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The Hague

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Country rank: 3 out of 6 Places To Visit In Netherlands

Sub-Region: South Holland


Ideal duration: 3-5 days

Best time: All year round (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Rotterdam (Check Flights)


"Judicial Capital of the World"

The Hague Tourism

Internationally known majorly as the headquarters of the International Court of Justice, The Hague is fast coming up as a travel destination in itself. People are waking up to the fact that there is more to the city than just courts and black robes. The world is waking up. Where are you!

Known for its distinctive international flavour owing to the multiple embassies, international offices and courts here, The Hague is the more conservative and solemn brother of Amsterdam. The Hague is perfect for those looking for some respite from the tourist infested common cities in Netherlands. Huge avenues, large roads and parks in each block give a sense of austerity and elegance to this city. A haven for architecture enthusiasts, The Hague is fast coming up as a must-see place for people coming to Netherlands.

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  • Hotel Excelsior

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More on The Hague

Locals in the area speak Dutch while expatriates speak their own languages. One can survive in The Hague with just English but the task will be challenging. A little knowledge of dutch phrases and a dictionary in hand will make life a lot easier for the traveller.

Originating around 1230, The Hague is a very old city. Some parts of the city will refer to that in terms of architecture. The overall feel of the city is very modern and sleek though. From the 13th century to the 17th centure The Hague was the admnistrative center of the counts of Holland. It was in 1830 that the capital was permanently shifted to Amsterdam.

Grote Markt is the main market famous for its bars and pubs in The Hague. The city has a vibrant nightlife though maybe not as wild as it's brother Amsterdam. Some of the rocking bars include De Zwarte Ruiter, De Boterwaag and September. The Dutch like to spend long hours in coffee shops discussing everything from art to history to music. When in Rome do as the Romans do! Try out one of the numerous coffee shops in the night time.

Spuistraat and Grote Marktstraat are known as shopping central throughout the week. Not only can you find branded stores there but also a lot of bargain stores for the budget traveller to get souvenirs back for their family and friends.

ATMs and Banks are easy to find in The Hague owing to its international reputation. Withdrawing money is as easy as getting it exchanged here for tourists.

It is easy to get your money exchanged in The Hague. Some of the popular exhanges are the GWK Travelex, the GWK Travelex Den Haag HS and the Sunro Change BV.

The daily budget for a backpacker to a moderate budget stay can come anywhere between 130-140 EUR. Transport and Food can be expensive in The Hague. You can cut down on the budget by travelling on foot or renting a second hand cycle. For a semi-luxurious trip you can double this budget.

A majority of people in The Netherlands have no affiliation to any religion. The most popular religion is Christianity.

Always greet people with a handshake and a look in the eye. The Dutch treat everyone as equals and so will you have to when in The Hague. Kisses on the cheek are reserved for close friends and family. Three kisses starting with the left cheek are the norm.

You can find excellent Indonesian food in The Hague along with some fabulous Dutch-Indies cuisine. You will be served an excellent choice of wines with every meal. People who partake should make full use of that fact and try the local wines. It may be hard to find traditional dutch food unless you go with a local as speaking dutch may come in the way of ordering food, specially if you are vegan or vegetarian. The dutch eat a lot of meat and bread with fresh salad for meals.

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The Hague is well connected to various domestic and international cities by plane, car, bus, train and boat. (Read More)

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