What is the best time to visit Igatpuri?

Nestled in a cosy spot in Maharashtra, Igatpuri is home to a breathtaking scenic beauty that is ideal for nature buffs and the adventurous at heart. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons and winters. In the former, the flowers are in full bloom and the sprawling meadows are a brighter shade of green, while the latter opens up a wide range of opportunities for the ones seeking adventure. Summers are scorching and should ideally be avoided.

Weather in Igatpuri


Upcoming Igatpuri Weather

Monthly Weather in Igatpuri

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 15 31
February 18 33
March 20 34
April 23 36
May 26 36
June 26 33
July 24 29
August 24 29
September 24 29
October 22 32
November 16 33
December 16 32

Igatpuri in Winter (December - February)

Starting from December winters in Igatpuri are quite short, lasting only till February. The mercury level at this time fluctuates between a cold 15 degree Celsius and a pleasant 28 degree Celsius. An ideal time to plan a trip to this place, Igatpuri opens up a wide range of outdoor activities during winters, including camping, trekking, and sightseeing. Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Ghatandevi Temple, and Vipassana Centre are some of the places you must visit while you are here at this time.
Pagoda Igatpuri
Pagoda Igatpuri

Igatpuri in Monsoon (June - November)

Monsoon season in Igatpuri starts from June and lasts until November. With frequent and torrential rainfall throughout, these months give rise to jaw-dropping scenic beauty. Even though exploring the ancient monuments is not an ideal option during these months, owing to the washed up, pale beauty, you can go out for treks and sightseeing. Make sure to include Bitangad Trek, Camel Valley, Kalsubai Peak, and Kulanggad Trek in your bucket list.

Igatpuri in Summer (March - May)

Igatpuri in summers experiences blazing temperatures that fluctuate between 23 degree Celsius and 37 degree Celsius. Usually avoided by tourists, this season commences from March and continues till the last week of May. If you have planned a trip that involves quite a lot of sightseeing and other outdoor activities, it is best to avoid this place at this time.
Igatpuri Plateau
Igatpuri Plateau

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