Weather of Maldives in May - Cheap Prices, Fun Activities & Sightseeing!

The idea of a fresh, breezy summer holiday is always appealing. The lilting palms, the deep blue sea, the pristine sand and the promise of a stress-free vacation is bound to find takers. A tropical paradise, the Maldives is a welcome change from hustle, bustle and pollution of busy cities. The great ambience, lip-smacking local delicacies, gorgeous weather and the amiable people make the place very desirable. As with all vacation destinations, the time that you go there matters. The weather can either make your break your vacation! If you're planning to visit the Maldives anytime in May, you're in luck! We've put together the perfect guide to exploring this quaint archipelago in May, to make the best of your vacation!

Weather in Maldives in May

Maldives weather in May

Maldives is a tropical country, which means that you can expect rain any time of the year. That being said, the area also has two designated monsoon seasons. The first monsoon begins from May and ends in September. This means that May is the beginning of the wet season in the Maldives, so you may be in for some showers here and there. Don't let this deter you! The onset of the monsoon means that the days are usually delightful and comfortable, although it is still sunny. It often rains in the evening and night, which allows you the entire day to explore the city and its various delights before retiring for the night. As May marks only the beginning of the monsoon, there is a wide dry window you can use to make the most of the outdoors. This is usually the off-season, which allows a steep drop in prices as well.

Average Temperature in Maldives in May

Weather in Maldives in May

May brings with it some welcome showers, giving some respite from the hot summers. You're in for very interesting weather dynamics, as the rains complement the warm days. The average temperature for the month is a comfortable 28 degrees Celcius, which is consistent throughout May. With a maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celcius, the days can get a bit toasty. Don't worry - the breeze still gently cools you down. The minimum temperature of 26 degrees Celcius makes for romantic cuddles, accompanied by gentle rain. The sea is a warm 30 degrees Celcius which make it comfortable and therapeutic to swim in. You can expect twelve hours of daylight and eight hours of sunshine, which gives you ample time to explore its various sights. With the sun setting around 6:10 PM, you can comfortably blend into the stellar nightlife of Maldives or retire to your hotel for a romantic dinner date!

Wind, Humidity and Ocean Currents in May

Water villas in Maldives

The month of May is pretty breezy, as the winds bring in the southwest monsoon clouds. With an average speed of 76 mph, the winds ensure exciting water sports in Maldives, especially surfing. May is a semi-wet month - you can expect rainfall for 15 days out of 31, although the spells are brief and short. The humidity is around 76%, which is nominal for tropical countries. This means that you may sweat a lot, but the breeze will help you out there. The days are usually a bit cloudy, but do not go easy on sunscreen - pack enough to keep your skin safe and sound. During this high season, the winds blow from east to west, meaning that the currents are fairly safe to swim and dive in. Surfing enthusiasts can't afford to miss this!

Places to Visit in Maldives in May

1. Sun Island

Sun Island in Maldives

Also known as Nalaguraidhoo Island, this island in the South Ari Atoll is home to one of the best diving and windsurfing locations in the tropical destination. Water sports are very popular here. The Nalaguraidhoo beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the entire country, with many tourists even remarking that a trip to the astounding nation is incomplete without watching the sunset at Sun Island. The serene island is also not very crowded, making it perfect for honeymooners and couples. The locale is child-friendly as well.

Things to see: Nalaguraidhoo Beach, snorkelling centre, water sports centre - Island Divers

2. Alimatha Island 

Alimatha Island in the Maldives

Located in Vaavu Atoll, Alimatha Island is a family paradise! With a host of child-friendly activities and attractions, Alimatha charms all its visitors with its azure waters, pristine white sand beaches and swaying palms. The gentle waters are calm even in May, making it a great location for snorkelling, canoeing and diving as well. The various amenities offered by the resorts, including spas, massage centres, themed restaurants and bars, make it a vacationer's paradise.

Things to see: Miyaru Kandu, Fotte Kandu, Alimatha Aquatic Resort

3. Feydhoo  

Feydhoo in Maldives

This quaint island has an interesting tale to tell - it is less than a hundred years old! The British who came here during World War II relocated all the inhabitants of the nearby Gan Island to Feydhoo when Gan Island became a military airbase. Thus, Feydhoo in Seenu Atoll was born. Today, the island is host to direct descendants of the war, who recall fascinating stories to visitors. A quick stroll through a causeway will take you to Maradhoo, another island with coconut groves and beautiful beaches.

Things to see: Link Road, seafood restaurants, local coffee shops

4. Thulusdhoo Island  

Dolphin spotting in Maldives

Located in Kaafu Atoll, this small island gives off a Caribbean vibe, reminiscent of pirates and seamen. Known as the best surfing site in Maldives, this island sees surfers every month of the year! In May, with the perfect combination of the wind, currents and temperature, Thulusdhoo faces throngs of excited surfers eager to break the surf. Feel free to take up beginner's surfing lessons if you're new to the sport. You can also indulge in canoeing, windsurfing and diving here. If your luck favours you, you can even spot some migratory dolphins.

Things to see: Ninjas, Chickens and Cokes - surfing breaks, dolphin spotting areas

5. Veligandu Island  

Veligandu Island in Maldives

This postcard-perfect island at the North Ari Atoll of the Maldives is home to breathtaking views, stunning sunsets and pristine waters. The village tours are a must-visit attraction at Veligandu Island, as they give you an honest glimpse into the exotic lives of the villagers and how they use bare minimum resources to live life grandly. The quaint lagoons offer ample opportunities to fish, canoe and dive. Fishing is a great attraction here, and you can hope to catch some bounty even in the rainy month of May. The food served here is delicious as well - get your seafood apron ready!

Things to see: Veligandu Island Resort and Spa, village tours, fishing expeditions, local seafood restaurants

Activities in Maldives in May

The Maldives offers a host of activities throughout the year, as it a tourist hub which thrives on the tourism industry.

1. Romantic Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Maldives

Since May is considered off-season, most hotels and resorts are not occupied to maximum capacity. This gives honeymooning couples all the privacy they need. Amaze your partner by taking them to Maldives and enjoy the many wonders of the country leisurely - there will be no long lines or crowded beaches! The comfortable weather is perfect for long strolls, beachside dinners, sightseeing, and adventure sports. Ideal getaway? We think so!

Approximate Cost: A honeymoon package starts from USD 800 per night, during the off-season

2. Surfing 

Surfing in Maldives

The perfect combination of the winds, the temperature and crowd make May one of the best months to surf in the Maldives. The waves are a little rough for novice surfers, but experienced ones are bound to catch some exciting breaks in this season. Amateur surfers and beginners can take lessons from hotel and resort sports wings, before attempting to conquer the ocean. The best place to surf in Maldives in May is in Thulusdhoo Islands. Drop in by the Maldivian Surf Club in Gan Island to try your luck!

Approximate Cost: Basic lessons and single surfing prices start from USD 100 per day per person

3. Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving in Maldives

One of the most enjoyable beach vacation ideas is to go scuba diving, and the Maldives is no exception! In May, the warm ocean is welcoming as ever, and you can even catch some migratory marine life that reaches the Maldivian waters in the monsoon. Try to spot turtles, clownfish and corals when you're down there! The best places to scuba dive in May include the Ari Atoll and Baa Atoll.

Approximate Cost: A single diving session can cost between USD 60 and USD 165, depending on duration and guide. Diving gear is included in the price.

Cheap Amenities in Maldives in May

Underwater Restaurant at the Maldives

May is not the crowd favourite to visit Maldives, because people assume that it keeps raining all the time. This can work for you if you're looking to visit the scintillating island for a lower price. Usually, the Maldives is an expensive vacation location, but the off-season is the best bet to make the most of your trip without having to spend as much money. From hotels, restaurants and even entry fees, you can expect prices to be slashed by a healthy USD 100 - 300 (for hotels) and USD 10 (for restaurants), which gives you the luxury of seeing more for less


Male city in Maldives

This picturesque country is steeped in history as well, composed of beautiful monuments that speak many stories. From the very inception of the island and the multicoloured Maldivian Culture to wars and religion, the tropical destination has many monuments, museums and places of public importance that are revered by its local. Walk around the capital city of MalĂ© or row to the different atolls and talk to the locals to discover the fascinating story of the Maldives!

Cost: Most monuments have meagre entry fees, starting from USD 5


  • Although May signifies the beginning of the wet season, it is still sunny. Do not forget to carry sunscreen with you. If you are keen on indulging in watersports in Maldives, invest in waterproof sunscreen 

  • Carry sunglasses and an umbrella as well, for both rain and sun

  • Carry insect repellants, as the monsoon may bring more tropical bugs and insects

  • Pay attention to local daily weather reports before heading out, especially for water sports

  • Be wary of dress code regulations while entering local villages. Usually, anything exposing shoulders and knees is frowned upon.
Maldives is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the world, and for a good reason! While the country is visited every month of the year, each month holds its own speciality. May is favoured because of its interesting weather, cheap prices and fun activities. Have you been to the Maldives in May? Is this your first time there? What do you most look forward to? Comment below and let us know. Explore away!

This post was published by Nivedha Narayanaswamy

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