Here are the top 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

1. Grand Baie Beach

Grand Baie Beach

1 out of 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

Located in the town of Grand Baie, the Grand Baie Beach is one of the shortest beaches in the North Bay of Mauritius. There are numerous tour operators and tourist shops in the area along with the accommodation facilities of all standards. During the peak season, Grand Baie witnesses a massive footfall and for an apparent reason, the entire area is planned to maintain the touristy vibe. There are public places like Sunset Boulevard and Dodo Square which exemplify the tourist inclination in Grand Baie.

2. Grand Baie La Croisette

Grand Baie La Croisette

2 out of 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

Servicing its customers since October 2012, the Grand Baie La Croisette is exceptionally designed over an area of 50000 square metres harbouring all the activity zones including a residential and office space, movie theatre, shopping mall and sports and recreational centres. The 5000 square metres of space is allocated alone for leisure activities taking place in the multi-functional public esplanade which hosts several events throughout the year. Parking lots with a capacity of 1200 make it convenient for the tourists and locals to enjoy hassle-free traffic management.

3. Solar Sea Walk

Solar Sea Walk

3 out of 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

Mauritius is rightly known for its pristine sapphire blue coloured beaches, with golden sands, and how can one not talk about the luxury resorts that provide a heavenly view of the vast Indian Ocean. You could either spend your day lazying around on the beach or in your hotel room, you could even take part in various beachside activities and water sports the island has to offer.

4. La Cuvette Beach

La Cuvette Beach

4 out of 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

Situated on the north-west coast of Mauritius, the La Cuvette beach is close to the famous tourist town of Grand Baie, and plenty of tourists who stay in Grand Baie pop over to the La Cuvette beach to spend a lazy day soaking in the sun. More often than not, you will find locals of the area gathered on the beach, either for picnics or to spend a while by the ocean. The absence of coral reefs coupled with its clear waters adds an aesthetic touch to its beauty. Although there aren't any underwater activities that take place here, tourists are allowed to swim.

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5. Pereybere Beach

Pereybere Beach

5 out of 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

Located on the northern side of Mauritius, Pereybere beach is one of the most famous beaches near Grand Baie, with plenty of decent, affordable hotels and resorts lining the beach and the area around it. Stretching 150 meters, Pereybere is a family-friendly beach that's safe for swimming given that it's quite crowded most of the time. Apart from this, the beach is a hub for adventure sports like windsurfing and parasailing. You can also go kayaking or rent a catamaran, and go deep-sea fishing. The best time to visit the beach is from 9 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM. Although topless sunbathing is allowed, nudity is prohibited since the beach isn't a private space.

6. Mont Choisy Beach

Mont Choisy Beach

6 out of 6 places to visit in Grand Baie

Located on the north-western coast of Mauritius, the Mont Choisy beach is a haven for anyone who wants to experience a quiet beach time. Despite being right next to one of the most commercialized cities of Mauritius - Grand Baie - the Mont Choisy beach is almost a remote beach, lined by rows of trees along the coastline.

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