Maldives Visa for Indians - Decoded & Simplified!

Far away in the heart of Arabian Sea lies the abode of the world's most bewitching beaches encompassed by the islands of Maldives. Soft powdered sand of the vast beaches along with panoramic seascapes of fluorescent blue Indian Ocean lured more than 80,000 Indians in 2017. From luxurious retreats to easy paperwork, Maldives has left no stone unturned to make sure their guests get the most comfortable and refreshing holiday experience. The only thing left is to figure out the Maldives visa for Indians. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Maldives Islands, Maldives Visa for Indians
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When travelling abroad, planning out the trip is fun and an energetic task, but it is the documentation procedure that is tedious and sometimes a bit perplexing. Well, Indians planning on travelling to the Maldives are in for relief as the country does not require a pre-arrival visa. Visas are given on arrival at the airport itself, but there are a few essential documents that need to be submitted.

On-arrival Tourist Visa

The government of Maldives permits three categories of visas to international visitors- Tourist, Business, and family or friend visit. If you will be travelling for a holiday retreat, you will be applicable for the Tourist Visa.

A Maldives tourist visa for Indians is issued on arrival at the airport by the immigration officials. The procedure is hassle-free and quite simple. Firstly, a Maldives Tourist Form will be handed over that you need to fill with all the authentic details. After filling out the form, you are required to submit a set of legal documents as demanded by the government procedure. This is ensured by a short interview where some questions are asked by the Immigration officer. Et Voila! You will be granted a Tourist visa to the Maldives for 30 days.

Maldives VIsa Stamp, Maldives visa for Indians
Maldives Visa Stamp (Source)

What Are the Documents Required?

All the documents mandated by the immigration officials have been listed below and are required to be submitted along with the entirely filled form.
  1. An official passport valid for more than 6 months posts the date of your journey.

  2. Two passport size coloured photographs which are 35mm in width and 44mm in length. The face should be clearly visible.

  3. Copies of booking confirmations of hotels or any other accommodation chosen for the trip.

  4. A confirmed return or onward ticket from the Maldives.  
Apart from these legal documents, you are required to submit proof of your financial budget. The authorities examine the funds to make sure you have enough to cover all your expenses during the stay. The estimated expenditure, as computed by the government, is around INR 3450 (MVR 770) per day.

How Can I Extend My Tourist Visa?

If you wish to extend your trip and stay a bit longer, then you can apply for the extension of your Tourist Visa. For this, you need to do is visit the Head Office, fill out the Visa Extension Application Form and pay the applicable fee. The officials will again examine your funds for the number of days stated and grant you a maximum extension of 60 more days. Make sure that you complete the procedure of filling the renewal application at least two days before your visa expires.

What Are the Visa Charges?

Tourist visa issued on arrival for 30 days' time is absolutely free of charge, but a fee of INR 3350 (or MVR 750) is to be paid in case of extension of visa for a total duration of 90 days.

Cancellation of Visa

With such an easy-going application process, all the government expects in return is your corporation to their rules and regulations. The following actions can lead to immediate termination of Tourist Visa:
  1. The documents submitted are not authentic or state false information.

  2. If the person is suspected of having inappropriate intentions to indulge in violence or any unlawful activity.

  3. If the person, when interviewed by the officer, is found to have strong anti-semantic religious or political views.

  4. If the person engages in any means of employment on a tourist permit.

  5. If a case of public nuisance or disruption of harmony is registered.

  6. If the person is staying beyond the duration permitted by the authorities.
At last, wherever you go, make sure you have your passport and visa at all times. With all the necessary facts you can now head off to the angelic archipelago of Maldives. Hit the beaches, bask in the sun, surf in the tides, enjoy the stellar nightlife of Maldives and create memories to cherish forever.

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