Maldives Weather in December- All Whats and Wheres You Need to Know

Once you step on the Maldivian soil, you'll realise why it has emerged as a hot favourite destination for a tropical getaway. The sublime charm of this archipelagic country will give you evergreen moments, and no matter how many times you come here, you'll never seem to get tired of it. That's its magic! And if you have selected the month of December to go, then you have rightly taken your first step towards planning a perfect Maldivian holiday. To ensure your next steps bring you closer to your dream trip, here's a guide of all things you need to know about the Maldives during December.

Maldives Island, Maldives weather in December

Average Weather Conditions in December

The month of December in Maldives witnesses contrasting weather conditions in the two halves. While the first half receives some of the most intense showers and very little sunshine, the second half of December experiences a dry spell with mild sea breezes and balmy weather. Rainfall averages around 232 mm, making December amongst the rainiest month. The temperature deviates between 25 to 29 degrees Celsius. Most evenings you'll see clouds blanketing the sky. The lagoons turn just perfect for engaging in water activities as the temperature drops to around 22 degrees Celsius. A higher influx of tourists is seen towards the end of the month due to the pleasant tropical weather and the advent of the most awaited festive season.

Best Activities to Do in Maldives in December

The marine world of Maldives is renowned for being kaleidoscopic. And especially in December, when the waters are so cool and crystal clear, snorkelling and scuba diving surely top the 'to-do' list. Hence, on all islands, you will find snorkelling and diving gears available for rent at a reasonable price. The only problem is that since its the high season, you may experience a lot of rush while doing the activities, but the thrill is worth it. Banana reefs and Manta points are some of the best snorkelling spots. Surf the tides or try your hand at paddle boarding. Colossal coral reefs with shoals of fishes, giant sea turtles, eagle rays and dolphins floating by your side, the feeling you will get cannot be fathomed into words. In the calmness, you will be able to hear every beat.

The quiet shores of the islands in the archipelago are also perfect to have private beachside dining. And during the night, when the stars lit the almost cloudless sky, a candlelight dinner by the beach is the most romantic thing you can imagine.

Candlelight dinner in Maldives, Maldives Weather in December

Unique underwater exploration is provided by the unprecedented Whale Submarines. From sunken ships to floating marine life, you will have the closest encounters with everything beneath those waters' surface. Luckily the month of December also witnesses some of the most sublime sunsets. The ideal way to enjoy the twilight sky is onboard a luxurious cruise that will tour you around the beautiful islands in the archipelago and provide you breathtaking seascapes.

The year-end sees many endemic birds coming out of their nests and flying in the vast horizon early in the mornings. So, catch hold of your binoculars and go bird watching in the woods. Photographers are in for a delight as the mesmerising panorama of Maldives does not require any filters or special effects.

Best Islands in Maldives to Visit in December

When there are 1200 explicitly beautiful coral islands encompassed in 26 atolls, and not one island is similar to the other, you can imagine how tough it must be to pinpoint the 'best islands to visit'. Yet, there are a few islands that stand out from the others due to their savoury food or classy overwater villas or snorkelling sites.

1. Male Island

A trip to the Maldives is incomplete without paying a visit to its glorious capital city of Male. Situated at the core of the archipelago, this angelic island is home to the maximum population of the country despite its small size. With an artificial golden sand beach that overlooks the deep blue waters of the ocean, this island blends traditional and modern lifestyles creatively. Its treasure trove consists of an impressive artificial beach, a National Museum exhibiting its rich history, a steel Tsunami monument paying tribute to tsunami victims and a buzzing market selling exotic fruits and vegetables. 

Male Island Maldives, Weather of Maldives in December

2. Baros Island

Higher on the expense side but even more so on grandeur. Away from the hustle-bustle of other atolls is the divine Baros Island. The calm and intimate setting of this island is what makes it popular amongst the romantics at heart. The U-shaped resort has opulent overwater bungalows which are ideal for the couple who wish to be treated as king and queen on this romantic paradise. Vibrant coral reefs fringe the outline while emerald-coloured greenery veils the mainland. The cyan blue expanse of the ocean looks endless. With such eternal beauty, this island has been amongst top favourite choices of couples who wish to exchange vows or have a perfect tropical honeymoon.

Baros Island Maldives, Maldives Weather in December

3. Meeru Island

From rustic garden rooms to posh overwater bungalows, the variety of accommodations available at Meeru Island are all at your service to give its guests the ultimate island lifestyle experience. The service is commendable. The resorts are equipped with a myriad of facilities which you can choose from as per your desire. Tall palm trees swaying in the wind greet you as you step on the golden sand beaches. The lagoons are resplendent with a royal blue touch and are pleasant swimming spots. Multiple trails passing through the woods offer adventurous trekking to explore the entire island on foot.

Meeru Island Maldives, Weather of Maldives in December

4. Biyadhoo Island

The holy abode of adrenaline junkies coming to the Maldives is the gorgeous little island of South Male Atoll, the Biyadhoo Island. The tides and winds are just right to adventure the deep ocean, hence, at Biyadhoo Island one gets the most amazing experience at water activities. Towards the end of December, when the temperature dips down and the waters turn calm, many tourists come to this island to go swimming or paddle boarding. The colossal reef thriving underneath attracts many snorkelers. On top of this, a famous diving school also operates on the island. They not only provide diving lessons for beginners but also suggest you the best diving spots for a thrilling experience. And as you dive, reef sharks, turtles and rays accompany you in your expedition to the multicoloured underwater world.

Biyadhoo Island Maldives, Maldives Weather in December

5. Rangali Island

Families' favourite pick is the fascinating Rangali Island. Swimming in the placid ocean waters near the shores is enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. Spend your day at the beach building sand castles or having a picnic under the shade of the trees. Safe sites to go snorkelling and diving are also present in the proximity of the beach. Island hopping to the neighbouring islands is another engaging activity that gives an opportunity to sight dolphins in the sea. A kid's centre is also present in the Conrad resort which is equipped with various fun indoor activities for kids to enjoy all the day.

Rangali Island Maldives, Weather of Maldives in December

Best Tourist Attractions to See in Maldives in December

Though the main treasures of the archipelago are its stunning beaches, there are a few local attractions which can catch your attention and give your trip a cultural touch as well.

1. Sea of Stars - Bioluminescent Beach

Millions of tiny fluorescent blue specks glow in the ocean when the stars ascend into the night sky, making the sea look like a mirror of the glittery sky. Such is the mesmerising panorama of the 'Sea of Stars' near Vaadhoo Island which glows every night due to the bioluminescent planktons floating near the shore. This brilliant natural phenomenal has attracted many filmmakers and has appeared in many movies. The magical aura that sets once the beach glows cannot be afforded to miss.

Bioluminescent Plankton Beach Maldives, Maldives Weather in December

2. Banana Reef

Vivid panorama greets the eye the moment you dive at nature's carefully sculpted Banana Reef. Present at North Male Atoll, this outstanding diving site is also a protected area home to indigenous marine animals and fragile coral strands. Shoals of multihued fishes swim past the fruit-like shaped coral expanse. Reef sharks, blue-stripped snappers, barracuda and morays are a handful of names from the myriad of aquatic life thriving beneath the still ocean surface. Overhanging cliffs and coves adorn the landscape. When December is about to end, a little bit of seaweed gets washed ashore and the water is no longer rough. That is when you'll see hordes of tourists flocking to the beach and donning their diving gears to behold the vibrant water world beneath.

Banana Reef Maldives, Weather of Maldives in December

3. Tsunami Monument

Silver pillar with a string of balls spiralling it, this monument looks like a small steel beanstalk touching the blue sky. Situated in the artificial Thin Ruh Park, the Tsunami Monument is an important historical landmark as it commemorates the 82 victims who unfortunately lost their lives to catastrophic Boxing Day Tsunami that hit the Maldives in 2004. The glorious memorial is visited by many tourists coming to Male, especially during the year-end, when the sky is cloudless and the setting sun silhouettes the magnificent structure. 

Tsunami Monument in Maldives, Maldives Weather in December

Festivals Celebrated in Maldives in December

It was in 1153 AD when the Maldives embraced Islam. Still, festivals from all religions are celebrated with great pomp and joy. And, when it comes to the end of year celebrations, the whole country looks like a musical. Homes are decked with colourful lights, joyous crowd fills the streets, and there are celebrations at every corner. Certainly, in December, Maldives is the liveliest and sparkled due to the thousand lights. Hence, this festive season sees the maximum booking despite the extravagant prices.

1. Christmas

On the 25th of December every year, Santa Claus visits the enchanting archipelagic country. The only difference is that instead of riding his sleigh, he'll be on a boat. And instead of the falling snow, it will be the snowy white sand greeting him. Christmas celebrations are really grand and ecstatic when it comes to the Maldives. The resorts deck their property with lights, tinsels scented candles, stockings and ribbons to give the perfect Christmassy feel, only with a little tropical touch. Special a la carte is prepared for the day. Giant Christmas trees are decorated and a gala party is held at the night.

Christmas in Maldives, Weather of Maldives in december

2. New Year's Eve

New Year is welcomed with a great blast. The whole country gets upbeat, with people crowding the bars and restaurants, exchanging greetings, dancing merrily, and spending their time on the beach. A Special gala night is organised by the resorts till the clock strikes at midnight to bring in the new year. Also, lavish barbecues are held at the beach, as per the tradition of the country.

New Year's Eve in Maldives, Maldives Weather in December

Things to Pack if Visiting Maldives in December

  • With the sun shining above your head and a soft, warm breeze blowing in the air, Maldives is a place where you may want to rest those denim jeans. The tropical climate here demands loosely-fitted lightweight clothes. Most people opt for cotton and linen since not only they dry easily (important factor as half the time you'll be at the beach), they are comfortable to wear and absorb sweat easily.

  • Pack swimsuits and beachwear as they will be must when heading for water activities.

  • Remember to carry plenty of sunscreens and mosquito repellants.

  • When heading to the beach, do put on shoes or flip-flops to prevent your feet from getting cut by the small seashells scattered all over the shore.

  • Refrain from dressing in attires that are too skimpy or revealing as they are resented by the local customs and some high-end resorts.

    Maldives weather in December
Lastly, it is always wise to keep an eye on the daily weather forecast to avoid any surprises by the sky. With all the necessary facts in your knowledge, you are ready to voyage to one of the world's most fascinating island nation.

Bon voyage!

This post was published by Sonali Garg

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