How to Reach Horanadu

Horanadu is well-connected with other major cities through roadways. It does not have an airport or railway station of its own. However, due to good connectivity, it is easy for tourists to reach Horanadu. You can hire a taxi to reach to Horanadu. Buses run locally as well to take the tourists to Horanadu.

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How to Reach Horanadu by Flight

Mangalore and Bangalore's airports are the nearest to Horanadu. Since Horanadu doesn't have an airport of its own, tourists have to rely on these nearby airports in order to reach Horanadu through airways. From the airport, you can ride a taxi or a bus to reach Horanadu.

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport (IXE) - 62 kms from Horanadu

Tentative return flight prices to Mangalore from major cities in India:

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Starting City Return price (approximate)
Mumbai ₹ 8,246 Non-stop Check
New Delhi ₹ 9,880 Check
Bengaluru ₹ 3,942 Non-stop Check
Chennai ₹ 5,476 Non-stop Check
Hyderabad ₹ 7,569 Non-stop Check
Kolkata ₹ 11,016 Check
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How to Reach Horanadu by Road

Horanadu has well-connected roads to different parts of Karnataka. In order to reach Horanadu, you can either get a taxi service or board KSRTC bus from Mysore or Bangalore to reach Horanadu. If you belong to nearby cities, you can also drive to Horanadu, as it takes around 6 hours to reach Horanadu from Mysore or Bangalore.

How to Reach Horanadu by Train

The nearest railway station to Horanadu is situated in Kadur. It is about 130 km away from Horanadu. Since there is no railway station in Horanadu, you have to rely on the nearby railway station to get there. From the railway station, you can get a taxi to reach Horanadu.

Local Transport in Horanadu

If travelling from Bangalore, you can avail all public transport facilities. There are regular local buses that go to Horanadu from where you can take a rickshaw. You can also hire a private vehicle or a cab for an entire day. Rickshaws don't run on meters here so it is advisable to negotiate prices before getting in. There are also buses connecting Mysore, Udupi to Horanadu.

Places to Visit In Horanadu