Safety in Miami: 6 Key Tips for a Hassle Free Time at the City

The only thing that comes to your mind when you hear Miami is breezy sandy beaches, glittery sea, sleepless nightlife, entertaining casinos, and exotic cocktails. The largest city of Florida, Miami is located in southeastern Florida, inviting pomp and culture to reside together in the most vibrant way. While you can spend your entire vacation in Miami by just relishing local cuisine and international delicacies, no wonder that hopping through Miami streets will be a gateway through exciting parks, historic museums, and unforgettable sightseeing. Before drowning in the fun and frolic of Miami, surely take into account the concerns of safety in Miami. No doubt the city offers the best of hospitality but it is always better to plunge deeper with all the information prior in your hand.

Be it for solo travelers, couples, or for a family vacation in Miami - Miami of Florida offers you an elite journey throughout. Like any other place, Miami has its safety concerns. So keep in mind only a few things for a hassle-free exotic Miami joy ride -

6 Key Tips for Maintaining Safety in Miami

1. Stay away from the dangerous neighborhoods of Miami


Miami is a tourist-friendly city, catering to the growing needs of travelers from all around, throughout the year. However, while strolling through the alleys and backstreets of the city, avoid some of the dangerous neighborhoods of Miami namely Liberty City, Overtown, and Allapatah. The crime rates in these areas are comparatively much higher than in other parts of the city, making it quite unsafe for newcomers to wander around. Petty crimes like cash robbing to gang violence, everything is round the corner here. Avoid these neighborhoods during the night and always try to travel in public transportation.

2. Dodge off from the drug peddlers


Infamously known as the Drug Capital of the World, this city is truly a heaven for Bootleggers and Cartels due to its 1,350-mile-long coastline, making it the international hub for convenient smuggling of drugs. With time the law enforcement has become more rigid about possession of drugs. Possession of fewer than 20 Grams of cannabis is regarded as a misdemeanor according to Miami’s law with penalties of jail and probation. Marijuana charges are even more grave and dangerous. So stay away from drug possessions of any kind, stick to enjoying crazy cocktails and exotic wines.

3. Rigidity in smoking in Miami


It's not just about the use of recreational drugs, but also there are restrictions on smoking in Miami. If you want to pursue safe travel in Miami and do not want to get caught up in some unwanted mess, completely avoid smoking indoors in airports, hotel lobbies, offices, and bars. Standalone bars allow smoking in a few circumstances.

4. Beware of pickpockets and mugging in Miami


Pickpocketing and cash robbing make Miami a famous name down the history lane. Be it in the sandy South Beach or in public transportation, always keep a check of your wallet. If you are visiting the city for the first time, beware of mugging and kidnapping in the infamous neighborhoods. Do not travel around at night alone in these places.

5. Be careful of the fashion skepticism in Miami


There is no restriction on dressing in Miami but you should be too careful where you go by dressing what and how! The vibrant city of Miami is skeptical about fashion depending on places and occasions. You can't be too dressed up for Saturday nights neither can you let loose while opting for a sun-tan at the South Beach of Miami. Also, Miami clubs and casinos might not allow you if you are not dressed as per their set standards.

6. Hurricane


If you are considering safety in Miami, surely check the weather details before traveling to the city. The city is badly wrecked by Hurricanes especially between June to December, creating a complete catastrophe. Try not to land up in Miami in one of those times, even if you may try to contact the operating Hurricane Hotline at that period.

Be sure to follow these tips for reassuring your safety in Miami.

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