What is the best time to visit Ratanwadi?

Summers and winters are the best time to visit as the skies are clear and make for a safe trip especially while crossing the lake to reach Ratanwadi. Boat rides in monsoons are a bit risky and depending on the weather; boat rides may be restricted. Hence, the best time to visit Ratanwadi is between the months of September and May.

Weather in Ratanwadi


Upcoming Ratanwadi Weather

Monthly Weather in Ratanwadi

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 15 31
February 18 33
March 20 34
April 23 36
May 26 36
June 26 33
July 24 29
August 24 29
September 23 29
October 21 32
November 16 33
December 16 32

Ratanwadi in Winter (November - February)

Winters are quite pleasant in this village. Ideally, it is the best time to visit Ratanwadi. During this season the weather is fantastic, and one can enjoy trekking and camping too.

Ratanwadi in Monsoon (July - September)

Ratanwadi receives heavy rainfall during monsoons. It starts to set in from the month of July and continues through September. The water level in the lake rises during this season. Thus it's not an ideal time to visit Ratanwadi during monsoons.

Ratanwadi in Summer (March - June)

Summers in Ratanwadi start from March and end in June. The climate is ideal for trekking and camping purpose. Also during this season, it is safe to do a boat ride for reaching Ratanwadi.

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