What is the best time to visit Bologna?

Apart from August, when the summer is harsh and most of the shops and hotels are closed owing to holidays, and July, which can be particularly hot too, March to October is a perfect time to visit this beautiful city. There are plenty of outdoor drinking and dining options in the city for which the warm weather is a huge plus. If you intend to see Bologna in all of it's christmas glory, December mid is a great time to visit the city, even though teh winers can be cold. You would have to definitey wear a scarf, coat and boots.

Weather in Bologna


Upcoming Bologna Weather

Monthly Weather in Bologna

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -2 6
February 4 10
March 6 17
April 8 19
May 13 23
June 18 29
July 21 31
August 18 29
September 16 26
October 10 17
November 6 11
December 1 8

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