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Country rank: 5 out of 6 Places To Visit In France

Sub-Region: Provence-Alpes-Cªte d'Azur


Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best time: The city accepts visitors throughout the year, the peak tourist as well the busiest season is April (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Cannes (Check Flights)


"The Zenith of Luxury"

Cannes Tourism

Cannes is a city located on Cote d'Azur or more commonly the French Riviera known for its luxury shops and hotels and the distinctive annual Cannes Film Festival apart from which the city also has a lot of natural beauty to offer making your trip worthwhile.

Originally a fishing village, Cannes now sparkles with glamour and luxury, be it the numerous boutiques, couture shops, the elegant Belle €poque hotels or superstars and celebrities making it the social hub of Europe. The city bustles with life in the month of May when its the host of the annual Cannes Film Festival and hereby, the best place for fans to be busy celebrity spotting. With the beautiful Mediterranean climate and blessed with scenic beauty, boulevards lined with palm trees, Cannes never ceases to mesmerize its visitors. The harbours, the bay, the churches, and the architectural beauty of La Susquet make Cannes's a traveler's paradise.

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  • Amiral Courbet Apartment

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  • Vieille Ville

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More on Cannes

All international Credit Cards are accpeted at almost every place in Cannes.Not many purchases are made by in hand cash.

There are numerous places and services such as Travelex, Azurenne De Change, etc. to get your currency exchanged in Cannes, one should take note of the commission being charged. ATMs can be easily found.

One can travel on the lowest budget of 50 Euros which includes decent food and public transportation upto a luxury budget of 200 euros which includes high end dining, entertainment, alcohol and private transport.

The religion in Cannes is predominantly Roman Catholic

Cannes is a city of luxury,therefore, some theatres and restaurants require appropriate apparels. People in Cannes are very polite towards tourists and the virtue of patience is much appreciated here. Tipping is not mandatory in France because you already get charged for service on your bill, however leaving a nominal tip is a decent gesture.

The language commonly spoken is French and tourists can use words such as Monsieur, Madame or Madmoiselle, Bonjour etc. for greeting/starting a conversation. The younger crowd is more apporchable for interacting in English.

Cannes once used to be a small fishing village.The city was knows as Canua in 10th century and was the site of Liguarian port and then became a Roman outpost. The city was controlled by monks from Lerins island for hundreds of years till around 1530s when Cannes became independent. The British and the Spanish tried gaining control but their attempts were unsuccessful. By the 18th century, the town attracted English aristocracy to build their winter residences and by the end of the 19th century, railways, streetcars, luxury establishments were all present in Cannes. Luxury hotels came around in the 20th century and since then Cannes has never looked back. The city council had the idea of starting an international film festival shortly before World War II and now that very film festival has brought Cannes on the world map.

Cannes has a lavish night life and is the only French town to have three casinos: Casino Palm Beach, Casino Barriere and Casino Barrire Les Princes. The centre of attraction is found on Rue Commandant Andr_ and surrounding little streets. The region between La Croisette and the Rue dêAntibes is known as Carr_ dêOr (Golden Square) with numerous bars and clubs to offer. Night clubs stay open until 7am but bars must close at 5:30 am. One should head towards the La Chunga or Le Square Dansant ( to name a few) in order to kickstart an amazing night.

Cannes is known for its luxury boutiques, couture shops and designer fashion and is hence, the ultimate place to make the best use of your credit card. The shops in Cannes are located between La Croisette and Rue d'Antibes. One can also visit the vibrant marketplace Rue Meynadier and taste varying types of cheese and quality wines. For souvenirs, head to the monastery on Ste Honorat. Shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday.

Cannes is not a budget destination and it becomes quite a pricey affair to eat out. Fresh produce from the city with sea food products baked in olive oil along with a glass of Rose Wine makes a typical plate from Cannes. Most of the restaurants are lined up along the waterfront are really expensive. The best dining areas are in Rue Meynadier and in the back streets of Rue de Antibes. The French cuisine doesn't include vegetarian or vegan options and most of the items on the menu are classified as fish or meat.

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Cannes is accessible by all means of transport: by air, by car, by train and by boat and is well connected to neighbouring cities (Read More)

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