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NUS Museum, Singapore Overview

Singapore. The city that is as reputed for its rich cultural heritage as for its discotheques, where the number of people thronging in museums go hand in hand with the crowds in the clubs. Here, the preservation of its heritage is not neglected just because new buildings are coming up every day. Singapore makes sure that the history buffs have no dearth of places to seek solace. One such place which houses the artefacts bearing witness to Singapore's rich history is the NUS Museum. Adorning the main campus of the National University of Singapore in Kent Ridge since 2002, the museum is the oldest of all the university museums dotted across the city-state. Delve into the deep history while taking in the magnificent Southeast Asian, Chinese and Indian collections.

From traditional paintings to modern art, from splendid sculptures to charming ceramics, the NUS Museum is a treasure trove of significant artefacts. While the artwork in this glorious museum ranges from the Lee Kong Chian Collection to the Straits Chinese Collection, the number of artefacts exceeds eight thousand. The main aim of this university museum is to clear the way for facilitating both the cultural and intellectual lives not only within the campus but beyond it. Through regular development of the collections as well as curatorial practice, the prestigious museum contributes to the preservation of knowledge.

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History of NUS Museum

The history of this museum dates back to 1955 when the Malaya University established the University of Malaya Art Museum. Under the guidance of the first curator, Michael Sullivan, the extensive collection mainly specialised in the teachings of Art History. The historical trajectory of the important periods of Singapore is reflected upon the artefacts on display in this Museum which was established before Singapore received independence. Even though the extraordinary collection of the University of Malaya Art Museum was relocated to the NUS campus during the 1980s and 1990s, it remained in storage. It was in 2002 when the informative NUS Museum opened, housing over a thousand works by the renowned late Singaporean artist Ng Eng Teng, the rich collections acquired from the University Art Museum and the Lee Kong Chian Museums. Since 2004, the NUS Centre for the Arts has taken this magisterial museum under its wing.

Collections at the NUS Museum

  • South and Southeast Asian Collection: Originating from the University of Malaya Art Museum, this collection houses awe-inspiring classical Indian sculptures with roots in the medieval age, beautiful ceramics and textiles which date back to the eighteenth century, and contemporary Singaporean and Malayan artefacts. The vast collection expands on a regular basis and its most recent collections include paintings, woodblock prints, calligraphies and drawings from notable artists like Lim Mu Hue, Marco Hsu and Jimmy Ong.
  • Lee Kong Chian Collection: Predominantly Chinese, this stunning collection of jades, bronzes, classical paintings and ceramics is mainly housed from the Lee Kong Chian Art Museum located within the Nanyang University. The mesmerising collection has been growing since 1977 and at present, it displays the rich and complex contemporary and modern cultures of the Chinese community. Recent addition to this stupendous collection includes artistic ink paintings by Ho Chee Lick, Hong Sek Chern, Lim Tze Peng and Ling Yang Chang.
  • Ng Eng Teng Collection: From sketches to maquettes, from sculptures to public art, this comprehensive collection with around 1200 artistic materials bears witness to the spectacular range of work by a single artist. With glorious artwork that spans over four decades, the late Ng Eng Teng played a major role in linking the pioneers of Singapore to the contemporary artists who followed.
  • Straits Chinese Collection: This collection stands apart from the rest and consists of textiles, furniture, and a plethora of other eye-catching domestic products. Displayed at the NUS Baba House, this vast collection catalogues the Peranakan Chinese History around the twentieth century and assists in promoting the study of cultural encounters and migrations.

Tips For Visiting NUS Museum

School and Faculty members may visit the museums on Monday with prior appointments.

How To Reach NUS Museum

By Bus: Take the bus A2, BTC, C, D1, D2, or 152 and disembark at Kent Ridge Crescent Road. it is a seven-minute walk to the NUS Museum via the Conservatory Dr.
By MRT: Alight at Dover MRT and follow the path to Exit A. It is a short walk from the station to the NUS Museum via the Commonwealth Avenue.

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