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"Karnataka's Port City"

Mangalore Tourism

Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, the port city of Mangalore or Mangaluru is known for its swaying coconut palms, beautiful beaches and temple architecture. It is also an important industrial, commercial, educational and healthcare hub of the state of Karnataka.

Despite the growing commercialisation, it provides a quick and soothing getaway from the city hustle bustle and yet preserves just the right amount of the urban glitter. It offers a pleasant natural environment and is close to perfect with its shopping attractions with grand complexes and a vibrant seafood culture. Major tourist attractions in Mangalore are the beautiful beaches and the temples, churches and mosques. Mangaladevi temples, KREC beach, Someshwara beach, Panambur beach, Tannirbavi Beach, Seemanthini Bai Bajai Museum are some of the places one might want to visit. Yaksha Gana, the folk dance of Mangalore is the perfect visual treat to add colour to your trip and cast a spell on you as you witness the beautiful culture that it sustains and glorifies.

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Beaches in Mangalore

Mangalore is famous for its beautiful, exotic, virgin beaches and is termed by many as the 'entry point to Beach Country'. On a tour of Mangalore, visit the Panambur Beach which attracts tourists all through the year. Another important beach here is Kapu Beach where the golden sand is incessantly caressed by the gentle waves of the Arabian Sea.

History of Mangalore

Mangalore finds a mention in many historical accounts by great travellers like Ibn Battuta and historians such as Ptolemy, which is testimony to the city’s rich past. Around the 3rd century, the city was a part of the Maurya Empire under the famous Buddhist King Asoka. The city was under the rule of the Vijayanagaras, when the European traders arrived in around the 14th century to Mangalore, then known as Canara. The city was under the Portuguese rule post the disintegration of the Vijayanagara kingdom. Hyder Ali, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, conquered Mangalore in 1763, but the city later passed into the hands of the British East India company. However, Hyder Ali’s son - the famous Tipu Sultan recaptured the city and named it Jalalabad. The British subsequently took control of Mangalore again following Tipu Sultan’s defeat in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore war, and encouraged the flourishing port trade of the city in condiments like spices, sandalwood and timber. Following India’s independence, and the opening of the New Mangalore port, the city witnessed significant growth in the 1970s and 1980s.


The name Mangaluru is found to have been in use as early as 715 CE, during the Pandyan and Vijayanagara dynasties. According to local legend, the city is named after the deity Mangaladevi of the Mangaladevi temple. She was a princess from Malabar who became a disciple of Matsyendranath, the founder of the Nath tradition. He bestowed this name upon her, and after her death due to an untimely illness, the temple of Mangaladevi was built here in her honour. Mangaluru, where uru means town or city, is believed to have been anglicised to Mangalore by the Portuguese.

Restaurants and Local Food in Mangalore

Mangalore is famous for its Udupi style dishes and ice creams along with the staple seafood preparations. Visitors must try out the Neer Dosa, Mangalorean fish curry, Cashew Upkari, Rasam, Kane (Lady Fish), Ole Bella (Palm Jaggery), export quality cashews and coffee in Mangalore. Also do try the sweet indulges like Mangalorean Parfait Ice-cream, Halwa available in three flavours and a number of fruit juices and delicacies.
Mangalore also houses hints of Catholic cuisine with influences from Mangalorean, Goan and Portuguese food styles. Do not miss this side of the platter with relishes like fried fish, Fried Roe Curry, Pork Roast, Pathal Bakri, and more.
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive at Mangalore, check-in and rest. Visit Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Tannirbhavi Beach and Panambur Beach.
Day 2- Begin the day at Kapu Beach, Then visit Sri Krishna Temple, NITK Lighthouse and Kadri Manjunath Temple.
Day 3- Begin the day at Mangalore Beach, Mangaladevi Temple, St. Aloysius Temple and end the day at Sultan Battery.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Pristine beaches, pleasant winters

What's Not So Great?

Heavy rainfall during monsoons

For Whom?

Mangalore is a great getaway for most people living in South India.

How To Reach Mangalore

Mangalore is easily accessible by road, rail and air. Being such a popular holiday destination, there are various alternative commute options to reach here.

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Q. How safe is Mangalore? How many days needed to cover the place? Any other good place other than mentioned in Google?

Anirudh Gowda 4 months ago
How safe is Mangaluru? It's ranked No 1 in the world for a sustainable life. So you can figure it out. You need proper 3 days if perfectly planned to cover all the places. Pabbas Ice Cream and Ideal Ice Cream is a must try for dessert lovers. If you're a non vegetarian please try Girimanjas a seafood restaurant. Central Mall for some fun. Tannirubhavi Beach, Panambur Beach, NITK Beach, Sasihithlu Beach, Pilikula Nisargadhama (needs 1 full day till 5 o'clock to complete).

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Kovid Kapoor 1 year ago
- Do Carry mosquito repellents as Malaria is endemic in this region. Being a culturally diverse place, a number of langauges are spoken here including Tulu, Kannada, Konkani and English.
Siddarth Sa 1 year ago
Best places to visit in india,not only the places but also the culture and traditions of people who are unique and caring, the beaches here are refreshing..there are great temples to worship and also it is the place for good education...lots of different languages but one common language is Kudla Tulu...
arpan shukla 1 year ago
Sakleshpur is a very good place to visit any time of year, though I would recommend for November / December. I have been there twice once in December and once during rains in July. There are good budget hotels as well as resorts with camp stay are available. The place is rich in flora & fauna. You can go through my trip story for 2-day planning & accommodation. My trip story -
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