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Q. How much Budget to visit Hampi and all places?

sai Dinesh 10 months ago
10,000 for 2 people

Q. Pack for 2 days Hampi, 2 day Kodaikanal

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Q. Is there any bike on rent facility in Hampi???

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Q. Mangalore to Hampi could u suggest me who h route is best. Suggest where to have break also.

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Q. Visit places in Hampi?

Palak Partha Sarathi 1 year ago
Virupaksa temple Matanga hill Kodanda Rama temple Anjaneya hill Malyavan Madhuvan

Q. Want to go to Hampi from Ghataprabha, Karnataka. plz suggest route.

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Q. We are planning a family trip from Mumbai to North Karnataka for 8 days via car. Please suggest best possible route to cover at least Hampi, Badami, Bijapur, Pattadakal, Aihole Please suggest best possible itinerary to cover from Heritage, Temples, Wildlife and Adventure Sports. Idea is to explore North Karnataka and Anything thats worth halting in between Mumbai and Bijapur. Already visited Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Ratnagiri so excluding that. I have shortlisted Pandharpur, Bijapur, Badami, Hampi, Dandali, Kolhapur but not sure it where to halt and allot how much time to each destination without overloading ourselves.

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Q. Which is the safest and shortest route from kochi to Hampi...?

Holidify 2 years ago
The shortest route from Kochi to Hampi would be to exit Kochi by NH66 towards Edapally and turn to coimbatore via thrissur on NH544. Reach Kurumathampatti and take State highway 165 and then 948 to exit Tamil Nadu through Germalam. Take the Karnataka State highway 33 to reach Tumakuru and then take NH48 to Hiriyuru. Take diversion on the NH150A to reach Rampura and then head Northwest to Hampi. The total journey would be about 800 kmand may take 16 hours on safe speeds.

Q. I want to plan to travel Solo for 5 days (including travel period) to Goa or Hampi or Gokarna (If Should cover all three or anyone or two pls suggest) somewhere around mid of November (I'm flexible). We'd like some advice on planning the trip, where to go and not and whats will be best to cover in these 5 days which trains to catch, recommended accom, how log to stay for, what to do whilst we're there... I'm happy with cheap and cheerful! :) I've travelled around Goa before so feel ok getting around on my own. Any tips, dos and don'ts, recommendations will be greatly appreciated! :D These locations I have just kept in mind any other recommendations for 5 days trip from Mumbai, pls Suggest. Many thanks :) Parth

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Q. I want to go to Hampi from Mysore. Could you suggest me the driving route?

Shashwat Kant 2 years ago
This is considered to be the best route from mysore to Hampi -- Mysore=(Via Siddalingapuravillage 17km)=>Srirangapattana=(10km)=Pandavapura=(39km)=>Nagamangala=(Via Nalligere 16km)=>Bellur Cross=(Via Adichunchanagiri 16km)=>Mayasandra=(Via Thavarekere,Thoremavinahalli 25km)=>Banasandra=(Via KB Cross 18km)=>Chiknayakanhalli=(23km)=>Huliyar=(18km)=>Arasinagundi=(29km)=>Hiriyur=(19km)=>Aymangala=(21km)=>Chitradurga=(Turn Left NH13 - 15km)=>Belaghatta=(Turn Right 41km)=>Jagalur=(25km)=>Ujjini=(15km)=>Kotturu=(Via Malavi 28km)=>Hagaribommanahalli=(Via Hospet,Kamalapur 51km)=>Hampi Total distance: 426km

Q. Whether small kids enjoy in hampi?

Holidify 2 years ago
There are plenty of activities for kids in Hampi, You can take them walking, climbing on the hills, exploring ruins, bicycling and exploring the nearby villages.

Q. How many days it would take to see all these 21 places?

Holidify 2 years ago
One week should be more than enough time to visit all the places in Hampi.

Q. Is this place is safe to travel alone and stay for 3 days

Holidify 2 years ago
Yes. There are many backpackers in Hampi, so travelling alone is possible. Please take your own precautions while travelling.

Q. How is the bus connectivity to Hampi from Bangalore?

Holidify 2 years ago
There are many buses between Bangalore and Hampi, which is an overnight journey. Please refer to the How to Reach Tab above which will give your more information regarding buses to Hampi.

Q. Can you travel on a bike?

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Ratul Bhowmik 11 months ago
Hampi is a awesome historical place of archeological importance. 3D2N is a must for this place..."Link Hidden"
Arun Gopidas 12 months ago
Love this place. The calm and peace you get over here is totally worth it. Pretty cheap, and makes you want to stay there forever. Keep at least a week to chill over here: "Link Hidden"
Anjali Vij 2 years ago
Hampi is an architectural marvel that has been built entirely from stones. It is also relevant to the Ramayana which I wasn't aware of until the guide informed us. Also, the city itself doesn't have much to offer apart from old ruins and structure. It is also advisable to not visit the city in summers because its really hot and traveling around the city is the biggest hassle. The architecture is definitely interesting, especially the carvings. Overall, it could have been a better experience if I had visited in some other month.
Muhammed Salih 2 years ago
A city full of beautiful intricate architecture that is a must-visit for travelers and architecture enthusiasts alike. Some of the architectural wonders that you should visit include temples like the Vitthala Temple, Virupaksha Temple which is a UNESCO heritage site and the Krishna Temple. The ticket costs around 40 rupees and can be used for entry into every other temple which is a very reasonable amount to pay.
Surbhi Parashar Parashar 2 years ago
The budget of the city is quite less. You get non-luxurious accommodations like small huts or a rooftop room with a family living beneath at a price range of INR 300 - 800 whereas the luxurious guesthouses start giving room at INR 1200 only. Your meals for a day will sum up to INR 200-300 per person. Also, the bicycle rent is INR 30 per day whereas moped will cost you INR 60 per day. A 3 days trip might cost you INR 3000 per person which is utterly reasonable.
Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
I had gone to Hampi for a quick weekend trip from Mumbai in November, and it was an amazing experience. The weather was nice for us to walk around the whole area for the entire day. What I found most stunning about the place, however, was the stones lying around everywhere, seemingly ready to start rolling. The architecture of Hampi, made almost entirely from the locally sourced stones, blends seamlessly with the stones. The ruins are preserved in a fantastic condition and they are a delight to discover.
Suman Vikram 12 months ago
For me 2 days were enough to cover up everything.The weather was so hot that I had dehydrated. I've visited on January month, it's winter season but I felt like I was traveling in summer.Expect in the sunset and rise timings, in-between I couldn't travel on bike. Lovely atmosphere around sunset, sunrise timings. So many history places to know about
Pranjali Kureel 2 years ago
Hampi is such a beautiful, historical town dipped in tranquility. Vitthal temple is a must visit, it's so quiet& calm. The ticket costs around 40rs and can also be used at the museum and lotus mehal the same day. All the important places are close to each other and auto-rikshaw charges are quite high, so renting a bicycle would be a better option.
Praveen Kumar 2 years ago
Must see place for those who loves historical places.
Rohit Shroff Shroff 2 years ago
- If you are visiting Hampi in the off season, between April to Spetember, check for the hotel bookings before you reach. Some guest houses and restaurants shut down during this period.
- If you are visitng between June to August, the coracle ferry is not functional since the river is very high then.
- Be careful of the occasional leopard and sloth bear sightings.
Surbhi Parashar Parashar 2 years ago
Tanned bodies are your love but anything in excess is never good. Therefore, apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours! Also, Roaming in the ruins at night is not a good idea. Hampi Bazaar is an extremely safe area, but do not wander around after dark or alone. It?s a dangerous terrain to get lost in; long-time guides have even sighted sloth bears prowling around Vittala Temple at night!
Muhammed Salih 2 years ago
A perfect place to relax after walking through all the temples Hampi has to offer. Hippie Island is filled with guesthouses and restaurants that let you live and dine being one with nature as the hippies say. To get here, you need to get boats that take you across as that is the easiest way and the price really depends on your haggling skills and the number of people with you. Laughing Buddha is considered to be one of the best restaurants and as you walk in, you?ll clearly understand why the island is aptly named Hippie island.
Venkatesh Gururaj 2 years ago
For us it is Shree HANUMAN Temple. Change the Title of u call Narasimha temple as lion temple ? and Varahaswamy Temple as Pig Temple ? or Swine Temple ?. Change the title or face the warth of Hanuman. Jai shree Hanuman,Jai Shree Raam.
Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
This is easily the best temple in Hampi. Located on one end of the city, The Virupaksha Temple is where most people start their Hampi tour from.
Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
This is the most famous temple in the Hampi region because of the iconic Stone Chariot kept there. While the temple is definitely the most well-maintained out of all of the temples in Hampi, and has survived in the best condition, I personally didn't find it worth the hype. For me, the overall experience of walking around among the ruins of Hampi was the best part of the trip.

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