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Best Places for Camping in Miami

Miami is a city in Florida that is most well-known for its scenic beaches and natural landscapes as well as the bright and active culture. Not only is the city home to great beaches, the rich culture (Read More) of the city can be witnessed by the tourists through the museums, art galleries as well as various other places and activities that the city has to offer. And for nature-lovers, aside from the beaches, there are also various national parks and camping grounds that let the visitors experience the rich biodiversity of Miami at its best.

Here is the list of 8 Camping in Miami

1. Larry and Penny Thompson Campground, Miami

Larry and Penny Thompson Campground, Miami

Across the vast stretch of 270 acres, the Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground is one of a kind in Southwest Miami Dade, stationed just beside the popularly visited Miami Zoo. The park is enveloped with wildflowers, rock pinelands, mango and lychee trees adorned by multiple picnic spots in all corners.

2. Everglades National Park, Miami

Everglades National Park, Miami

Built-in 1947 to conserve the degrading landscape, Everglades National Park is undoubtedly one of the largest national parks in America, spread across an area of 1.5 million acres The park is truly a retreat in nature’s lap encircled by mangrove forest, pine forest, marine life, freshwater lake, and tidal estuaries.

3. Hollywood KOA, Miami

Hollywood KOA, Miami

Home to the lush natural wonders of Miami and a site for various activities like camping, this spot for camping in Miami is located a drive away from the city. The visitors can book bungalows or sites for RVs as well as camping and relax in the beaches or have fun in the social events that are constantly taking place in the area. It is rather unique as guests can find concerts and parties as well as plenty of restaurants and method of entertainment, unlike most other parks on the list.

Prices : Starting from $80

Timings : 9 am to 5 pm

4. Greynolds Park, Miami

Greynolds Park, Miami

Very close to the city, this is a popular site for camping in Miami that features a huge golf course, camping grounds as well as various natural wonders. The Oleta River runs beside the park hence activities like boating and fishing are available. Campgrounds are also present with proper restrooms, picnic spots and cabins as well. Guests can also enjoy bird watching, hiking, biking, etc.

Pricing : Free admission

Timings : Sunrise to sunset

5. Long Pine Key Campground, Miami

Long Pine Key Campground, Miami

Placed slightly far from Miami, this camping ground is only open from November to May and offers both RV and tent campsites to its visitors. Guests cannot reserve sites in advance and can only get them upon arrival. Various campsites that are fully equipped with necessities are present alongside the beautiful trails and activities to do amidst nature.

Prices : Starting from $25

6. Curry Hammock State Park, Miami

Curry Hammock State Park, Miami

Sandwiched between Key Largo and Key West is the magnificent Curry Hammock State Park, spread across an area of 1000 acres. This unhindered pice of nature is the best escape option from the weary city tales and engage in experiencing Florida’s unique ecosystem.

7. Longkey State Park, Miami

Longkey State Park, Miami

The lavishness of Miami finds no boundary in Long Key State Park of Florida, located just beside the famous birding trail of Miami, inviting visitors from around the world. While the 2017 Hurricane had a rough impact on the entire ecospace of Long Key park, now the park has taken a rebirth from the ashes with a huge influx of tourists round the year.

8. Bahia Honda State Park, Miami

Bahia Honda State Park, Miami

A dive into a wonderland with 500 acres of unhindered peace and an offshore beach is where you can find the incomparable camping experience for your life. Bahia Honda State Park in south Florida exhibits lined up palm trees, calming sunsets, and an absolute homeland of marine animals and birds. The tropical destination of Bahia Honda State Park is excellent for camping, offering a diverse catalog of camping from RV to small tents.