Mumbai to Coorg

   Mumbai to Coorg Road Distance 1,026 km
   Mumbai to Coorg Aerial Distance 800 km
  Mumbai to Coorg Travel Time 17 hours 3 mins

How to reach Coorg from Mumbai

The Preferred Way of Going from Mumbai to Coorg

The distance between Mumbai and Coorg is over 1000 kms. Due to this vast distance, travelling by flight is the most preferred way of travelling. Coorg does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport from Coorg is at Mangalore which is about 135 kms away.

Knowing The Details

1. Mumbai to Coorg via Mangalore - By Flight
2. Mumbai to Coorg by Train
3. Mumbai to Coorg by Car
4. Popular Routes to Coorg
5. Popular Routes from Mumbai
6. Places to Visit in Coorg
7. Hotels in Coorg

1. Mumbai to Coorg via Mangalore - By Flight

Coorg does not have an airport of its own, the nearest airport being the one in Mangalore, which is approximately 135 kilometres away. There are direct flights available between Mumbai and Mangalore, and taking a flight is perhaps one of the easiest ways to reach from Mumbai to Mangalore since travelling by road and trains can be hectic.

Popular airlines such as IndiGo and Jet Airways offer numerous direct as well as one-stop flights from Mumbai to Mangalore throughout the day.
Available Flight Options - Mumbai to Coorg
1. IndiGo

Timings: Multiple flights throughout the day
Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes
Fare: INR 3284 per person

2. Jet Airways

Timings: Multiple flight throughout the day
Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes
Fare: INR 3284 per person

Transportation Onwards to Coorg

Once at Mangalore, you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach Coorg. The journey would only take about 3 hours. The roads from Mangalore to Coorg are really well built, and you will be able to reach your destination with great ease. There are also numerous rest stops and local food joints present on the route.

During the months between June and September, frequent and heavy rainfall is common at Mangalore. Thus, it is advisable to avoid travelling by air in these months, since flight delays and cancellations take place often.

Mumbai to Coorg Flights

Showing indicative fares for from BOM to IXE.
08:00 Mumbai
02 h 50 m
09:50 Coorg
₹ 2,479
20:10 Mumbai
02 h 35 m
21:45 Coorg
₹ 2,531
15:35 Mumbai
02 h 35 m
17:10 Coorg
₹ 2,702
09:50 Mumbai
02 h 45 m
11:35 Coorg
₹ 2,702

2. Mumbai to Coorg by Train

Coorg does not have a train station of its own. The nearest railway station is located at Mysore Junction which is about 95 kms away. Several trains like Mysore Express, Shatabdi Express and Bangalore Express halt at the Mysore Junction Station, and thereby offer connectivity with the rest of the cities in the country. Thus, if you wish to travel from Mumbai to Coorg via railways, you will first have to board a train from Mumbai to Mysore, and then go from Mysore to Coorg via some other means of transport.
Avaialble Train Options - Mumbai to Mysore Junction
1. Sharavathi Express (11035)

Goes from Dadar to Mysore
Departure At - 21:30
Arrival At - 21:40 (on the next day)
Duration - 24 hours and 10 minutes
Running Days - Sundays


Sleeper - INR 540
AC 3 Tier - INR 1,440
AC 2 Tier - INR 2,080

 2. Ajmer Junction Mysore Junction Express (16209)

Goes from Kalyan Junction in Mumbai to Mysore
Departure At - 01:10
Arrival At - 06:20 (on next day)
Duration - 29 hours and 10 minutes
Running Days - Fridays and Sundays


Sleeper - INR 525
AC 3 Tier - INR 1,410
AC 2 Tier - INR 2,030

3. Mumbai to Coorg by Car

The road distance between Mumbai and Coorg is approximately 1026 kilometres, and the time taken to cover such a long journey is around 18 hours. The roads from Mumbai to Coorg offer travellers a lot of scenic views and picturesque sights on the way. However, you will have to stop at some hotel for a minimum of one night, to complete the journey comfortably and make the most out of this trip.

You can also easily book a cab or a private taxi for yourself if you do not wish to drive for such long hours. A lot of private cab service providers offer direct cabs from Mumbai to Coorg, and the fares depend on the kind of car that you pick.

Typically, fares are about INR 10/km for small cars and can go up to INR 16/km for medium-sized vehicles, and INR 20/km for larger cars such as Innova.
Routes That Can Be Taken
Route 1 

Mumbai-Belgaum (via NH4) - Karwar (via NH4A– SH34)-Udupi (via NH17)-Mangalore-Madikeri

Road Conditions
The road conditions while travelling from Mumbai to Coorg vary immensely. While the roads that connect to the Konkan Coastal can be broken and jam-packed, other roads such as the Udupi State Highway are a breeze to drive on. This variation between congestion and broad and empty roads can be found all the way to Coorg. However, overall, the drive from Mumbai to Coorg is a beautiful and comfortable experience.

Eating Options
The highways are dotted with endless local shacks with thatched roofs and eateries that serve authentic South Indian food as well as other cuisines. Kamat Upachar is yet another famous food joint on the way. You can also stop for milkshakes and fresh fruit juices at the Payaswani Juice Centre on the Mangalore-Puttur Highway.

Make sure that you book your hotel well in advance so that you can enjoy a hassle-free check-in and get a comfortable night’s sleep at the hotel. Relaxing and taking enough rest is the mantra for enjoying this trip.

Popular Routes to Coorg

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Coorg 5 hours 10 mins 264 km
Hyderabad to Coorg 12 hours 38 mins 819 km
Chennai to Coorg 10 hours 8 mins 576 km
Mumbai to Coorg 17 hours 3 mins 1,026 km
Delhi to Coorg 1 day 12 hours 2,417 km
Pune to Coorg 15 hours 3 mins 883 km

Popular Routes from Mumbai

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Mumbai to Goa 9 hours 49 mins 583 km
Mumbai to Coorg 17 hours 3 mins 1,026 km
Mumbai to Lonavala 1 hour 35 mins 84 km
Mumbai to Panchgani 4 hours 13 mins 242 km
Mumbai to Pondicherry 19 hours 51 mins 1,298 km
Mumbai to Shirdi 4 hours 17 mins 241 km