Shopping in Miami: 7 Best Shopping Places to Lift Your Mood

Attracting visitors from all over the world every year, boasting some of the most wonderful beaches and a vibrant nightlife, Miami is a tourist hotspot. Aside from its famous beaches and various resorts and food destinations, Miami also offers its guests shopping spots so you can take your little piece of Miami back home.

From clothes to accessories, homeware as well as gifting items, there is nothing you can’t find in street shops, outlet malls and individual stores in Miami. Whether you want expensive branded items or moderately priced things, these stores have them all and a wide variety of products under numerous categories. Here is a list of the best places for shopping in Miami that you can pay a visit the next time you travel to the city.

7 Best Places for Shopping in Miami

1. Dolphin Mall


Possible the most popular go-to spot for both tourists and locals, the Dolphin Mall is one of the largest outlet malls and a hotspot for shopping in Miami. The mall boasts items from 240+ brands both domestic and international, as well some of the best discounts on items regularly. There are also various dining options including food chains and restaurants, as well as a movie theatre, bowling alley and other places to have fun.

Here you can find brands like Boss, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie, Adidas, H&M, etc. and you will be able to find a sale at some of the stores at any point in time. A feature that is beneficial to the tourists is the discount you can avail by visiting the Information Booth by Starbucks and presenting a Passport of ID and receive your Passport to Shopping booklet that will offer you discounts on goods from 100+ stores.
Timings: 10 am-9 pm Monday-Saturday; 11 am-8 pm Sunday
Pricing: Affordable/ Moderate

2. Aventura Mall


A luxury shopping location, Aventura Mall by North Dade offers its visitors a luxury shopping and dining experience. It has 300+ shops ranging from high-end brands to more common luxury brands, perfect for those who want a lavish shopping experience.

From more expensive designer brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc. to more common and moderately expensive brands like Adidas, H&M, Levi’s, etc. Aventura has them all and even boasts its art collection that includes sculptures, murals and installations by various local and international artists. There is also a wide variety of dining options ranging from luxury fine-dining restaurants to food chain stores in the Food Court making this location a shopaholic’s dream destination.
Timings: 8 am-11 pm Sunday-Wednesday; 8 am-6 pm Thursday, 10 am-10 pm Friday, 8 am-10 pm (Timings are subject to frequent change depending on holidays, etc.)
Pricing: Luxury/Moderate

3. Bayside Marketplace


Located by the stunning seaside, Bayside Marketplace is perfect to go when you want a wholesome shopping experience with great food, good scenery and even fun activities and events. 150+ shops with brands such as U.S. Polo Assn., Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Disney Store, etc. are available in the market situated right beside the Biscayne Bay.

After you are done shopping, you can have some great food at the international food court of independent restaurants, or you can hop on a boat to explore the beautiful ocean view. Various cafes and clubs are present in the area and the place is always vibrant with activity and will give you plenty of options for entertainment and shopping.
Timings: 10 am-10 pm Monday-Thursday; 10 am-11 pm Friday-Saturday; 11 am-11 pm Sunday
Pricing: Moderate/ Affordable

4. Bal Harbour Shops


Specifically made for high-end shopping, this spot for shopping in Miami features some of the most expensive boutiques and designer showrooms to cater to its customers. Brands like Dior, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, Versace, etc. are present alongside various other stores. The décor is lavish and modern, and the moment you walk in you can feel its luxurious interior and ambience.

There are also high-end dining options available, as well as more casual eateries. This is the perfect place for you if you are looking for clothes or accessories and don’t mind spending a fortune for the most luxurious items. 
Timings: 11 am-10 pm Monday-Saturday; 12 pm-6 pm Sunday
Pricing: Luxury

5. Lincoln Road Mall


Set outdoors, Lincoln Road Mall is an open-air mall situated near the beach in the most unique pedestrian district. You can find stores of various brands such as Armani, H&M, Diesel, etc. as well as local stores and boutiques. The most fascinating part, however, is the crowd you will encounter here as you would pass by the most diverse and unique crown you could find in Miami.

There are various dining options, from restaurant to casual cafes, available in the area and there are various clubs and nightlife in the vicinity. You can even find the best art galleries or go enjoy the ocean view when you are done shopping.
Timing: 10 am-11 pm Sunday-Friday; 10:30 am-11 pm Saturday
Pricing: Moderate

6. CocoWalk


Situated in the Coconut Grove area, CocoWalk is a vibrant and fun place to shop at that offers not only shopping spots and boutiques but also various entertainment and nightlife spots. You can find stores of popular brands like Chase, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, etc. are available alongside various speciality stores for shoppers. 

Aside from the shopping options, you can enjoy a movie at the movie theatre or have a beverage in the bistros and cafes as well as enjoy some great cuisine at the various eateries. If you are lucky you can even find live performances at the mall to enjoy after your shopping spree.
Timing: 10 am-9 pm Sunday-Thursday; 10 am-11 pm Friday-Saturday
Pricing: Moderate/Affordable

7. The Falls


An open-air shopping mall, The Falls is one of the most aesthetically pleasing malls you would have ever seen with its stunning greenery and simple yet attractive style, it is undoubtedly a top place for shopping in Miami. It features 100+ brands’ stores including famous brands like Abercrombie, Michael Kors, Sephora, Gap, Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret, etc. 

Just walking in the mall is sure to amaze you by its nature incorporated décor that is impeccable, and though the mall does not have a specific food court, there is a range of eating options available from fine dining to casual eateries.
Timing: 10 am-9 pm Monday-Saturday; 12 pm- 6pm Sunday
Pricing: Moderate
Are you planning to visit any of these stunning places for shopping in Miami? Tell us the comments.

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