9 Best Spots for Shopping in Ubud

Ubud as a place has gained a lot of recognition after being portrayed in various movie scenes. This place has since then experienced an increase in the bustle. Regarded as the paradise of Bali, filled with nature and amazing views. The hustle in the city is at its peak not just because of the magnificent places but also because of great shopping places for shopaholics! Here we have some of the great places where you buy stupefying souvenirs, handicrafts, and other products -

1. Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is a great representation of the local culture as the goods sold here are made and manufactured in neighbouring villages, mainly Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Payangan, and Peliatan. Situated in the heart of Ubud, this place is much sought after for souvenirs and Balinese handicrafts. The island has most of the common things widely available, but Ubud Art Market is way ahead in terms of quality and variety. The market is divided into two blocks where the western blocks sell all the collector’s items, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc. The eastern block sells all the daily necessities items.

2. Jalan Raya

Jalan Raya
Regarded as the artistic and cultural heartland of Ubud, Jalan Raya has some of the best fashion boutiques that offer traditional textiles and handmade clothing accessories with international fashion designers as well. This is a place where you can get miscellany outfits with superb quality. This is the best place for tourists who wish to buy Bali’s traditional clothing apparel at a low cost.

3. Celuk Village

Celuk Village Market
Female tourists are going to love this place! The abundance of gold and silver jewellery at pocket-friendly prices is . The raw material is exported from outside the island. The jewellery is then crafted in a way that has a Balinese touch to it. Not just jewellery but they even sell handicrafts and souvenirs of gold and silver.

4. Tegallalang Handicraft Center

Tegallalang Handicraft Center

Stunning views of mountains and the vibrant vibe of Tegallalang attract tourists to witness the best handicraft products. The usual products are changed in such a way that it is alluring to the eyes of the tourists. If you wish to buy certain types of things without going to specific marketplaces for clothing or jewellery, then this centre is for you because it has everything from paintings to clothing and is regarded as the best shopping place in Ubud.

5. Biasa Bali Ubud Store

Biasa Bali Store

A luxurious shop that is stocked with the latest fashion collection. The Ubud stores have been the favourite place for both genders. There are various outlets of Biasa, and they have gained recognition because of the different types of attire that follows the latest fashion trends. Aesthetic accessories and clothing curated out of fine fabric have been adored by customers for years.

6. Horizon Glasswork

Horizon Glasswork

Do you find glasswork fascinating? Horizon Glasswork has been the best shop for buying glasswork as both the designs and quality are best for the customers. This place is run by the Californian artist Ron Seivertson, who specialises in hot glass carvings. The best-sellers are lamps, plates, bottles, and vases.

7. Bali Buda Shop

Bali Buda Shop

Bali Buda Shop sells organic food items and various other healthy living products, including vegetarian items as well. The place is best for health-conscious people who are looking for taste in healthy food items. Not just food, but you can also take back natural skin products to your home.

8. Blue Stones Naturals

Blue Stones Naturals

We are sure that you do wish to take the spa feel back to your native land, and Blue Stones Naturals fulfils your this wish. They produce healing products that consist of oils, soaps, salts, and natural tonics. All the products are curated using natural components that help nourish the skin and release the stress between the muscles. They sell hampers for both personal uses and gifting purposes.

9. Dinata Shop

Dinata Shop

Dinata shop will give you a full vintage vibe because of its antique collections. Bali and Indonesia’s exotic stuff are available over here. They have some rare items which can be brought as souvenirs. Chinese coins and daggers are the most captivating things for tourists. You can even buy rare handicraft items from here which might not be available in other markets.

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