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Praslin National Park, Seychelles Overview

The Praslin National Park is on the Praslin Island, known as the second-largest island of Seychelles. The national park has been a constant here since its opening in 1979. The national park has been a constant here since its opening in 1979. The 324-hectare land is also the second-largest terrestrial area in Seychelles. Aside from the abundant flora and fauna that is scattered all throughout Praslin National Park, another feature that is perhaps the dearest to the park is the Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve which is one of the most visited places in Seychelles and especially famous amongst nature lovers all around the world. The altitude of the entirety of the park ranges from about 80 metres near the ravines to the massive height of 367 metres.

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Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve

Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve Seychelles

The Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve is one of the only two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles. The reason behind this title is the fact that the nature reserve is home to the legendary Coco De Mer Trees which have the largest seeds in the world. Aside from these trees, the reserve is in the form of a large palm forest with several rare flora and fauna some of which cannot be found anywhere but in this reserve. The highest mountain on Praslin, Mount Fazor also forms a backdrop to the park and the reserve due to which the mystical aura of the reserve is further increased.

Glacis Noir - Walking Trail

The Glacis Noir trail is the only official trail from the many that zig-zag around the entire park. This is a two-hour trek which leads individuals through the different areas of the park and flaunts the wild beauty of its natural inhabitants.

As the trail is not often used, it gives individuals a more authentic feel to the exploration of the park. The viewpoint, which is one hour away, provides individuals who trek till there, the most beautiful and unparalleled view of Praslin's neighbouring islands and beyond.

Trek: Overall the trek is a 1.4-kilometre journey and is one of the many ways to witness all that Praslin National Park has to offer.

Flora and Fauna at Praslin National Park

Coco de Mer Trees
Coco de Mer trees endemic to the region (Source)

  • Flora and fauna found in Praslin National Park are just as rare as it is abundant. The fauna ranges from birds and insects such as the tree frog, blue pigeon, Seychelles Kestrel, Bulbul, and the Sunbird.
  • If lucky, visitors may also get to see or at least hear the extremely rare Black Parrot which frequents the Vallee De Mai Natural Reserve. The Gecko and the Seychelles Snail are also found amongst the palm trees. Vallee De Mai alone is home to at least 14 different kinds of reptilian species.
  • When speaking about the park's flora, mentioning the Coco De Mer Trees that are endemic to this island and extremely rare but found in abundance here, is only fair. Aside from this, it is also home to all six of the Seychelles endemic palm species under one roof.
  • The park is a labyrinth of different kinds of trees, plants, and shrubs, as well as dense undergrowth, and ravines all of which hold some significance which makes the park what it is today.

How To Reach Praslin National Park

A ferry can be taken from any other island in Seychelles to Praslin Island. Once at Praslin, a car or bus can conveniently lead you to the well-known Praslin National Park. The bus stop is just a few minutes away from the national park.

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