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Ken Chiramel 5 months ago
A former French colony, Pondicherry is steeped with the trappings of its colonial past. Areas such as White Town and the French Quarter are scattered with the iconic mustard-yellow buildings, boutiques that sell artisanal clothing, and restaurants that serve up sumptuous fares and freshly caught seafood. The Promenade hugs the coastline along with the salty smell of the sea and makes for a lovely walk along the rocky beaches of Pondicherry. Paradise beach offers people the opportunity to take up surfing lessons and gives them a chance to take on a few waves. Auroville, a township built on the understanding that anybody from anywhere in the world can come and live in, and is a community with an almost mystical quality about it. At the centre of Auroville lies the Matrimandir, an enormous monument that is built with golden spheres meant to symbolise communal harmony.
Anjali Vij 5 months ago
Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry, offers a respite from sweltering summers through a variety of beaches peppered with French culture and cuisine seamlessly. White Town, situated in the center of the Union Territory, provides different cuisines and is especially famous for its seafood. Auroville, a secluded village around Pondicherry, functions as the spiritual stronghold of Sri Aurobindo; the MantriMandir is a marvelous architect for a tourist attraction as well as practicing spirituality. It is easier to travel in the city through renting two-wheelers as autorickshaw drivers command very high prices for covering small distances.
Rohit Shroff 6 months ago
Pondicherry is a really nice place. I had gone there last week in April with my wife and I stayed there for 2 nights. We roamed around the White Town, which is a lovely area because of French Heritage and amazing architecture. We also went to Auroville by taking a cab for the entire day. We went to many cafes and enjoyed the food. We also went to the seaside and the walking area is very nice. The Pondicherry museum is also nice. It was very hot in the day time, so we did not go out as much, but the evenings were nice and windy. Highly recommended place to go, especially if you are in South India.
Neha Raghav 5 months ago
Can i wear shorts or western dresses in the month of November? Please suggest me as i am planning to visit Pondicherry in the mid of November so please give me some suggestions
Varsha Vadlamani 1 year ago
Mocktails and Meditation, is what I would call Pondicherry! As different as that sounds, there?s no other place one can meet both so perfectly. Pondicherry is the place where I try to find my inner peace, and at the same time go absolutely nuts with yummy Mocktails. Don?t miss their aesthetic looking cafes which serve delicious Italian food and the best of best desserts! To add to that, you can experience road-side shopping. From hippie clothes to elegant scarfs - Pondicherry has it all. What more can one expect?
Arushi Gorsi 1 year ago
The main attraction for me when I went to Pondicherry was Auroville. The tranquility of the place is unmatched. There is a certain vibe about Auroville that it puts you in a really nice mood. The entire area is covered with greenery and you will not see a single unhappy face. A lot of people come to India for its spirituality and if you are one of them, it is absolutely essential for you to visit Auroville. Other than that, the beaches are very peaceful, a stark contrast from the beaches of North Goa. If you just want to relax and not engage in may activities, Pondicherry beaches are for you. I feel that Pondicherry is the perfect place for you to connect with yourself- be it through yoga or meditation or through just a really nice, calm vacation.
Saanya Lulla 1 year ago
Home to the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Mantri Mandir and the unique experimental community of Auroville, Pondicherry is the perfect weekend getaway for anyone looking for a quiet escape from life. Some of the beaches we visited were Serenity Beach, Rock Beach and Paradise Beach- Pondicherry is truly paradise for any beach-lover. Don?t miss out on its authentic French-inspired architecture, preserved in the colonial villas! For all chocolate lovers, I would definitely recommend trying out the Hot Chocolate from Zuka Choco-La, which comes with two cubes of chocolate and a spoon made of chocolate, which melt away into your cup of rich deliciousness.
Kovid Kapoor 1 year ago
- The best way to see Pondicherry and its surrounding areas is by renting out a Pedal cycle"" or a ""motorcycle"" or ""gearless scooter"". Renting a taxi is also a good idea."
Nikhilesh Dwivedi 1 year ago
Nice place with very calm atmosphere. Good place to understand Aurobindo's philosophy.
Deepak Venkatesan 1 year ago
It is located Little far from rest of beach .if u have chance u can see some shootings .there is a island over there which is nice .rest there is nothing which made me interesting
Deepak Venkatesan 1 year ago
This is one of the good place for side walk and chatting with frnds. The beach has rocky shore which is good .nice place
abhijit sreepada 1 year ago
At around 6 PM in the evening, when the sun is setting on the horizon of the Bay of Bengal, the only thing reminding I was in India was that I could hear Tamil and Hindi conversations. With the road closed off to vehicular traffic, the waves crashing against the rocks that border the beach, and fine sea mist, I was transported to another world. The French style houses, broad clean roads, pretty cafes and other such sights deceived me for a second making me feel like I was sitting on a Mediterranean beach of France and not in India. A trip to Pondicherry wouldn?t be complete without visiting the seaside promenade.
Suprabhan Divakaran 1 year ago
I had reached paradise beach. There was boating facilities, but charging high rate , very sunny, i think couples may would have entertained.

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Q. Can a marriage be organised In a church to celebrate our Anniversary at Pondicherry...???

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Q. How to reach from Araah Bihar?

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Q. Which is the best bike rental service in Pondicherry?

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Q. Can anyone please suggest contact details for rental scooter/bikes in Pondicherry?

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Q. How much the tour package costs?

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Q. Can I get some suggestions on to how to organize a 3 day visit to mahabalipuram and pondicherry from chennai?

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Q. Where is the muddily room?

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Q. Planning to go to Pondicherry on 9th September. Is that good?

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Q. We're planning to celebrate New Year in Pondi and would like to arrange stay for 6 members. Dates, 30th to 1st and please suggest few budget friendly hotels.

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Q. What are the best beaches in Pondicherry?

Shashwat Kant 3 months ago
Pondicherry has quite a few beaches, of which the most beautiful has to be the Paradise beach. Apart from that, there's the Promenade Beach which is in the heart of town, but is quite crowded especially during the evenings. Then there's the Auro beach where you can relax and laze around. Also, the Pondicherry Beach which has more rocks than sand is a great place to sit and watch the waves. So you're really spoilt for choice.

Q. I'm visiting Puducherry next month July 11-20th. is there any island type place? Are there any pubs/disco?? Will weather be fine?

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Q. How will June month be to visit Pondicherry? Also, how to reach pondicherry from ooty?

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Q. I want to visit Pondicherry around July end or August 1st week. Will the weather be good? Are monsoons dangerous for visiting? Can you please share an itinerary for 2N 3D for relaxing/romantic type weekend? Thanks in advance.

Holidify 11 months ago
During July - August, you will experience some amount of rainfall, so be prepared for that. The weather can be a little hot and quite humid otherwise. For a romantic stay, it is advisable to stay in the White Town area near Rock beach, where most of the cafes and churches are concentrated. Day 1: Arrive at your hotel and relax that night in the quarter. Eat at DisDis & Co. Day 2: In the morning, enjoy a beautiful sunrise by the beach and head towards Auroville, to see the Matri Mandir. It is important to get there early and book in advance as they are quite particular about timings. Enjoy a nice visit to the green belt, and have lunch in Auroville at Cafe Xtasi. From there, you can come back to Pondicherry and visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus church. From there, head south towards the beach area, where you can take a casual stroll through the White Town, admiring the elegant layout. The Church of Immaculate Conception Cathedral should be on your way, another beautiful church in Pondicherry. In the evening, take a casual stroll through the seaside promenade on Rock beach. End your day with an early dinner at Cafe Des Arts. Day 3: Start your day with a beautiful sunrise if you can, and then head to the Aurobindo Ashram. From here, you can take a trip to neighbouring Chidambaram to admire the ancient and fascinating temples. You could eat lunch here at one of the many restaurants and head back to Pondicherry and spend a relaxed afternoon by the beach or at one of the many cafes.

Q. Im planning to do a road trip to Pondicherry on bike. which is the best motorable route to Pondicherry from Bangalore? and suggestions where to stay?

Holidify 4 months ago
There are two distinct routes from Bangalore to Pondicherry. One route passes through Hosur and leads to Krishnagiri, followed by Chengam and Thiruvannamalai. The other route passes through Hoskote followed by Kolara, Mulbagilu, Palamner, Pallikonda, Vellore and Arani. Both these routes converge at Gingee, lead to Tindalvanam and reach the destination Pondicherry. One can juggle between two routes by taking a diversion from the first route in Krishnagiri towards Ambur and reach Pallikonda and continue with the second route. All three routes take you through a beautiful journey. You can take a look at a list of hotels in Pondicherry on All the best.

Q. I'm planning to visit on March 30th, and stay for 2days. I heard it would be too humid, please suggest if its ok to visit or cancel the plan, i know i can not expect calm and cool temp in this month but moderate would lead me to go with the plan please suggest.

Alma Rosina 4 months ago
I would suggest you to pick a destination with moderate or Cold weather. The temperature in Pondicherry could go as high as 32 degrees in March. There are places like Auroville which involves a lot of walking. Also to enjoy the local cuisines and artefacts of Pondicherry you need to take a stroll through the streets. So if you're looking for sight-seeing, this wouldn't be the preferable time to visit.

Q. Our group going pondicharey on 1 Oct, 3oct ret Kindly suggest best places and hotel for stay.

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Q. I wish to go Pondicherry this it the best time....? also I would like to know about rent car and motor vehicle if available.

Mukundan Sri Ram 4 months ago
The best time to visit in from September to march as mentioned in this app as the weather will be perfect and it'll be neither be raining or it'll be hot.. n As it's always better to travel in 2 wheeler. And if you guys are more then 4 people with a lot of luggage, car is preferable.

Q. Is there any route that covers Puducherry, Kanyakumari, Mysore within 10days?

Holidify 11 months ago
The shortest route would be to travel from Mysore to Pondicherry to Kanyakumari, spanning around 1000 km of travel in total. You could either drive or use public transport, devoting 2-3 days for travel. Alternatively, you could fill out the form for a customised package in the following link, and our travel partners will be able to devise the perfect package for you, inclusive of food, stay and travel:

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