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"The Secret Gili Islands"

Gili Gede Tourism

Gili Gede lies to the southwest coast of Lombok and is small, rugged, and  and isolated from the other parts of Indonesia. While Gili Gede's name translates loosely to 'Large Island', measuring 4 km by 1.6 km at its widest point, Gili Gede packs a substantial punch for its relatively small size.

Desert Point is renowned for being one of the best surf spots in the world, with one of the longest left-handed surf breaks being found here. Gili Gede is also a snorkeller's paradise and with its crystal clear waters and teeming marine life, it is sure to be a haven for water sports enthusiasts.

While Gili Trawangan and Gili Air usually are the most popularly sought-after island getaways around Lombok, there are 24 other islands, including Gili Gede that comprise the Gili Islands. Walkable paths connect the entirety of Gili Gede and tourists can traverse the whole island on foot.

Comprising only 5 small villages with fewer than a 1000 residents in total, Gili Gede travels at a slower pace than its more raucous neighbouring islands Gili Trawangan and Lombok and is perfect for tourists looking to kick up their feet and unwind. It's calm and tranquil waters mean that it is the preferred destination for stand-up paddleboarding and boat-cruising.

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Things to Do

Tucked into Lombok’s west coast, Gili Gede is a vacation and honeymoon destination comprising five villages over 260 hectares with one of the world’s longest left-handed surf breaks. 

Here are some incredible things to do in Gili Gede: -

  • Watch pearl cultivation at Gili Nanggu and take your kids for a hike and picnic in the leafy surrounding hills.
  • Explore Gili Gede’s white-sand beaches with mangroves, panoramic underwater visibility and corals.
  • Indulge in snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, swimming, diving, stand-up paddleboarding and fishing on beaches like Gili Layar, Bangko Bangko, Gili Rengit and Desert Point.
  • Get to know local inhabitants - Sasak tribes at the Wisata Mangrove Beach and Gili Lontar, flanked by seafood vendors and small shops selling souvenirs. 
  • On clear days, Mount Rinjani and Mount Agung are visible from Gede. For some unforgettable views, walk to the reef-fringed islets of Gili Kedis, Gili Asahan and Teluk Mekaki Beach.

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Gili Gede
Gili Gede - One of the Pleasant Offbeat Destination
Spectacular View of Tropical Lagoon Beach, Gili Gede
Snorkeling - Most Significant Water Sport in Gili Gede

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FAQs on Gili Gede

What is the best time to visit Gili gede?

The best time to visit Gili Gede is from May to September. This is the dry season and while the climate of the Gili Gede, like its neighbouring islands, is typified by a monsoon-tropical atmosphere, rainfall is rarely as pertinent an issue during this time. High humidity and balmy climates are features of the island paradise throughout the year.

October onwards sees the dry season end and the monsoon rains come in. The stormy season, for the most part, lasts from the end of October to March. The lack of adequate infrastructural facilities on Gili Gede means that attempting to travel to Gili Gede during this time will result in logistical nightmares.
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What are the places near Gili gede?

The top places near to Gili gede are Lombok which is 24 km from Gili gede, Bali which is located 115 km from Gili gede, Gili air islands which is located 28 km from Gili gede, Gili trawangan which is located 30 km from Gili gede, Surabaya which is located 398 km from Gili gede

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