Food of Ko Jum

 Krabi is known for its street food. Of course, this trend spreads to the islands as well. Ko Jum offers its visitors a great deal of street Thai food, especially seafood. A few places that are really recommended to tourists are:

  • Golden pearl restaurant: Is the best place to go for great alcohol, tasty seafood and authentic Thai dishes. It is located on Golden Pearl beach. 
  • Bar Loma Ko Jum:  A basic hatch restaurant that serves authentic Thai food at great prices. 
  • Sabaidee Luboh:  If you?re craving some cool beverages such as beer, wine or tasty fruit shakes and ice-cream, this is the place for you. 
  • Ban: It is absolutely normal to get bored with Thai food. Ban is here with great pizzas and English breakfast to give you a break. 
  • Hong Yog: What?s better than Asian with European? Hong Yog offers not just these two cuisines but American as well. 
  • Ko Jum Seafood Restaurant is the best opportunity for all the vegetarians to relish Thai food. Having said that, it also serves delicious seafood. 

Ko Jum Photos

Ko Jum
Ko Jum (Ko Pu) - Part of Nuea Khlong District
Luboa Beach - Serene Beach in Northeast of Koh Jum
Surfing - One of the Popular Water Sports in Ko Jum

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