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How to Reach Izmir from India

There are numerous airlines that carry passengers daily from India to the country of Turkey. You wont get a direct flight however you would be able to get one via Istanbul or Konya. Flight operated by Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates are some of the prominent airlines reaching to this city.

Visa Policy for Indians

Indian people are required to carry an E-Visa while visting the country of Turkey. You are required to submit the visa fee of Rs. 4100 incase of single entry or 13650 in case of multiple entries. Now the visa on arrival system has been abolished in this nation and you can get your e-visa printed through Kiosk while entering this country

How to reach Izmir by flight

You can reach this place through any of the nearby cities located in the country of Turkey. There are regular flights from Istanbul, Antalya to the Adnan Menderes Airport which is located at a distance of 16 k.m from the city.

How to reach Izmir by road

No routes by cab available

How to reach Izmir by train

There are intercity trains available from Ankara as well as Denizil and hence you can take any one of them to reach this location.

Local transport in Izmir

Most parts of this cities can be enjoyed by walking, however you would find some ferries for easy comutation. There are other options such as taxis as well as metros which allow you to move around easily. Here you would also find bicycle renting facility which you can also opt for moving around the city.

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