from the campus is worth the trip if one wishes to capture a part of the history and the natural landscape of this part of the city. 

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How To Reach St Aloysius Chapel

Tourists can reach St Aloysius Chapel via Bejal - Kavoor Road or Bajpe road and NH66 by local city buses or auto-rickshaws. If one's taking the Bejal - Kavoor and NH66/ Bajpe Road, they need to head to Kodailbail and travel further till Court Road and St. Aloysius College Road to reach Hampankatta. St. Aloysius Chapel is located in Hampankatta, just about 600 metres away from Aloysius College road.

Paintings at St Aloysius Chapel

The paintings of St Aloysius Chapel depict the life of Jesus Christ and St Aloysius Gonzaga. The central row of artwork on the ceiling consists of all the paintings that are dedicated to the selfless life of Aloysius Gonzaga. The first three panels from the rear of the chapel have paintings showing Aloysius's life as a child at the Altar of Mary, him preaching about Lord to the people of his town, his first communion and his admission to the Jesuit Order. The painting right in the centre on the wall above the altar shows him serving in Rome to help the people suffering from the plague. This wall also has several other paintings about St. Aloysius.

Aloysius Chapel Mangalore
The artwork on the chapel's ceiling panels shows the disciples of Jesus Christ weaving floral garlands through the panels. These garlands are held by life-size angels. The arches of the chapel have paintings depicting the saints of the church while the lowers arches depict the Jesuit saints. The rear wall has a painting which is considered as a masterpiece of Antonio Moscheni. This one is of Jesus Christ as a friend of children. Several other paintings depict the life of Jesus Christ including His birth, His Baptism, the wedding feast at Cana and His Crucifixion.

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