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What is the best time to visit Alibag?

November to July is the best time to visit Alibaug to enjoy the beaches. Between August to October, you can explore the region in the rainy days, which exposes the lush green beauty of Alibaug. However, do note that boat service between Mumbai and Alibaug is not functional during the rainy season. The weather from November to February is cold and dry and provides the perfect ambience for sightseeing. The temperature starts rising from March and lasts until the arrival of monsoon in June.

Weather in Alibag


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Monthly Weather in Alibag

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 28°/ 20° 0 days
February 31°/ 22° 0 days
March 31°/ 22° 0 days
April 33°/ 25° 0 days
May 32°/ 26° 0 days
June 31°/ 27° 19 days
July 29°/ 25° 31 days
August 29°/ 25° 29 days
September 28°/ 25° 30 days
October 31°/ 25° 19 days
November 32°/ 25° 1 days
December 31°/ 23° 0 days

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Alibag in Winter (October - March)

The month of November marks the beginning of winter in Alibaug, and it lasts until February. The temperature is low, enough to be comfortably cool and not harshly cold. Winters bring out the true grandeur of Alibaug. The chilled weather makes touring the place even more thrilling. Also, don't forget to keep checking the sale of tickets for the very cool Nariyal Paani (Coconut Water) Music Festival, which takes place by the end of January, to add a musical touch to your visit to Alibaug!
Nariyal Paani Festival
Nariyal Paani Festival

Alibag in Monsoon (July - September)

The advent of monsoon in Alibaug ignites its sublime avatar. The natural ambience between August and October coupled with heavy downpour transforms the entire coastal landscape into a magical setting. Even though the smell of wet earth, the mystic romanticism and the cool breeze attract the travellers a lot, sightseeing and exploring the region might be compromised due to the heavy rainfall. However, you can always enjoy the unmatched freshness of Alibaug, if you plan on visiting during the monsoons.
Alibaug in Monsoon
Alibaug in Monsoon

Alibag in Summer (March - June)

Alibaug experiences a considerably high footfall during this time of the year. The suitable and mellow temperature, beginning in March, lasts until June. Alibaug gets very crowded in April and May because of the summer holidays in schools and during the festival of Diwali. Chilling on the beaches and the ease of sightseeing is what makes this season very favourable to visit Alibaug.

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Water Sports Activities

November - July

Alibaug is a preferred destination for water sports in Maharasthra. Ranging from Scuba diving and kayaking to the kite boarding and jet skiing, this place is a paradise for all water sports enthusiasts.

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