What is the best time to visit Lavasa?

Being situated at an altitude of about 2000 - 3000 sq ft above sea level, Lavasa enjoys a calm and pleasant weather all through the year. However, the best time to visit Lavasa is from September - March. The monsoon in the city witness heavy rainfall with cool breeze blowing, making the atmosphere extremely plesant. Thus winters and monsoons are ideally the best time to visit Lavasa. 

Weather in Lavasa


Upcoming Lavasa Weather

Monthly Weather in Lavasa

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 28°/ 16° 0 days
February 32°/ 18° 0 days
March 32°/ 18° 1 days
April 36°/ 21° 6 days
May 35°/ 20° 0 days
June 29°/ 22° 23 days
July 24°/ 21° 31 days
August 24°/ 20° 31 days
September 24°/ 20° 29 days
October 28°/ 20° 23 days
November 30°/ 19° 6 days
December 29°/ 19° 1 days

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Lavasa in Winter (October - March)

The rolling hills and the soul-calming weather of Lavasa during winters are to die for. Other than that, there are plenty of reasons that make Lavasa an excellent getaway destination during winter, especially from November to February. Bike riders and motorcycle enthusiasts will have a blast riding on the roads running along the Mutha Ghat and going all the way through to the Lavasa-Temghar Ghat. You get a chance to enjoy the joyful tour of the city in a train that does not run on tracks - the trackless train, if you may call it so. Do not miss going on a small cruise in the evening in a Pontoon Boat on the Dasve Lake. Besides, the Ekaant nature trail in Lavasa is one of the biggest attractions in the hill city, and it is open for all its visitors. It takes about 2 hours to cover the trail, and you can make it back to your hotel by breakfast if you start early. The Varasgaon Dam can be an excellent picnic spot, thanks to its picturesque beauty and numerous waterfalls in the backdrop. It is quite chilly in Lavasa during winters so carrying light woollens would be beneficial.
Lavasa City
Lavasa City

Lavasa also celebrates many festivals throughout the year, especially the very famous Annual Cultural Festival of the city. Christmas and New Year are grandly celebrated in Lavasa, and that is why it is highly recommended to visit this one-of-a-kind hill station during winters to experience something fascinating!

Lavasa in Monsoon (July - September)

The state of Maharashtra has become the recipient of an annual share of rainfall every year from June to October. Therefore, if you happen to be in and around Mumbai or Pune, you should plan a weekend getaway to Lavasa. The rain-soaked trees, the beautiful green surroundings, the excellent accommodation facilities with a lakeside atmosphere, during the rainy season, is nothing short of magic. You can plan small excursions to the nearby villages where the local Adivasis are very interactive and quite friendly with the tourists. On top of that, there is a herb plantation in Lavasa that is worth a visit. The best thing to indulge in Lavasa during monsoons includes talking walks in the open areas and enjoying a comforting supper or the romantic combination of chai-pakoda while treating the eyes with the breathtaking views of the Western Ghats.
City of Lavasa
City of Lavasa

Lavasa in Summer (April - June)

You get a pleasing ambience in Lavasa during summers, as the atmosphere is not very hot. Nights are colder than the days, and the climate is pleasant for sightseeing. It is not too sunny to hinder your hill station travelling experience, and the heat is decent that does not make you sweat. The time from January to March is perfectly balanced whereas it tends to get a little humid during April and May. Nevertheless, fret not; it will not cause you any serious discomfort.

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Lavasa, Maharashtra
Mesmerizing View of Lavasa Hills
Lake Side View of Dasve River in Lavasa
Splendid View of Dasve Town Centre, Lavasa

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