Things To Do In Semarang

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1. Sam Poo Kong

Sam Poo Kong

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Things To Do in Semarang

The oldest temple of five in Sam Poo Kong Complex, the Sam Poo Kong Temple sprawls over 3.2 hectares of land with intricate 14th century Chinese and Javanese finesse in terms of architecture. It is located on Simongan Road, 3km Southwest from Simpang Lam. It is an approximate 20 minute drive from the centre of the town. It has the East Asian styled triple layered pagoda roof and the entire temple is done in rich red color.

2. Mount Ungaran

Mount Ungaran

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Things To Do in Semarang

It is located at an elevation of 2050m, south of Semarang in Indonesia. The mountain is basically a stratovolcano of Holocene age of rock, with two active fumarole on its southern flanks. The mountain also has two towns on its southern and eatern side. Ambarawa on the southern end while Ungaran on the Eastern side. The go to tourist spots on the mountain are the Gedong Songo temple complex, Bandugan and its surroundings, and the lake of Rawa Pening on the southeastern end of the mountain.

3. Lake Rawa Pening

Lake Rawa Pening

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Things To Do in Semarang

Literally meaning ‘Clear Swamp’, the lake of Rawa Pening is located in the Ambarawa Basin in Central Java, Indonesia. It is considered to have been formed between 18000 and 13500 BC after a period of increased precipitation. The lake has been subjected to conservation policies by the national government though the green belt policy. Rawa Pening apart from serving as a tourist attraction for people wide across, it is also a source of hydroelectricity, with a power station situated on the Tuntang river near the lake.

4. Great Mosque

Great Mosque

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Things To Do in Semarang

Central Java Great Mosque is a masjid in the city of Semarang in Central Java, Indonesia. It was built architect ir. H Ahmad Fanani and was fully established in the year 2006. The mosque sprawls over an area of 15 hectares or 25 acres with three central buildings arranged together in the shape of U. it is built in an architectural style that bears resemblance of the Javanese, Arabic and Greek lineage and culture. The mosque can accommodate over 15000 people at once!

5. Zip lining in Semarang

Zip lining in Semarang

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Things To Do in Semarang

Situated close to Umbol Sidomukti, a resort styled park on the mount Ungaran offers you an aerial view of the lush green plains and exotic flora of Semarang though zip lining. It will take you at an elevated height of 2000 metres across the lush greenery and scenic view of the valley. The cost for zip lining here is 2.36$. The steep height and elevation will give you just the right amount of adrenaline rush while keeping you at wonder and awe of the beautiful and stunning views of the locations below you. It is located in the Kawasan Wisata Umbul Sidomukti , Bandungan Jimbaran in Semarang. I

6. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

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Things To Do in Semarang

A famous landmark in Semarang, Central Java, Lawang Sewu is quite often referred to as one of the most haunted places in Indonesia. Lawang Sewu refers to “a thousand doors”, although it doesn’t really have a thousand doors. This landmark is well-maintained even though it has a spooky past and is definitely a must-visit not only for those who want to test their fears but also those who are interested in Dutch-colonial history.

7. Toko Oen

Toko Oen

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Things To Do in Semarang

Toko Oen, often referred to as “Oen” is one of the most popular eating joints in Indonesia. It is also one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in the nation that is still run and maintained by the descendants of those who initiated this eatery. What started as an idea in 1910, is now one of the leading restaurants in Semarang. A genuine combination between Indonesian and Peranakan, Toko Oen is a great eating joints for those who want to experience a fusion between colonial and authentic Asian food.

FAQs on Semarang

How can I commute within Semarang?

Visitors have the option of using both public and private transport, or even availing vehicle rental services. Taxis and cabs are one of the cheapest means of travel in Semarang, but it should be made sure that the meters are always operational during the course of a ride as pricing is mostly fixed. Otherwise, the city is littered with various car rental service stations and people can opt for renting their desired vehicle for a fixed period of time at reasonable rates. Public transport services like buses are quite frequently used by travellers to commute within the region, DAMRI buses are government-owned vehicles that provide a comfortable and affordable journey, but travelers can also choose from Nugroho, Rata Kencana, MINAS and other bus services. Apart from these, TransSemarang buses are also at the disposal of the public which have fixed destinations on shelters. 
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What are the top sightseeing places in Semarang?

The top sightseeing places in Semarang are Sam Poo Kong, Mount Ungaran, Lake Rawa Pening, Great Mosque, Zip lining in Semarang, Lawang Sewu.

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