What is the best time to visit Corsica?

In Corsica, there is absolutely no dearth of activities to unwind and let go of the mundane schedule.
May is a fantastic time to visit Corsica. With the temperature just rising and sunshine lasting up to ten hours a day, the water is still cold for swimming in this period. People enjoy the weather with activities such as cycling and hiking.
In June, Corsica gets hotter making it ideal for hitting the beaches with your swimming gear.
The period of July to September sees lots of people flocking to the beaches and relaxing under the sun, the ideal time for a beach holiday. This period is too hot for hiking activities, so if you want to escape the heat, head to explore villages of La Balagne or Corte in central Corsica.
The temperatures get lower with the onset of November, and the beaches are emptied. The winters are not the best time to visit Corsica, but you can still experience the heritage cities and villages to explore the fascinating history of the island.

Weather in Corsica


Upcoming Corsica Weather

Monthly Weather in Corsica

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 8°/ 1° 4 days
February 10°/ 2° 1 days
March 10°/ 1° 8 days
April 13°/ 5° 7 days
May 14°/ 4° 13 days
June 26°/ 13° 4 days
July 25°/ 15° 6 days
August 25°/ 15° 8 days
September 21°/ 12° 8 days
October 18°/ 9° 7 days
November 9°/ 3° 16 days
December 9°/ 3° 7 days

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