How to Reach Mangalore

Mangalore is easily accessible by road, rail and air. Being such a popular holiday destination, there are various alternative commute options to reach here. Mangalore has an international airport that has flights from many middle eastern countries and domestic flights to all the major cities in India. The Mangaluru Railway Station is well connected to all the major cities in India too. Direct buses are also available to Mangalore from Mumbai, Pune, many cities in Karnataka and Kerala too. 

Most frequently searched routes to Mangalore

Route Name Distance Time
Hyderabad to Mangalore 931 km 14 hours 39 mins
Mumbai to Mangalore 915 km 15 hours 9 mins
Bangalore to Mangalore 375 km 7 hours 10 mins
Delhi to Mangalore 2,208 km 1 day 13 hours
Kasaragod to Mangalore 52.1 km 1 hour 13 mins
Pune to Mangalore 771 km 13 hours 9 mins
Ahmedabad to Mangalore 1,427 km 22 hours 57 mins
Udupi to Mangalore 56.0 km 1 hour 6 mins
Chennai to Mangalore 728 km 12 hours 24 mins
Manipal to Mangalore 63.2 km 1 hour 19 mins
Goa to Mangalore 355 km 7 hours 14 mins
Ernakulam to Mangalore 415 km 10 hours 40 mins
Chandigarh to Mangalore 2,458 km 1 day 16 hours
Kolkata to Mangalore 2,253 km 1 day 13 hours
Varanasi to Mangalore 2,182 km 1 day 13 hours
Jaipur to Mangalore 1,939 km 1 day 8 hours
Wayanad to Mangalore 258 km 5 hours 52 mins
Alleppey to Mangalore 468 km 11 hours 49 mins

How to reach Mangalore by flight

Mangalore has an International Airport located 18 km from the city in the Bajpe area. There are international flights that go to many Gulf countries and all the major domestic airlines operate from here as well. 

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport (IXE)

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How to reach Mangalore by train

Mangalore is connected to the Indian Railways network via Bangalore, connecting it to most South Indian cities as well as many other cities like Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, etc. 

How to reach Mangalore by bus

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses from Mysore, Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai connect to Mangalore. Private buses too, operate at competitive rates.

Local transport in Mangalore

Private bus services are available. Cab or auto rickshaw can be used to get around throughout the city.

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