Maldives Weather in July - What Makes it the Perfect Time to Visit

Since the Maldives is a quintessential tropical destination, you will encounter balmy weather every month. The sun shines brightly in the sky, and warm sea breezes blow all day long. High temperatures are beaten down by light showers occurring once in a while and refreshing winds in the evening. But July deviates slightly from these standard conditions. Lying in the middle of the rainy season makes humidity and rains a major part of Maldivian climate in July. The weather is deemed undesirable by many travellers which can be seen by the declining prices of hotels during this month. So if one can make peace with the notorious weather conditions, they will still be able to enjoy the Maldives in a pocket-friendly way.

Even though a holiday in July may be sounding a big 'no' right now, you can still visit the island and make sure you enjoy your time the most there. All you need to do is keep the following tips in mind. So here's a glance at what all one can experience the weather of Maldives in July.

Average Weather Conditions in July

Despite being one of the rainiest months, July experiences seven to eight hours of daily sunshine. The temperature dwindles between 27 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the day, while the nights are relatively cooler at 25 degrees Celsius. Clouds cover the sky most of the time. The downpours are unpredictable but don't last more than a few minutes. 147 mm of rainfall occurs throughout the month and is concentrated mostly towards the beginning. The sea temperature rises to 29 degrees Celsius, making it pleasant for swimming and other water activities.

Best Activities to do in July

The rain may act as a deterrent, but with proper planning and a careful watch on the weather forecast, you can still have a blast and enjoy the island lifestyle to the fullest. Here are some activities which can promise an entertaining itinerary.

1. Engage in Thrilling Water Sports

Water Adventures, Maldives Weather in July

Water all around. So how can water sports not be on the 'to-do' list? Be it the professionals or the newbies, the calm turquoise ocean surrounding the islands lures everyone visiting the country to try their hand at the thrilling water activities. Swim alongside giant turtles, let the shoals of fishes swim past you, and discover the hidden sea treasures of the ocean. Swimming, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and canoeing are conducted by many operators near the beaches. To have face to face encounters with the vivid aquatic life thriving near the coral reefs, you can also try snorkelling or scuba diving. A plethora of such overwhelming water adventures are an integral part of a Maldivian itinerary and the Maldivians have mastered this art to make your memories more everlasting.

2. Going on a Cruise

Dolphin watching, Cruising, Maldives Weather in July

Exploring the horizons on board a luxurious cruise is the most extravagant way of voyaging in this archipelago. Romantic for couples, awe-inspiring for kids and grandeur for adults, cruising is an experience loved and demanded by all. But this is how the Maldives make it more special. On top of that wooden deck, you will be able to witness some of the most sublime sunsets and enchanting seascapes. You will also get close encounters with the playful dolphins. With the weather of Maldives in July perfect to just sit back and relax on a boat, this is one experience you cannot miss.

3. Go Island-Hopping

Island Hopping, Seaplane, Maldives Weather in July

A mix of inhabited, resort and isolated, 1900 islands together assemble to form this paradisaical archipelago and no two islands are similar to the another. Such uniqueness is often desired to be witnessed by the tourists and hence, island hopping is a popular demand here. Gladly, there are three ways you can choose from to do so as per your convenience. To travel with style and a mode that speaks royalty, you can tour around in a giant modern cruise for a more personalised intimate journey. To capture the breathtaking skyline of the islands, you can board a seaplane, a one-of-a-kind experience. But if you wish for a conveyance more easy on the pocket, you can go for the public speedboats that tour around the atolls.

4. Explore Marine Life with the Whale Submarine

Whale Submarine, Maldives Weather in July

Another sea escapade to experience during the perfect weather of Maldives in July is the wondrous ride in a Whale Submarine. A miniature submarine designed and operated for tourism purposes, it is an exceptional way of discovering the mesmerising waters of the Indian Ocean and gets close encounters with everything that comes from it. From sunken ships to shoals of fishes, you will get to see all the underwater treasures in the deep sea close at hand. The unprecedented adventure of riding in the deep ocean fascinated adults and children alike. The ride can be arranged during the day or evening time by your hotel at reasonable prices.

5. Unwind at the Many Spas

Spas and Massages, Maldives Weather in July

Spa lovers are in for a treat as the Maldives have mastered the art of exotic spa and massage therapies. From romantic couple spas to destressing rituals for moms-to-be, there is a wide range of traditional and international massage options to choose from that have been specially crafted to pamper your body and rejuvenate your energy. There are beauty rituals to gift your skin a natural glow. There are synchronised massages to alleviate the stress of the daily city life and ease out pain from the various joints and muscles. Exclusive spa packages are offered by the resorts. From blissful settings to spa professionals, each intricate detail is meticulously looked after.

6. Get the Catch of the Day by Going Fishing

FIshing, Maldives Weather in July

Now here is an activity where the rainy weather of Maldives in July, in fact, is desirable. With so many lagoons and fishing grounds in the vicinity, fishing is a major occupation for many localities. And in the rainy season, you'll notice more fishes coming near the surface of the water to feed on the sea planktons and insects flying above. And the best part is, it does not matter if you are a novice. It will be fun and a very different experience right here in the Maldives. Small traditional boats, called Dhonis, are used to feast the waters. You can observe the local fishermen as they lure the fishes to the rod and then catch them with their nets. You can even try your hand at it and catch your own fish as a souvenir. 

Festivals celebrated in July

Independence Day, Celebrations, Festivals, Maldives Weather in July

Major festivals like Eid and Ramadan do not have a fixed date as the festivals follow the lunar calendar. But you can mark July 26th as the day of the grandest and liveliest celebrations in the Maldives. It is their Independence Day! The streets would be filled with celebrations and people dancing and singing. 

Hundreds of kids dressed in coloured attires carry out fascinating performances in schools and on streets. The National Cadet Corps and the National Security Service march on the roads in perfect synchronization. Traditional dances and displays are carried out. And all this has excited locals, tourists, foreign delegates and the President in attendance. The event is conducted by the coordination of local communities who blend modern and traditional customs in an entertaining way. The result is a peppy festive celebration. 

Now that we've covered what the weather in the Maldives in July is like, hope the idea of a magical getaway to the archipelago is sounding exciting to the traveller inside you. So head out to nature's miniature paradise on Earth. And don't forget to share your personal experiences and adventures down in the comment section below.

Happy Holidaying!

This post was published by Sonali Garg

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