Agra to Shimla

   Agra to Shimla Road Distance 559 km
   Agra to Shimla Aerial Distance 444 km
  Agra to Shimla Travel Time 9 hours 42 mins

How to reach Shimla from Agra

Agra and Shimla are separated by a distance of 573 kms and there are a number of flight, train and bus options that you can take avail to reach from one place to the other. While one is situated in the plain area, the other is a hill town boasting of mesmerising views of the hills. Shimla is definitely a respite and retreat from the chaos of the city life into the lap of nature. You can travel by flight or a train. You can also take an overnight bus or hire a private cab. Alternatively, you can drive down to the place on your own. Have a look at the details given below.

Knowing The Details

1. Agra to Shimla in a Flight
2. Agra to Shimla in a Train and Bus
3. Agra to Shimla in Bus
4. Agra to Shimla in Car
5. Popular Routes to Shimla
6. Popular Routes from Agra
7. Places to Visit in Shimla
8. Hotels in Shimla

1. Agra to Shimla in a Flight

Shimla Airport

Although Agra and Shimla, both have independent airports but there are no flights operating on the route. The best option is to take a flight from Agra to Chandigarh and then take a bus from Chandigarh to Shimla. However, these are all Via or Stop Over flights and they may take upto 19 hours to reach the destination. And the tickets may cost upto INR 10000 rupees.

Another option is also to take a train or a bus from Agra to Delhi and then take a flight from Delhi to Shimla. The tickets however, are really expensive but on the bright side, these are direct flights and take only around an hour or so.

Departure Airport - Indira Gandhi International Airport
Arrival Airport - Shimla Airport
Total Time Taken - 1 hour and 10 minutes
Ticket Fares Starting From - INR 11550

2. Agra to Shimla in a Train and Bus

Agra Railway Station

There are no direct trains from Agra to Shimla but there are alternate ways in case you want to travel in a train. You can take a train from Agra to Ambala Cantt that will take around 7 hours. The tickets cost approximately INR 253 and seevral trains run everyday. Once you deboard at Ambala Cantt, you can take a bus to reach Shimla. This journey will take around 3 to 4 hours and the ticket prices vary.

Another better option is to take a train from Agra to Delhi. There are a number of trains operating on the route from general to sleeper class and even AC. The time taken is around 2 to 2.5 hours. Once in Delhi, you can take an overnight bus to Shimla. The ticket fares start from INR 445 and go up and the time taken is between 9 to 10 hours.

3. Agra to Shimla in Bus

Agra Bus Stand

There are no direct bus options from Agra to Shimla. But you can take an interconnecting bus from Agra to Delhi and then from Delhi to Shimla. There are several buses that can be found operating on both these routes. The total time taken from Agra and Delhi by a bus is around 5 hours and the ticket prices start from INR 245. Then you can take another bus from Delhi to Shimla that will take around 9 to 10 hours and the tickets start from INR 445.

4. Agra to Shimla in Car

Yamuna Expressway

Another option to travel from Agra to Shimla is also on a road trip. The four lane highways are super smooth that make for an amazing road trip experience. Once you start nearing the hill station, the broad roads of the plains are replaced by gorgeous views of the hills. The total journey takes around 9 to 10 hours. You can start from the Taj Express Highway/ Yamuna Express Highway and then take the exit into Noida - Greater Noida Expressway after a distance of 165 kms. After that, take a left on NH 1 and then continue ahead for 112 kms. After another 78 kms, move right on to NH 22. Lastly take a left from the Victory Tunnel to reach the destination.

Popular Routes to Shimla

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chandigarh to Shimla 3 hours 24 mins 114 km
Delhi to Shimla 6 hours 44 mins 344 km
Amritsar to Shimla 7 hours 6 mins 335 km
Manali to Shimla 6 hours 41 mins 247 km
Kolkata to Shimla 1 day 5 hours 1,813 km
Mumbai to Shimla 1 day 4 hours 1,764 km

Popular Routes from Agra

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Agra to Mathura 1 hour 25 mins 56.8 km
Agra to Delhi 3 hours 30 mins 233 km
Agra to Jaipur 4 hours 8 mins 240 km
Agra to Lucknow 4 hours 51 mins 338 km
Agra to Shimla 9 hours 42 mins 559 km
Agra to Manali 13 hours 48 mins 753 km