Things to Do in Shimla for a Perfect Hill Town Experience


Top things to do in Shimla

Shimla is one of the most popular hill stations in India. Equally loved by romantic couples, friends and family, there is no dearth of things to do in Shimla. You can shop on the Mall Road, stroll down the Lakkar Bazar or go sightseeing in the lush green valleys. Among the most popular things to do in Shimla, there are also an array of adventure activities. You can go skiing or ice skating or horse riding. The hill town is adored by the adventure enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. There are also a whole lot of temples, churches and culture centres for you to visit. Have a look at the list of things to do in Shimla given below!

Here is the list of 26 Things to Do in Shimla for a Perfect Hill Town Experience

1. Take a Walk Down the Ridge

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Located in the heart of the 'British Summer Capital' - Shimla, The Ridge is a wide open street located on the side of mall road. The Ridge has everything, from shops selling some exclusive artefacts to the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountain ranges set against an orangish hued sky. It is famous for a lot of things, but best known for shopping. This place is a delight for all kinds of tourists, and the old British establishments beckon visitors from all over to this centre of the beautiful hill station. Talking a walk down here is one of the top things to do in Shimla.

2. Enjoy a Ride on the Toy Train

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An enjoyable train ride through much of Kalka and Shimla and a little of what the British left behind, this is a must try experience, while here. This route is one of the most picturesque train routes in the world and it passes through more than a hundred tunnels It is a narrow gauge train route and a trip to Shimla would be incomplete without a ride on the toy train. It is one of the unique and exciting things to do in Shimla.

3. Shop Your Heart Out at Mall Road

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The Mall Road in Shimla, located in the heart of the town, is the main street that is lined up with a myriad of restaurants, clubs, banks, shops, post offices and tourist offices. At the same time, the place boasts of the other exciting attractions that it houses, such as the Scandal Point and Kali Bari Temple. One of the busiest and more commercial areas of Shimla till date, this stretch is a mini-world in itself.A trip to the Mall Road would be incomplete without purchasing some trinkets and other stuff that the area is famous for. Shopping at this place is one of the top touristy things to do in Shimla.

4. Marvel at the Architecture of the Christ Church

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The Christ church is Shimla is the second oldest church in the entire northern India and is a site of pure devotion as well as architectural beauty. The church, which took 11 long years to complete, today stands as a reminder of the British colonisation in India. There is something unique and exciting about the Christ Church that makes it the favourite destination of people of all age groups. At night, the church literally glows when it is lighted up, while in winters, it dons the look of a magnificent castle. Be sure to include this in your top list of things to do in Shimla.

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5. Experience Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a famous sport in the beautiful city of Shimla. The Shimla Ice Skating Rink is well-known because it is a naturally formed rink found in the town and is also the largest and the only naturally formed rink found in South Asia. It draws not just the locals but tourists from all over the world. Ice skating is thus a favourite sport for one and all here, especially during winters. The experience of indulging in a sport at the foothills of the Himalayas is a breathtaking one. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Shimla.

6. Have a Mouth- Watering Meal at Cafe Simla Times

Famous for its mouth watering wood fired pizzas, gourmet burgers, world cuisine meal platters, sumptuous shakes and fuzzy cocktails, this quaint cafe in Shimla is one of the best place to go to for meal or a snack or just to hang out in picture perfect ambiance and cozy setting. Boasting of wonderful art and decor, the cafe also offers surreal panoramic vistas outside the windows. Visiting the cafe is one of the top things to do in Shimla.

7. Offer Prayers at the Jakhoo Temple

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Set amidst the lush green background of the Shivalik hill ranges on Jakhoo Hill, the highest point in Shimla, the Jakhoo temple is an ancient site shrouded in legends and offers a mystical vibe to visitors. The Jakhoo Temple is dedicated to the Hindu monkey god - Hanuman. The site is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Shimla, attracting tourists and visitors of all ages and religions apart from Hindu pilgrims and devotees. This temple has the world's largest Hanuman statue, which is visible from most parts of Shimla. Visit the temple, to view this statue upright and strain your neck a bit admiring its magnificence.

8. Stroll Down the Scandal Point

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The Scandal Point in Shimla, as the name suggests, is one of the most talked about attractions of this hill station. The titillating title surely piques one's interest, and the gripping story behind it does justice to the intrigue created. The Scandal Point is one such attraction in Shimla whose enthralling scenic beauty stands as a testimony to the city's stellar reputation. Surrounded by innumerous shops and restaurants, you can also try horse riding here. Visiting here is one of the topmost touristy things to do in Shimla.

9. Skiing in Kufri

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While in Shimla, visit its colder, higher and less crowded cousin, Kufri just 13 km away from the main town. The views and sceneries here only get better, and the landscapes more flattering, a bit untouched with the tourist rush. Kufri tends to be a hub of much activity and enjoyment in winters. Skiing is a popular sport here and the town also hosts a winter sports festival in February. A number of setups here provide both training and facilities for skiing. Experience this sought after activity here is one of the topmost things to do in Shimla.

10. Shop Local Handicrafts at Lakkar Bazar

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Shopping in Shimla revolves around the heart of the town- The Mall Road. One can shop for local handicrafts, shawls, woolens, exquisite jewelry etc. here. Also visit the Lakkar Bazaar, nearby, where you can find some fine wooden handicrafts as well as dry fruits and natural herbs. these wooden items are very popular in the area and ideal to take back home as souvenirs.

11. Experience Horse Riding

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One of the most sought after and exciting things to do in Shimla, Horse riding is a popular and much loved activity in both Shimla and Kufri as well. In Shimla, Horse Riding Options are generally available at the Ridge.

12. Have a Pancakey Breakfast at Wake & Bake

Cafe Wake & Bake is another one of the famous cafes in the tinsel town. With world class coffee, pancakes and bacon, the cafe attracts tourists in large numbers. Boasting of surreal picturesque views outside the window and artsy ones indoors, having a delicious breakfast here is one of the best things to do in Shimla.

13. Revel in the Beauty of Green Valley

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The Green Valley is a beautiful and breathtaking mountain range that falls on the way to Kufri from Shimla. This spectacular valley is God's gift to the wonderful and charming city of Shimla and is every tourists' answered prayer to being able to find a place bereft of pollution, constant traffic jams and incessant noise and din. The greenery and beauty of this place is so mesmerising that it make the tourist forget everything else and simply bask in the sheer joy of being in nature's lap. Make sure to put this on your bucketlist of things to do in Shimla.

14. Be a Part of the Heritage Walks

Heritage walk is a guided tour of the Heritage Zone located in Shimla. These walks require exploring the heritage zone on foot to get a glimpse into the rich history of the ancient British town. The heritage walk begins at one end of the city and participants walk to every heritage monument in Shimla. One can choose to hire a guide to get more information and hear exciting stories from the British era. Almost all of the historical monuments in the city are well preserved, and tourists from all over the world visit the city to take a heritage walk. Besides the several other things to do in Shimla, this definitely tops the charts.

15. Seek Blessings at the Gurudwara Sahib

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This Gurudwara was constructed in the year 1907, at Padhawa hills. It is a small construction but the exquisite details in the interiors of the structure make it a must-visit for devotees and tourists alike.

16. Visit the Tara Devi Temple

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Dedicated to the Goddess of stars, the Tara Devi temple, is located on a mountain peak, with air of spirituality about it. There are a number of legends and tales to the origins of the temple, making it a simple yet subtly fascinating experience. One can also enjoy some fantastic views and sceneries from this area.

17. Pay a Visit to Goddess Kali at Kalibari Temple

Kalibari Temple is an ancient place of worship dedicated to Goddess Kali. It was built in 1845 and is considered of immense religious importance for the devotees. The temple exudes a divine vibe of the Goddess and everyone visiting the temple is bound to experience it. The shrine houses a captivating idol of Goddess Kali beautifully adorned with jewellery and colourful flowers. The temple is located in Shimla, very close to the Shimla City Mall and is often visited by devotees in large number.

18. Visit the Stunning Institute of Advanced Studies

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The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies located on the Observatory Hill is a majestic structure made with Victorian-style architecture. It has now been converted into an educational institution which offer post-doctoral courses. This building was formerly used by the British Government to hold important political meetings. And visiting here is one of the prime things to do in Shimla.

19. Watch the Mesmerising Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls is located in the Glen Forests in the beautiful city of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Situated not far from the bustling city area, the Chadwick Falls are frequently visited by picnickers. Some may even prefer walking down to the falls exploring and absorbing every bit of the beautiful natural landscape of the quaint little town. A perfect place to unwind, Chadwick Falls is frequented for a daytime picnic. Visiting here is another one of the best things to do in Shimla.

20. Visit the Cafe Hide Out

Cafe Hide Out is one other wonderful cafes in Shimla popular for its delicious snacks and even better coffee. Situated on the first floor near The Mall, the place is run by two brothers and offer finger licking food. In addition to that, the food is priced at fairly cheap rates and is a must stop cafe when in Shimla.

21. Birdwatching at Himalayan Bird Park

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Walk through this park, to browse through a modest, yet colorful and vibrant collection of the Himachal state bird, the Monal Pheasant. The park offers various sightings of beautiful exotic birds and avifauna. However, this park is only open to the tourists during the summer season.

22. Visit the Museum at Annadale

Annadale is a famous attraction in Shimla, the capital of the North-Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Having a splendid golf course, a playground, a cactus museum and an Indian Army museum, it is a beautiful attraction for holidaying and rejuvenation purposes. In fact, during the pre-independence period, Annadale was the most preferred location the British chose for leisure activities like Cricket, Polo, Golf, Dog Shows, Reunions and other social events. The mesmerising location draws tourists from all over the world especially sports lovers who often spend their time playing cricket, golf or polo.

23. Cultural Tour at Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

Built in the Victorian or Gothic style of architecture over a century ago, the gaiety heritage cultural complex is of immense historical and cultural significance in India. The complex had a theatre, several galleries, offices, bar, and a ballroom. It was a venue for innumerable important social meets back in the time and had all the facilities necessary for making the social events memorable ones. However, today only a few structures are remaining as the rest were weak and unsafe and had to be demolished but what remains of the majestic complex is still a treat to the eyes.

24. Take a Dip in the Hot Springs at Tattapani

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Literally meaning hot water in Hindi, Tattapani is a small village located 51km away from Shimla. This place is famous for hot water springs and the famous Shiva caves.

25. Natural Retreat at Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary

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Popularly for its rare variety of flora and fauna, this wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit for all wildlife enthusiast. Animals such as jackals, barking deer, monkeys and leopards are commonly sighted here. The Pir Panjal ranges of Jammu and Kashmir can also be seen from here, making this an ideal spot for trekking and picnics. Visiting here is a popular activity among the tourists and localists alike and it is one of the topmost things to do in Shimla.

26. Revisit History at the Himachal State Museum

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The Himachal State Museum is located on the Mall Road and has unique collectibles like ancient coins, paintings and other handicraft items, the aesthetics of which are influenced by the Pahari form of art. The museum also has a doll gallery which has several bride and groom dolls among many others which are admired by all visitors. Some archeological artifacts are also found here which include stone images from the 8th century. This is one of the topmost things to do in Shimla.

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