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Bhimashankar Tourism

Bhimashankar, located about 100 km from Pune and 223 km from Mumbai, is a popular temple town. It is among one of the twelve traditional 'Jyotilingam' shrines of Lord Shiva in India.

Bhimashankar is located in the village Bhorgiri in the ghat region of the Sahyadri range. Situated at an height of around 3,250 feet, Bhimashankar is surrounded by hills and is covered by thick green rainforests. Legend has it that the name Bhimashankar was originated from the river Bhima which evaporated due to the generated between the war of Lord Shiva and the demon Tripurasura. It is considered to be one of the holiest places in India because of the jyotirlinga. Bhimashankar is also a popular destination for trekkers. Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is another important reason why people come here.

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Exciting Trekking Options

Bhimashankar is situated at a height of 3,250 feet. The lush green forests, mountains surrounding it and the steep slopes make it famous for trekking. There are two routes to reach Bhimashankar temple which is famous amongst trekkers. Both of them start from the base village of Khandas. To reach Khandas, you first need to board a train to Karjat Station which is around 40 Km away from Khandas. From the station, you can easily reach the village through buses or tumtums.
The two trekking routes are- Ganesh Ghat and Shirdi route. The former is long but very easy. You can choose this one if you are a novice. This route takes around six hours. You will also pass by a Ganesh Temple in between. The second route is short but, is not a cakewalk. The slopes are steep and therefore you will have to use a ladder for some parts. This route takes around three to four hours. If you are a great fan of trekking, make sure to visit Bhimashankar to have a thrilling experience.

Restaurants and Local Food in Bhimashankar

The local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food with a blend of south and north Indian cuisine. This place is known for its spicy food of curries and fries.
Misal - a spicy gravy of potatoes, peas and other sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering meal.
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Suggested Itinerary for Bhimashankar

Day 1- Reach Bhimashankar by morning. Have breakfast and relax for a while. After this, you can head out to Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy the wide range of flora and fauna there. Take lunch and then you can visit Hanuman Lake. It is an ideal picnic spot for families. You can spend your evening there.
Day 2- Start early by visiting Bhimashankar Temple. Make sure to head out early to avoid traffic hassles and crowd. After spending 1 to 2 hours there, you can come back to your hotel to have lunch. After this relax for a while and then, head out for the most exciting part of the trip- trekking. While trekking, you will get to see the scenic and overwhelming beauty of Bhimashankar.

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Bhimashankar, Maharashtra

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FAQs on Bhimashankar

What is famous about Bhimashankar?

Scenic beauty. Rich in vegetation and wildlife. Pleasant weather in winters. A perfect picnic spot.

What is not so good about Bhimashankar?

The temple can be crowded. Only few tourist places. Hot and humid summers.

Who should visit Bhimashankar?

Perfect for trekkers. Great for religious people and nature lovers. Good for photo fanatics.

What is the best time to visit Bhimashankar?

November to February are the best months to visit Bhimashankar. Though the temple can be visited anytime of the year, trekkers can visit during winters if they are first time climbers as the climb can be tough during the monsoons because of the slopes being slippery. However, experienced trekkers will find trekking in monsoon quite pleasing because of its challenging nature and the chill weather. 
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What is the local food in Bhimashankar?

The local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food with a blend of south and north Indian cuisine. This place is known for its spicy food of curries and fries.
Misal - a spicy gravy of potatoes, peas and other sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering meal.
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What is the best way to reach Bhimashankar?

Bhimashankar is connected to many cities via roads. Regular bus services and taxis operate on this route. The nearest airport is the Pune airport. It is well built and connected to prominent cities of India. The nearest railway station is Karjat station. The distance between the station and Bhimashankar is 168 Km. So, it takes two hours to reach.
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What are the places near Bhimashankar?

The top places near to Bhimashankar are Lonavala which is 38 km from Bhimashankar, Matheran which is located 29 km from Bhimashankar, Mumbai which is located 69 km from Bhimashankar, Kamshet which is located 33 km from Bhimashankar, Khandala which is located 38 km from Bhimashankar

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Q. Is there doli facility, or any other mode, paid, for those people who can not climb up/down the steps leading to the temple? Can anyone inform?


5 years ago
There are Doli and Palki Services offered from the start of the stairs to the temple and back. The rates are not too high and it is preferable to visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd.
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Q. How much time should I set apart for a trip to Bhimashankar?

Rajat Jain

5 years ago
Ideally, you would not need more than one or two days for a trip to Bhimashankar.
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Q. From where TumTum are available for Bhimashankar from Karjat? I mean nearby station or somewhere else? Also, how much it costs and duration to reach there?


5 years ago
The TumTum is available from Karjat station to Bhimashankar and take approximately 2 hours to reach.
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Aashimi Bhatia

5 years ago
- Carry extra food and water supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.
- In case of planning to stay back, make sure you enquire about the availability of hotel rooms befo (Read More)rehand.
- During monsoons, the climb up the fort might be slippery, wear good shoes with rubber soles.
- While visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary, carry binoculars, mosquito repellants, first aid kit and a change of clothes.
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