How to Reach Hampi

The nearest airport at Hubli(143km) is not preferred by most visitors.

Roadways are the most convenient to reach Hampi - the nearby town of Hospet has great road connectivity from Bangalore and Mumbai/Pune/Kolhapur. A lot of very comfortable AC sleeper buses ply from Mumbai/Bangalore to Hospet and will usually drop you in Hospet early morning.

It is actually quite easy to reach from Hospet to Hampi - there are state buses running from Hospet bus station to Hampi every 20-30 minutes (12 rs per person, Dec 2016). The last bus runs around 8 PM - be sure to confirm this time depending on the season from the bus stand. Otherwise, you can take a direct auto as well (200-300 per ride, Dec 2016) for Hampi from Hospet - they are easily available from the railway station/bus stand.

The distance between Bengaluru Airport and Hampi is 374km. It will take approx 7 hours for you to reach Hampi by road. You can take an overnight Volvo or can book a private cab on your exit from the airport. Ideally, you can rest in Bengaluru for some time before proceeding to your final destination of Hampi.

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Most frequently searched routes to Hampi

Route Name Distance Time
Bangalore to Hampi 343 km 6 hours 2 mins
Mumbai to Hampi 740 km 11 hours 54 mins
Goa to Hampi 321 km 6 hours 28 mins
Chennai to Hampi 696 km 11 hours 16 mins
Pune to Hampi 565 km 9 hours 41 mins
Coorg to Hampi 439 km 8 hours 57 mins
Delhi to Hampi 1,971 km 1 day 7 hours
Ernakulam to Hampi 890 km 14 hours 44 mins
Munnar to Hampi 826 km 14 hours 10 mins
Kolkata to Hampi 1,855 km 1 day 7 hours

How to reach Hampi by flight

The nearest airport to Hampi, Bellary is 60 km away from the temple town. Hubli Airport is another Airport which is 143 km away from Hampi. Also, JSW Vidyanagar Airport in Toranagallu is located approximately 40 kms from Hampi. However, if you are a foreigner visiting the places you need to step down at Bengaluru Airport to get Visa on Arrival. You can book domestic flight tickets from Bengaluru to Bellary or Hubli. Also, you could take a private taxi from Bengaluru Airport centre reach your final destination Hampi which is 350 km away from the International Airport.

Alternatively, you can also reach Mumbai and take an overnight bus/train to Hospet and reach Hampi from there.

Nearest Airport: Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) - 272 kms from Hampi

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Tentative return flight prices to Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) from major cities in India.

Starting city Return price (approx)
Mumbai ₹ 3,615 Non-stop View
New Delhi ₹ 5,319 Non-stop View
Chennai ₹ 2,269 Non-stop View
Hyderabad ₹ 3,213 Non-stop View
Kolkata ₹ 6,975 Non-stop View

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How to reach Hampi by road

There are buses to Hampi (or to Hospet) from major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Bellary. NH4 connects Bangalore to Hampi and it takes around 7 hours to reach here. From Hospet, it takes around 40 minutes by a local state-run bus to reach here.

How to reach Hampi by train

Not having its own railways station, trains halt at Hospet Junction (13km). However, there are very few train to Hosapete Junction (HPT) and they are mostly sold out well in advance during the season.

Local transport in Hampi

Taking a tour of empty winding parts is all you have to do. Rent a moped and make your way to the ruins and holy temples on it. You might catch locals giving bathe to elephants or playful monkeys trying to copy each other. The glimpses of the Boulder town as you ride through it will give a boom to your backpacker journey.

The other best way to explore this city is either by foot or on a bicycle as it gives you the opportunity to closely observe every structure that stands proudly in this town. Bicycles are easily available for rent from the Virupaksha temple market (INR 50-150  per cycle depending on the bike's condition) and you could use them to cover the monuments which are spread out. You can even take the cycles with you while crossing the river (INR 10 for crossing with the bike).

On some paths, like the path from Virupakha to Vitthala temple, it would be easier to walk rather than carry the bike with you, so we would recommend that you walk if you are planning the take a close view of that area. Keep in mind that you'll have to walk around 5-6kms during the day.

In case you don't want to bike or walk, you can also hire an auto for the entire day (INR 300-500) which would take you around the main monuments around the city for a quick and convenient trip.

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