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Also Refered As:

Ko Pu

"The Quieter Side of Krabi"

Ko Jum Tourism

One of the Islands in Krabi, Ko Jum has become a relaxing spot for tourists, away from other crowded destinations in Thailand. Located around 25 kilometres south of Krabi, this island is known for its laid-back lifestyle. Just like its neighbouring islands, Koh Phi and Koh Lanta, Koh Jum offers a range of seafood restaurants and bungalow resorts, making it a pleasant beachside destination for national as well as international travellers. 

The journey from central Krabi to Koh Jum isn’t very complicated. Visitors can easily take a boat or a ferry to this island, which runs many times a day. The North of this island is covered with forest-peaks of Ko Puh while the South is occupied by scrubland and rubber. Ko Jum is not only a place for relaxation as it also has a variety of things to indulge in such as Snorkelling, Scuba Diving and trekking along with a set of beautiful places to see such as Ting Rai Beach, Magic beach and Ao Si Beach. Nevertheless, the slow rhythm of this place is the sole reason why people choose to come here often. 

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Things to Do

  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving for those who want to explore the sea creatures and flora in the waters of this relatively untouched island.
  • For those who are interested in surfing, the waters here can be a great opportunity for practice as well as for fun times with family and friends.
  • Koh Phi Phi, Koh Ha Yai and King Cruiser Wreck are a few great sites for diving.
  • One of the famous hiking trails are in the Ko Puh Mountains. Ko Jum has a few roads that cover its area. Even though they aren’t concrete, it is always a good option to just pick up a bike and hit the road!

Important Tips

  • Since this island is relatively untouched, it is important to ensure that one travels with someone and not alone, if possible. Even if one decides to travel alone, it is important to have travel insurance.
  • Beware of touts who try to induce you into buying products or services at cheaper rates.
  • Trust online prices. Travel light.
  • Carry comfortable and beach-appropriate clothes and shoes.
  • Keep ID proof at hand at all times. Keep all valuables safely.


This island not only provides for visitors with high-end expectations but also for those who want a minimalistic and simple getaway from the hectic life in Krabi. Tourists can choose to live in luxurious places that are spacious villas with free Wi-Fi and 24x7 room service. However, Ko Jum also caters to low-budget travellers with places that are affordable as well as comfortable places to stay for Backpackers to travellers who wish for low-budget accommodation. Along with that, mid-range accommodation is also available.

Ko Jum Photos

Ko Jum
Ko Jum (Ko Pu) - Part of Nuea Khlong District
Luboa Beach - Serene Beach in Northeast of Koh Jum
Surfing - One of the Popular Water Sports in Ko Jum

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FAQs on Ko Jum

What is the best time to visit Ko jum?

The best time to travel to Ko Jum is from December to April because this is when the island is completely dry and tourists can make full use of this attraction. Rains start to fall after April, making this place extremely humid and wet. As a result, a lot of resorts and hotels are closed and ferry timings change frequently during the rainy season.
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What is the local food in Ko jum?

 Krabi is known for its street food. Of course, this trend spreads to the islands as well. Ko Jum offers its visitors a great deal of street Thai food, especially seafood. A few places that are really recommended to tourists are:

  • Golden pearl restaurant: Is the best place to go for great alcohol, tasty seafood and authentic Thai dishes. It is located on Golden Pearl beach. 
  • Bar Loma Ko Jum:  A basic hatch restaurant that serves authentic Thai food at great prices. 
  • Sabaidee Luboh:  If you’re craving some cool beverages such as beer, wine or tasty fruit shakes and ice-cream, this is the place for you. 
  • Ban: It is absolutely normal to get bored with Thai food. Ban is here with great pizzas and English breakfast to give you a break. 
  • Hong Yog: What’s better than Asian with European? Hong Yog offers not just these two cuisines but American as well. 
  • Ko Jum Seafood Restaurant is the best opportunity for all the vegetarians to relish Thai food. Having said that, it also serves delicious seafood. 

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What is the best way to reach Ko jum?

The best way to reach Ko Jum is through a ferry that departs from Klong Jilad Pier in Krabi. Krabi is also the nearest airport to Ko Jum. From the airport, you can public as well as private transport to reach the ferry pier where you can get the tickets to the ferry as well. Once the ferry drops you off, it heads on straight to Koh Lanta.
However, please note that this ferry operates only between the months of November to April. During the other times, you would have to hire the Longtail Boat to reach your destination. 
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What are the places near Ko jum?

The top places near to Ko jum are Koh samui which is 8 km from Ko jum, Surat thani which is located 80 km from Ko jum, Krabi which is located 197 km from Ko jum, Phuket which is located 248 km from Ko jum, Pattaya which is located 390 km from Ko jum

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