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Les 7 Cascades, Mauritius Overview

Les 7 Cascades meaning 'Seven Waterfalls', is the commonly used name for the Tamarin Waterfalls. It is found near the small Mauritian south-western village of Henrietta. It emerges from the Riviere Tamarin and takes the form of seven simultaneous falls. With a height of 961 feet, 7 Cascades is reputed as the highest waterfall of Mauritius. Along with the astounding views of tropical landscapes, many exotic species of birds and plants can be seen in the region.

Due to its perfect location, the tourists can also enjoy the sight of the magnificent Le Morne Mountain over the west coast. Furthermore, a part of the river leads all the way to a reservoir where the water is used for hydroelectricity generation.

Activities at Les 7 Cascades

For those who visit the waterfalls solely to enjoy the breathtaking views and then go back without exploring any further, they have no idea that they just missed the best part about 7 Cascades. It's total of 11 waterfalls, deep ponds and pools, fresh green vegetation, steep paths and multiple jumps make it a fascinating experience for nature enthusiasts as well as adventure lovers with lots of thrilling activities. Let’s have a brief look at the things that can be done near the 7 Cascades:
  • Hiking – It is a 6-hour long hike that starts from the bushes straight through the reservoir and goes all the way up to the steep rocks. The density of the trees increases as we go upwards with diverse fauna. At the height of 60 meters, there is a vantage point near the seventh waterfall from where the tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical surroundings and the naturally formed basin. Generally, the hike starts at 9 AM. The difficulty level is moderate and the participants must be 12 years or older than that to carry on the hike.
  • Canyoning – Incorporating fifteen meters of abseiling, thirty meters of freefalling and seven meters of jumping, the canyoning experience is the most exhilarating activity popular among the tourists visiting Les 7 Cascades. For notching things up a bit, the tourists can go for zip-lining and swimming at the reservoir as well.
  • Swimming – The seven glistening pools at the foot of the seven waterfalls is the perfect swimming spot for the tourist to ease away all the worries of the world with a refreshing dip in the fresh cascade water. The calm spring of the reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall is nestled with an amazing view to amplify its effect even more.
Les 7 Cascades

  • Cliff Jumping – For those who enjoy living in moments full of fast heartbeats and pumping adrenaline through their system, the extreme sport of cliff jumping is what must not miss. After paving the path to the top of the waterfall with rewarding views, the tourists can make a 10-meter jump off the cliff to the water below.
  • Bird watching – Courtesy of its diverse flora and fauna, Les 7 Cascades serves as an ideal destination for bird lovers. They can spot rare and endemic bird species like the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Kestrel and Echo Parakeet.
Les 7 Cascades

How To Get There?

It is somehow fairly difficult to reach the 7 Cascades. From the west, you need to drive to Quatre Bornes and following further directions to Vacoas. You can already enjoy the serene views of the falls en route. The road will lead to Henrietta and you have to look for the bus station. From there on, the journey is to be made on foot with the help of a hired guide for a decent charge. You can also opt to take a bus from either Curepipe or Quatre Bornes all the way to Henrietta, get down at the bus stand and walk your way towards the waterfalls.

It is highly recommended to have a guide all along while carrying out these activities to ensure safety and for better directions. Since the hiking and canyoning is a full day trip, it is advised to the tourists to bring along sufficient food supplies and water for the journey. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent creams are a must to get rid of skin burn and rashes.

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