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"Eat, Drink and be Merry!"

Bordeaux Tourism

Bordeaux, a magnolious Port city situated on the Garonne River in the Gironde Deprtment of southwestern France, harbours the best of wine, the most gracious and elegant of gothic architecture and amalgamates it all with the 21st century rhythm that leaves the beholder awestruck. A culturally rich location, Bordeaux is the place to be.

Classified as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and deemed as "the very essence of elegance"by Her Royal Majesty Queen, Bordeaux's sublime existence thrives at a dynamic pace. It is nowhere else, through the entirety of Europe that the consistency of old gothic architecture has been maintained with such devotion and remains a major feature in harmonious coexistence with the modern structures.the Cathedral St.Andre, the Left bank Quays overlooking the Garonne,the Opera house are some of the many exceptional places to visit that transport you in an era of its own kind! Exceptionally famous for its wine(hereby a must try), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Ch_teau de Bensse are few of the numerous other wine produce that are crafted to tanatlize your senses.Visiting the wine country is what makes the experince richer than ever. A gastronomical hub with myriad versions and varieties of cuisines, French or otherwise, the kitchens of Bordeaux know how to ensnare every taste palette. Courtesy fusion dishes, there is something or the other for anyone and everyone.The very personality of Bordeaux with its air of aristocratic finesse, aesthetic appeal, and gastronimic indulgence, pampers and rejigs the traveller. A leisurely stroll on the Miroir D'eau that overlooks the grand structure of Place de la Bourse (built from 1730 to 1775), or for that matter any of its graceful streets is bound to create everlasting memories that shall be looked back upon with utmost fondness.

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Exchanging Money in Bordeaux

Nova CŠmbios at H»tel de Ville and the International Currency Exchangeat Saint Bruno and the A_roport Bordeaux M_rignac.

Daily Budget for Bordeaux

A minimum of EUR 400 is a must to truly manage a stay of 3 nights and 4 days. Anything above it is a matter of individual spending power.

Religion of Bordeaux

Mainly Catholic, it includes Protestants and Islam s as well.

Bordeaux Customs

Carrying your passport at all times is compulsory.A formal handshake for first meetings is a polite form of greeting.No particular dress code to follow however smart casuals facillitates a good travelling experience.

Language of Bordeaux

To refuse a refill of wine or bread at restaurants, say "Merci". To accept a refill, saying, "Oui,s'il vous plait" helps. Round the clock munching or eating while walking is a rarity.

History of Bordeaux

Home to the Bituriges Vivisci (Celtic) tribe in 300 BCE, who then called the city Burdigala, inhabited it for good 200 years or soafter which the Romans took over in 60 BCE, under whom it became an important centre of lead and tin commerce.Came in the Severan Dynasty in the 3rd century, Bordeaux flourished as the capital of Roman Aquitaine.Darker days befell once it was sacked by the Vandals in the year 276 and 409, by the Visigoths in 414 and the Franks in 498.Captivated and plundered multiple times over the centuries, in the period between 12th to 15th century Bordeaux regained its lost importance courtesy its wine trade and it is then that the cathedral of St.Andre was built.It continued to prosper under Edward, the Black prince(1362 to 1372) but was eventually annexed by the French in the battle of Castillon in 1453. As Charles VII of France stepped in, the wine trade with England came to an screeching halt.Bodeaux regained its importance in the 16th century as a distribution center for slaves, traditional wine and sugar. The golden era for Bordeaux was the 18th centurywhen it was rebuilt by Baron Haussmann as a model for Napolean the III' s demand for a modern Parisian structure. Since then, Bordeaux has been a pivotal point for various wars including the first and the second world war.

Nightlife in Bordeaux

An intriguining mix of classy sophistication and unbridled liveliness, centres like Quai de Paludate, Bassins-ˆ-Flots and St Pierre district are the places to be. Numerous bars, and neon clubs line these areas making them a mini Vegas of sorts in themselves. From a hyper, super charged pub to more quaint wine sipping evenings, the nightlife scenario is versatile and exceeds expectations.

Shopping in Bordeaux

For shopaholics, wine enthusiasts & connosisseurs and antique item collectors, Bordeaux's shopping scene is paradise on earth.No matter what your pocket size, the sheer variety of options with a promise of quality will drive your shopping to its ultimate peak. TheTriangle d'Or, surrounded by the Allees de Tourny, Cours Clemenceau and Cours de l'Intendance happens to be THE place for luxury item and the bigshot brands.For a more affordable shopping experience head through Rue Ste Cathrine to Place de le Comdie.For antiques and art items, the Chartrons district and Rue Notre Dame are a must visit.

Currency in Bordeaux

Euro is accepted everywhere throughout Bordeaux, for transportation and purchasing (be it a luxury brand showroom or a flea market stall). Visa and Mastercard are valid payment methods and can be used to transact money from ATMs.

Restaurants and Local Food in Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, expect the food to leave a lasting cherishable experience with the aroma and flavour of herbs, the lightness of olive oil, cheese and wine of varying age all combined with an assortment of numerous other ingredients. The streets shall amaze you with the sort of mouth watering innovations people are capable of. A suprisingly pleasant serande of flavours, textures and consistencies, Bordeaux's food conjours its gastronomic magic.
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Bordeaux is easily accessible by flights.To travel from its neighbouring cities, towns and village, trains and busses are a good option

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