Bangalore to Hampi

   Bangalore to Hampi Road Distance 343 km
   Bangalore to Hampi Aerial Distance 289 km
  Bangalore to Hampi Travel Time 6 hours 2 mins

How to reach Hampi from Bangalore

The Preferred Way of Going from Bangalore to Hampi

The most preferred way of going from Bangalore to Hampi is by road as the road distance is about 343 kms which can be covered in about 6 to 7 hours. The journey can be made either via car or by bus.

Knowing The Details

1. Bangalore to Hampi by Car
2. Bangalore to Hampi by Train
3. Bangalore to Hampi by Bus
4. Popular Routes to Hampi
5. Popular Routes from Bangalore
6. Places to Visit in Hampi
7. Hotels in Hampi

1. Bangalore to Hampi by Car

Due to the unavailability of a direct train route between Bangalore and Hampi, commuting via road may be a convenient option for a traveller; the 350 kilometres being traversable in approximately 7-8 hours. There are numerous cab services which operate on this route; cab operators such as Savaari, GetMeCab, BharatTaxi and others provide one with rates that best fit one’s budget. In addition to these local taxi providers, one can opt for the outstation services provided by Ola, Uber or Meru. A list of the tentative rates that the services of these taxis may incur has been given below.
The Routes That Can Be Taken
Route 1: The Hospet Route (via NH48 and NH50)

Distance of approximately 360 kilometers being traversed in approximately 7-8 hours. 
From Bangalore to Chitradurga to Hospet and to Hampi.

Route 2: The Hiriyur Route

Distance of approximately 370 kilometers being traversed in approximately 7-8 hours. 
From Bangalore to Tumkur to Hiriyur to Challakere to Rampura and to Hampi.

Route 3: The Anantpura Route

Distance of approximately 440 kilometers being traversed in approximately 8-9 hours. 
From Bangalore to Lepakshi to Anantapur to Bellari and to Hampi.

Road Conditions
Although route 1 (via Hospet) is the shortest in terms of distance to Hampi, it does not have well-maintained roads, and hence one may encounter potholes and traffic congestion; slowing progress and causing delays.

On the contrary, route 3 being comparatively longer in distance than the other routes, in terms of the quality of drive (due to well-maintained roads), it is an enjoyable drive and can be opted for if the more extended time duration is compensated for in the travel itinerary.

Route 2 (via Hiriyur) does not receive traffic congestion and the lush greenery flanking the roads makes it a picturesque journey.

Eating Options on the Way
During the journey, there are various coffee outlets at Chitradurga where you can stop to refresh yourself from the monotony of the drive.

2. Bangalore to Hampi by Train

Since there are no direct trains from Bangalore to Hampi, one has to travel via Hospet, the closest railway station to the destination. Below are the details of the trains that run on this route.
Available Train Options - Bangalore to Hospet

1. Mysore-Sainagar Shirdi Express (16217)

Timing: Departure - 8:15 AM
Arrival: 16:55 PM
Duration: 08:40 hours
Running Days: Monday

2. Garib Nawaj Express (16532)

Timing: Departure- 5:00 PM
Arrival- 2:55 AM
Duration: 09:55 hours
Status: Friday

3. Yeshwantpur Jaipur Express (16534)

Timing: Departure - 5:00 PM
Arrival- 2:55 AM
Duration: 09:55 hours
Running Days: Sunday

4. Hampi Express (16592)

Timing: Departure- 10:00 PM
Arrival: 7:10 AM
Duration: 09:10 hours
Running Days: Daily

Transportation from Hospet to Hampi

Traversing the distance from Hospet to Hampi can be covered either bus buses that are readily available or via taxi services which take about 30 minutes to reach the destination.

3. Bangalore to Hampi by Bus

Covering a distance of about 350 kilometres within a time span of 7-8 hours, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have direct buses operating on this route. One can board the bus in Bangalore from the Kempegowda Bus Station; the passengers eventually having to de-board the bus at the Hampi Bus Stand, Hampi. There are many seating options available to passengers, ranging from AC Semi-sleeper, AC Sleeper and Non AC Sleeper. The popular bus operators are Go Tour Travels And Holidays, Green Line Travels And Holidays, GPR Travels and Sanjana Travels. In addition to these, there are numerous private buses that you can opt for according to your convenience with fares ranging between INR 500 and 700.
Available Bus Options

Popular Routes to Hampi

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Hampi 6 hours 2 mins 343 km
Mumbai to Hampi 11 hours 54 mins 740 km
Goa to Hampi 6 hours 28 mins 321 km
Chennai to Hampi 11 hours 16 mins 696 km
Pune to Hampi 9 hours 41 mins 565 km
Coorg to Hampi 8 hours 57 mins 439 km

Popular Routes from Bangalore

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Goa 8 hours 45 mins 557 km
Bangalore to Ooty 6 hours 15 mins 274 km
Bangalore to Pondicherry 6 hours 19 mins 311 km
Bangalore to Coorg 5 hours 10 mins 264 km
Bangalore to Mysore 2 h 40 min 146 km
Bangalore to Hyderabad 8 hours 10 mins 569 km

Top Hotels In Hampi