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Grande Anse Beach, Seychelles Overview

When you get tired of normal routine life, take a flight to Seychelles and drive to Grand Anse in Mahe. This beach isn't just a sandy bay, but an ultimate destination for both solo escapists and couples looking for some romantic hideouts. The beach has spectacular views and thus, is perfect for taking long walks along the shoreline. However, if you are looking for swimming here, this place may disappoint you due to its strong undertow. Grand Anse is one of the longest beaches located on Mahe Island. Nature has bestowed this place with jaw-dropping beauty. The turquoise, clear and gorgeous ocean along with the excellent clean sand makes it a favourite destination for recreation.

The mountainous landscape and the beautiful flat beach makes Grand Anse look like a painting where the artist has used every vibrant colour to depict the depth of its beauty. This dazzling place is perfect for people who love surfing and swimming. However, one has to be careful as the water current can get strong at times. Also, the water here is comparatively deeper than other beaches of Seychelles. Grand Anse in Mahe is home to natural beauty and a unique charm which will leave you stunned. This beach has a different appeal, being the most open and the longest beach located on the west coast of Mahe, enticing the people with its unique heritage.

Grand Anse Mahe

Things to Do at Grand Anse Beach


When you get tired and need to rejuvenate, take a sunbath at the beach. Few moments with your spouse under the sun, surrounded by the enchanting tropical ambience will make a perfect place for both of you.

Fun Activities for Families

Not only just for the couples, but this place also welcomes the families and groups with great enthusiasm. As this is a long beach, there is ample place for the family to spend some fun time with the members. The kids surely will love this place.

Surfing and Diving

If you are a confident surfer, or an experienced diver, or the adventure pushes the level of adrenaline up, jump into the water here. However, the water here is comparatively wilder than other beaches of the island but a perfect place for adventure loving people.

Grand Anse Mahe

No matter if you are here alone, with your spouse or with your family, Grand Anse will not disappoint you with its tropical aura and soothing ambience. Family games, sunbathing, relaxation, stroll along the sand, and the list of activities to do at this beach is long. Considering the water here has a strong current, this place may not be suitable for amateurs, but for people who are experienced, confident and love adventure, this is heaven. You won't find the coral reefs here, but Grand Anse has its own unique beauty.

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