Bicycle on Rent in Pondicherry

Once a French colony, Pondicherry, now Puducherry has an irresistible old-world charm-laden with French intricacies. It comes, therefore, as no surprise that the small union territory is popularly known as the French Riviera of the East.

Guided tours via buses and cars is a must in the city. However, in order to experience the true way of life in one of India's most exquisite cities, taking a bicycle ride around its swerving lanes and beautiful buildings is an excellent idea. Off late, bicycle tourism as an interesting as well as a sustainable project has begun to boom in the city. Akin to France, Puducherry is beginning to be acknowledged to be a very cyclable city. Read on to understand more about Bicycle on Rent in Pondicherry.

Bicycle Tours in Pondicherry

One way to embark on a wonderful journey is to take a customised or standard tour. The 'pondy cycle tour' is a two-hour ride around the city from 7 AM to 9 AM. They offer customised cycles and a tour guide to assist you.

Where to Rent Rent Bicycle in Pondicherry

In case you prefer more agency and customisable routes, you can rent a bike from the Pondicherry Tourism Information centre at about INR 35 to INR 40 per day. Alternatively, bicycles stores (for rent) are available in plenty on Mission street where bicycles can be rented for INR 100 to INR 250 according to the choice of bicycle. Either way, make sure you carry some form of identity proof and it is always feasible to carry at least some amount of money in cash.

Beautiful street of Pondicherry
Beautiful street of Pondicherry (Source)

Tips and Tricks for Renting a Bicycle in Pondicherry

  • Before you embark on the wonderful journey, please makes sure to keep the following things in mind.
  • Always test the condition of the cycles before you rent it. Make sure to check that the tyres have enough air and are not punctured. Please also test the breaks to see if they are in proper condition. Only hire a bicycle which is in perfect working condition.
  • Once you have checked the condition of the bicycle, remember to note down a record of its condition. If possible, take a picture of the cycle in the store itself. This is to ensure that the dealers do not try to swindle extra money out of you once you return the cycle.
  • Before you leave the store, ensure you have noted down the dealer's details including but not limited to his numbers, the address of the shop and e-mail id.
  • Finally, always return the bicycle on time. Bicycle dealers, sometimes for good reason, are notorious for charging an enormous amount as a late fee. To avoid such a fate, always return the bicycle on time. In case there is some uncertainty about the dates on which you wish to keep the cycle, let the dealers know.

Throughout your trip, please remember to be safe and have a lot of fun.

Written by - Richa Borthakur

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