Mumbai to Shimla

   Mumbai to Shimla Road Distance 1,764 km
   Mumbai to Shimla Aerial Distance 1,405 km
  Mumbai to Shimla Travel Time 1 day 4 hours

How to reach Shimla from Mumbai

The Preferred Way of Travelling from Mumbai to Shimla

The most accessible way to reach Shimla from Mumbai is via a flight journey from Mumbai to a connecting point such as Chandigarh or New Delhi and a bus or train journey henceforth. However, buses are more preferred over trains.

Knowing The Details

1. Mumbai to Shimla - Via New Delhi
2. Mumbai to Shimla - Via Chandigarh
3. Popular Routes to Shimla
4. Popular Routes from Mumbai
5. Places to Visit in Shimla
6. Hotels in Shimla

1. Mumbai to Shimla - Via New Delhi

Mumbai to New Delhi - Via Flight

Mumbai and New Delhi are both metropolitan cities, and numerous daily flights connect these two. AirIndia, JetAirways, SpiceJet and other airlines offer direct two-hour flights between Mumbai and New Delhi at affordable prices. Thus, airways end up saving a lot of time for the passengers, and they don’t end up getting so tired to be unable to enjoy the scenic ride for the next part of the journey.

Approximate Flight Fares and Duration
Fares for flights on this route start at about INR 2600, but you might also manage to get better prices for these flights if you book your tickets well in advance. The approximate time taken by most trips to reach from Mumbai to New Delhi is around 2 hours and 10 minutes. 

New Delhi to Shimla - Via Road (Cab/Self Drive)

Roadways are the best option when it comes to travelling from Delhi to Shimla. Additionally, the road trip from Delhi to Shimla is very scenic, with gorgeous mountain ranges on the journey. If you do not want to drive, you always have the option of hiring a chauffeur-driven car to take you to your final destination.

Cab Services
Cabs can be quickly booked online through popular websites and apps such as Ola, Savaari, Rajputana Cabs, etc. Travellers can also book local cab operators such as include Himachal Taxi, Himachal Cabs, Jai Mata Tara Friends Taxi, etc. Fares for these cabs are around INR 9-12/kilometre, and you will be able to reach your destination in around 7 hours. 
Road Distance between Delhi and Shimla
The total distance between Delhi and Shimla is around 350 kilometres. 
Route Options
Delhi – Sonepat- Panipat- Karnal –Ambala – Zirakpur- Panchkula- Kalka- Parwanoo – Kandagh- Shimla. 
This route takes you through the Grand Trunk Road, and you should be able to reach your destination in around 7-8 hours, figuring the time for halts en route. 
Road Conditions
Overall, the roads from New Delhi to Shimla are well maintained, and travellers don’t face many hassles while driving on this route. With the development of bypasses and flyovers, the road trip has indeed become a breeze. However, after Chandigarh, due to the construction projects en route, there are a few potholes which might trouble the travellers. 
Approximate Time Taken
The average time taken by most travellers to complete this journey between New Delhi and Shimla is around seven hours. 
Approximate Fare
The approximate fare for a standard cab on this route is around INR 6900. However, for larger cabs, you might even have to pay around INR 7500-8000. 
Eating Options Enroute
The GT Road is a very busy one, because of which there is no shortage of eating outlets along the way. Apart from the conventional fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc., you will also find numerous local restaurants and eating outlets on the highway. Some of these include:
1. Sukhdev 
2. Jhilmil Dhabha
3. Divine Star
4. Haveli
Travel Tips
  • Since this road trip would also require you to drive on hilly terrain, refrain from taking this trip in the rainy season.
  • Not only do the roads become slippery and risky to ride on, but there are increased chances of landslides as well.
  • Vehicles have often been stranded on this route for hours due to unforeseen events. 

New Delhi to Shimla - Via Bus

For a lot of people who do not want to ride in a car to Shimla, buses are the next best option. Multiple regular buses ply from New Delhi to Shimla covering the distance between New Delhi and Shimla in about 10 hours at affordable prices. A bus ride from Delhi to Shimla also gives travellers the opportunity to witness the landscape at leisure, and this is precisely why so many people opt for this option.
Five operators including the HRTC, manage 35 buses on this route, with almost all being night journey buses. Thus, the journey from Delhi to Shimla is an overnight one, and travellers reach their final destination early in the morning. 
Boarding Points in New Delhi
1. ISBT Kashmiri Gate
2. R.K Ashram Metro Station 
3. Majnu Ka Tila
4. Karnal Bypass
5. RK Aashram 
6. Vidhan Sabha Metro station
Dropping Points in Shimla
1. Shimla ISBT Tutikandi
2. Victory Tunnel
3. Bypass crossing
Bus Types Plying from New Delhi to Shimla
There are various kinds of buses that serve passengers on the route from New Delhi to Shimla, and travellers can pick any bus according to their comfort and budget.
These bus services are
1. Himsuta Ac Volvo / Scania 2+2
2. Ordinary Buses
3. Himmani Deluxe 2+2 Non Ac
4. Volvo A/C Multi-Axle Semisleeper (2+2)
5. Mercedes Benz A/C Business Class (2+2)
6. Volvo A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2)
Available Bus Options
1. Indo Canadian Tpt. Co (Mercedes Benz A/C (2+2) buses)
Departure: 21:10
Arrival: 04:50
Duration: 7 hours and 40 minutes
Fare: INR 884

2. Northern Travels (Volvo A/C Semi Sleeper (2+2) buses)
Departure: 22:12
Arrival: 05:30
Duration: 7 hours and 18 minutes
Fare: INR 899

3. Indo Express (Mercedes Benz Multi Axle (2+2) buses)
Departure: 22:00
Arrival: 06:00
Duration: 8 hours 
Fare: INR 799

New Delhi to Shimla - Via Train

There are no direct trains between New Delhi and Shimla. Thus, for those who want to travel to Shimla from Delhi via a train, they would have to first travel till Kalka, and then board a second train to Shimla.

Toy Train
Although option might seem time consuming and exhausting, the Toy Train from Kalka to Shimla holds up as the main attraction on this route. Travellers can opt to take this transport mode as well.

Kalka Shimla Railway - UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Kalka–Shimla Railway runs through a total of 103 tunnels while on its journey, and the entire line has 864 bridges in all! It is then no doubt that a trip to Shimla is unfinished unless you experience this journey, which has also been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. However, note that the toy train runs slowly and takes around 5 hours to cover its journey Thus, you should opt for this route only if you have ample time and wish to experience nature closely. 

New Delhi to Shimla - Via Flight

Airways are a quick and convenient option to reach Shimla from Delhi. This mode of transport is also the fastest because it will take you to your final destination in just 1.5 hours. The only drawback of travelling to Shimla via air is the limited availability of flights for the same. As of now, only one airline, i.e. Air India, offers the services of a direct flight between the two places. Fares for flights on this route start from INR 5,250 or so, but these prices are dependent on numerous other factors also such as season, time of travel, etc. 

The Preferred Mode of Transportation from the Airport
Shimla Airport is located 22 kilometres away from the central city, and thus the best option would be to hire a taxi to take you to your final destination. 

2. Mumbai to Shimla - Via Chandigarh

Mumbai to Chandigarh - Via Flight

Numerous flights operate between Mumbai and Chandigarh regularly, and travellers who opt for this mode of transportation can complete the journey from Mumbai to Chandigarh in just 2-3 hours. Thus, flight journies are much more convenient and time-efficient to travel between the two points. As these economical flights cost as much as the Chandigarh-Mumbai AC train tickets, they are the most preferred mode of transport. 
Available Flights
JetAirways, IndiGo, AirIndia, and GoAir are popular airlines that offer their services on this route. Vistara also offers connecting flights from Mumbai to Chandigarh. 
Approximate Time Taken
The estimated time taken to reach Chandigarh from Mumbai via a flight is 2 hours and 30 minutes or so. 
Approximate Fare
Fares for flights on this route start at around INR 3500 per person and can go up to INR 5400. 

Chandigarh to Shimla - Via Road (Cab/Self Drive)

Travelling from Chandigarh to Shimla via the road can be fun and exciting, thanks to the beautiful trails and sceneries all along the way. If you are taking your own vehicle, you will be able to cover the total distance of 118 kilometres between the two places with great ease in just 3 to 3.5 hours. And because the Chandigarh- Shimla route is a national highway, you can be all the more assured of enjoying a comfortable journey. Moreover, there are numerous beautiful locations where you can stop en route to explore the local charm and landscapes.

Cab Services
For those who do not want to self drive to the Queen of Hills, cabs are readily available on this route. Some of the online booking websites are GozoCabs, Savaari and Get Me Cab. RK Taxi Services, Mehra Tours and Travels and Gurdial Taxi Services are some popular cab operators that you will find in Chandigarh. The ride to Shimla is indeed breathtaking and will leave you speechless, but motion sickness on this route is common, and make sure that you carry prescribed medicines along. 
Approximate Distance Between Chandigarh and Shimla
The road distance between Chandigarh and Shimla is around 120 kilometres. 
Available Route Options
Chandigarh- Pinjore – Kalka – Parwanoo - Dharampur- Kumarhatti –Solan- Chambaghat- Kandaghat- Shogi- Taradevi- Shimla.

Pinjore is just a few kilometres ahead of Chandigarh and is home to the famous Mughal Gardens. After which, you will cross through Kalka and Parwanoo, where you can view the timber trail ropeway ride. This route will then take you to Dharampur via Koti, Jabli, and Sanwar, and after thirty minutes, you would arrive at the Solan bypass. Once you arrive at Kandaghat, you will see two routes, one of which goes to Shimla, and the other to Chail. Take the right-hand course, and in a few minutes, you will reach Shimla after crossing Shoghi, which is the entry point of Shimla. 
Approximate Time Taken
A road trip from Chandigarh to Shimla usually takes around 3-3.5 hours. 
Road Conditions
The road from Chandigarh to Shimla is a national highway and is thus well maintained with smooth roads. However, as you start to near Shimla and drive on the mountains, the streets become winding; so make sure that you drive slowly and with caution. 
Approximate Fare
A seat in a shared cab to Shimla will cost you around INR 550. Tickets for smaller cabs on this route are INR 1700 to INR 2500, while for larger cabs, the fares can even go up to INR 3400. 
Eating Options On the Way
Most local restaurants and eating outlets are located around Sanwara and Dharampur, and this is where most travellers halt for a meal. Gyani ka Dhaba in Dharampur is no doubt the most famous eating outlet along the highway. 

Chandigarh to Shimla - Via Bus

Another convenient option for travelling from Chandigarh to Shimla is to board a bus. Buses on this route cover their journey in 3.5 to 4 hours, offering travellers with the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride at leisure. Two significant operators provide their services on this route, and these are the Indo Canadian Tpt. Co and HRTC. Both of these operators are renowned for their quality services, and travellers can choose the bus that suits their timings and comfort. Most of these buses, however, leave in the morning or afternoon, thereby ensuring that you reach your final destination by the evening. 

Boarding Points in Chandigarh
All buses that leave for Shimla for Chandigarh depart from Sector 34 A. 

Dropping Points in Shimla
Buses from Chandigarh to Shimla drop off passengers at the bypass crossing in Shimla. 
Available Bus Options
1. Indo Canadian Tpt. Co (Mercedes Benz A/C Business Class (2+2) Buses)
Departure: 11:30
Arrival: 15:00
Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Fare: INR 1119

2. Indo Canadian Tpt. Co (Mercedes Benz A/C Business Class (2+2) Buses)
Timings: Departure: 14:40, Arrival: 19:00
Duration: 4 hours and 20 minutes
Fare: INR 1119

3. HRTC (Ordinary Buses)
Timings: Various times throughout the day
Duration: 4- 5 hours
Fare: INR 100

Popular Routes to Shimla

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chandigarh to Shimla 3 hours 24 mins 114 km
Delhi to Shimla 6 hours 44 mins 344 km
Amritsar to Shimla 7 hours 6 mins 335 km
Manali to Shimla 6 hours 41 mins 247 km
Kolkata to Shimla 1 day 5 hours 1,813 km
Mumbai to Shimla 1 day 4 hours 1,764 km

Popular Routes from Mumbai

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Mumbai to Goa 9 hours 49 mins 583 km
Mumbai to Lonavala 1 hour 35 mins 84 km
Mumbai to Shirdi 4 hours 17 mins 241 km
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar 4 hours 48 mins 261 km
Mumbai to Panchgani 4 hours 13 mins 242 km
Mumbai to Pondicherry 19 hours 51 mins 1,298 km