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Q. Hi I am in Bangalore.. planning to visit Shimla via Delhi. Planning to visit Delhi first and stay for 2 nights and Shimla 4nights.. looking for best suggestions

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Q. Sir, Shimla, Manali aur Chandighar ke liye kispe se package booking best rahegi? Ham shimla toy train su pahuch jayenge Station se hame pick karna hai waha se 2 night Shimla, 3 night Manali, 1 night Chandighar

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Q. I want to know about Habban Valley About Climate, Location, Height, Accommodation sights

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Q. Want to travel in End of January. Is it comfortable and viable to travel in winter for honeymoon at this location?

CHETAN KULKARNI 12 months ago

Q. I am planning to go to Shimla in the first week of July. I really want to know about the climate in Shimla during this time..? Is it safe to go.??? i mean is there rainfall and all???

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Q. Is 2 days are sufficient to visit and shimla and near by places?

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Q. We want to trip of shimla kulumanali, khajjar, waghaborder, Golden Temple, We are 10 adults Want a cab from Delhi airport, Return to Delhi airport. Please made a special one Can it possible?

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Q. How much money required for shimla trip for couples?

uday null 1 year ago
If u are a budget traveller it would cost at least 4k for 2 days trip

Q. What is the best time to visit Shimla and its near by hill areas to enjoy snow? Is the temperature safe for 2.5 years old baby?

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Q. Any package is there???? In which hotel & food & sight seeing is there for 5 to 7 days for Shimla Manali???

Holidify 1 year ago
You can choose our custom Packages to take care of your complete Holiday needs. Check out the following link to know more -

Q. Best Time to visit in holiday for withnessing the snowfall

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Q. How many price

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Q. I will go shimla in November Temperature what degree.

Jatin Tatka 1 year ago
Zero to 20 C with snow fall.

Q. This is my first time using any traveling sites, so can you explain me how it works like what an all is included in the package?

Holidify 2 years ago
Depending on the package you pick, your trip will include meals, sightseeing, hotels, and transfers (from airport to the hotel). You could fill out the form in the following link, and our travel partners will be able to make a customised package as per your preferences:

Q. I'm planning a trip to Shimla on Oct 15, will there be snowfall at that time?

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Q. How to reach Shimla from kalka railway station?

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Q. Hi brother, I would like to plan a trip to shimla for 4 days on coming last of dec from trivandrum. Can I know the travel packages and other details?

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Q. Can we visit Shimla in first week of September?

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Q. How to plan my travel for booking shimla?

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Q. Which is the best time to visit in Shimla and when we can get snow?

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Q. I am planning to visit in November end. Would it be worth?

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Q. What's the budget for a person to visit Shimla For 4 nights and 5 days?

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Q. Can we go in august first week

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Q. When does it snow in Shimla?

Kaveesh Nair 2 years ago
It mainly snows in Shimla from December to January with average temperature around 8 degrees, dropping as low as -2.

Q. Which train will take to go Shimla from Howrah

Pallavi Siddhanta 2 years ago
There is a Gaya Shimla (train number 9819). It takes 38 hours from Howrah to Shimla. Better idea is to get Kolkata/Sealdah/Howrah Rajdhani, and then get a volvo or cab to Shimla, from Delhi. The drive is very scenic and beautiful.

Q. Dear Holidify, Can I get snow in kuffri during last week of February? Any chance of snowfall in shimla during that time?

Subhobrata Das 11 months ago
Typically, there's more chance of snowfall in December and January. End of February mostly doesn't see snow. Go a few weeks earlier to experience the snow and skiing in kufri.

Q. Hotels

Rajat Jain 2 years ago
You can check the Holidify App for Hotels in Shimla. Just go to the page of Shimla and scroll down to find hotels.

Q. Can I witness snowfall in Shimla towards Jan end?? I m planning to go on 23rd Jan' 2016.

Holidify 2 years ago
You will probably witness snow in Shimla during your stay since December to February is peak winter at Shimla. Narkanda and Kurfi are the places near Shimla which are best for snow play with skiing lessons available at Narkanda.

Q. I want go there from Kolkata ple know me how do go there?

Holidify 2 years ago
There are several options available for travelling to Shimla from Kolkata- 1. You can take a train from Kolkata to Delhi which takes around 17 hours. From Delhi you can take a bus to Shimla which takes around 11 hours to reach. 2. You can take a direct train from Kolkata to Kalka which takes around 33 hours. From Kalka you can take a car to Shimla which takes an additional 1.5 hours. 3. You can a flight from Kolkata to Chandigarh which takes 2 hours to reach. You can then take a car from Chandigarh to Shimla which takes around 2 hours. 4. If you are a road trip enthusiast you can also take a road trip from Kolkata to Shimla which will take around 25 hours.

Q. I want to reach shimla by road from gwalior to shimla by own car, i drive myself is it safe or not please advise w

Holidify 2 years ago
It is safe to travel from Gwalior to Shimla by car. The total distance is 678 km which takes approx 12 hours to reach.

Q. July month is the best or ok for honeymoon

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Q. In this time best place to see snowfall in May June?

Surbhi Parashar Parashar 2 years ago
No. Shimla witnesses heavy snowfall during the winter months of December and January.

Q. Distance of rurkee to shimla

Holidify 2 years ago
The distance is 268 km and takes approximately 7 hours to reach by road.

Q. Is it better to take a Volvo to Shimla or my own car from Delhi?

Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
I would recommend driving your own car. Shimla is within a decent distance of about 350 KM from Delhi, and the route is via Chandigarh. The drive upto Chandigarh is amazing if you're a speedhead, and after that, its a reward for nature freaks. Having your own car around always makes it better and makes the drive more fun.

Q. In what months it snow

Holidify 1 year ago
Shimla mostly witness snow during the month of December-January.

Q. How to reach shimla from chandigarh and safe place to stay

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Q. How to get there ?

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Q. I want to go shimla in February last week. Is it perfect time

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Q. Can I see snow in October

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Q. Hello, I m planning to go shimla in last week of February. Is there good season for snow fall or not ??

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Q. We have 4days plan...what r the best places to visit in shimla in the vicinity of 200kms

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Q. I am going to Simala month end of December with family.

Holidify 2 years ago
During December, Shimla can get pretty chilly and you will get to see snow. It will be a nice time for you and your family to rest indoors with a nice cup of tea and enjoy the beauty of snowfall in this pretty hill station.

Q. I am going to Simala in December is right time for visiting.

Lalit Binaykya 2 years ago
Yes or No

Q. How to reach shimla

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Dhiman Kuldeep 7 months ago
Shimla is the famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh, also the capital of Himachal Pradesh located at an altitude of 2276m. Shimla was the summer capital of Himachal Pradesh during British era. The official language of Shimla is Hindi. Shimla faces heavy snowfall every year in Winters and sometime in summers. Like other major cities in Himachal, Shimla also has a number of tourist destinations that are worth of time. i have visited Shimla more than 5 times.
Manya Kapoor 2 years ago
I visited Shimla in the month of June, which is the time when Shimla is bustling with tourists. I chose this season to escape the scorching heat and found out that it indeed was an ideal option for a weekend getaway. The weather was pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities like trekking, camping, rafting and even paragliding. I had a great time walking through the famous Mall Road and indulging myself in delicious and pocket friendly roadside snacks. The local handicrafts shops are a must visit for all those who wish to take a memory of the place back home. A small piece of advise to all those visiting Shimla is to carry comfortable walking shoes and light winter clothing for the night time!
Rohit Shroff Shroff 2 years ago
- Beware of the monkeys on the streets. Don't tease them or offer them anything. They might try to grab more things from you.
Harsh Bhardwaj 2 years ago
Shimla the Queen of hill stations nice place to visit. Its open through out the year one can find snow in the month of Dec to Feb. Places to visit Kufri Kasuli Chamba and a hot water spring If you have spare time go to naldehra For bikers try the route shimla to keylong one can have bikes on rent from shimla. It takes 9days to complete round trip
Ishita Solanki 2 years ago
We were visiting a family member in Shimla around June 20th (bang in the middle of the summer vacations). We went there from Delhi by car. It seemed that entire Delhi was headed to Shimla for the weekend! There was a huge volume of traffic. That was the first time I witnessed a traffic jam on the curved roads of mountains, which was a huge bummer. Sadly, the city has been violated by overcrowding and pollution. Yet, the weather and vibe were fairly pleasant. We went to the Jakhoo Temple and enjoyed the trek; but the attraction there were the monkeys. Beware of them: they'll steal your glasses/dupatta/water bottle and will only return them for a packet of biscuits. We also visited the mall road which was very crowded, but managed to retain its charm.
Yuvraj Singh Lohchab 2 years ago
This place is wonderful but yes if you have some more time then please visit bearby places too. They also provide you with immense natural beauty and also a wonderful experience. Overall nice place to spend your vacation!
Kirti Dass 2 years ago
My school excursion included a trip to Camp Peach Valley, Shimla. It is, by far, my best travel experience. I took part in many fun-filled activities such as trekking, rope walking, camping and sightseeing. We also had bonfires on two consecutive nights which were truly amazing. The weather is perfect for a summer holiday. Also, we were to do rappelling which somehow got cancelled. I think this is the best place to vacation with your friends.
Aishwarya Arora 2 years ago
Being one of the most popular hill stations of northern India, Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its pleasant and cool weather, beautiful hills and just an overall amazing tourist spot. Our evening walks, even with huffing and puffing uphill, was definitely worth it! Shimla has many tourist spots like the Ridge, the toy train, the Jakhu temple, etc. but since me and my friends were interested in lazing around and have a chill getaway trip, we just trotted along the long winding Mall road and shopped for some bits and pieces. It was the perfect spot for us since me and my friends stuffed our faces with Maggie and tea along with other delicious street foods available along the way. The hot food food with the cold and cozy weather, great friends and amazing views is what made Shimla one of the greatest and chill trips ever!
Medhavee Pravin 2 years ago
Shimla is a thickly forested, beautiful hill station. The 12 km long Ridge is one of the main attractions, with small eatery shops and exquisite gardens perched on the sides. The cool weather with the occasional rain gave the much-needed break from the hot and humid summers. Traffic is banned from the central part of town, so it is a pleasant, romantic walk. Shimla has plenty of places to visit like The Mall, the Christ Church, a peaceful escape from the pandemonium in the city, Viceregal lodge, Scandal Point and the Lakkar Bazaar offering handicrafts, wooden artefacts, shawls, carpets, leather work, and jewellery. I also visited the Kali Bari temple and the Jhaku temple which is located on Jhaku peak, the highest point in Shimla. Cafe Sol, Scosaa, Indian Coffee House, Honey Hut, Prem Chaat Shop, Paranthas at Vijay Sweet Shop and 'Kukrej' (a local delicacy) at popular local stalls were eating joints I liked there.
Rohit Shroff Shroff 2 years ago
Pretty cool area to just walk, shop, eat and chill. The views are nice and there is this obvious colonial feel all over. The restaurants and the cafes are nice. There's lot of local crowd as well as tourists. If you don't want to walk uphill, you can take the lift to reach here for 10 bucks. Do go to the point till Ridge.
Tina Garg 2 years ago
Shimla is called the Queen of Hills and I couldn't agree more with this title. 2 years ago, I went there on my school trip and it still seems like yesterday only. The best part was the Mall Road. The aura and the vibes that the place has left me awestruck. I experienced inner peace and witnessed beauty in its purest form. The best time to visit is evening since one gets to see the sunset which looks beautiful from up there. If you?re planning to visit Shimla, then do visit it once and do not forget to carry water bottles with you.
Tina Garg 2 years ago
If you want to witness satisfaction and serenity, then this is the place I would advise you to visit. The temple of Hindu Lord Hanumana, you don't need to be a passionate devotee to visit here. It's much more about than just worshipping God. The place is full of monkeys and they will accompany you while walking up the hills to reach there. If you don't want to walk, then you can hire a cab also. A useful tip is don't carry anything including your camera and mobile because the monkeys can snatch it away. Travel light.

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