Maldives Weather in April - The Perfect Time to Experience the Tropical Island

'Necklace Islands', 'Tropical Paradise', 'Romantic Haven', 'Miniature Heaven'- With every new traveller, Maldives gets a new name. 1190 islands spread across 26 atolls form its terrain, and each of them is one-of-a-kind. An endless expanse of turquoise sea blending in the soft blue of the sky meets the eyes as one looks ahead from their private overwater villas. The silvery-white beaches outlined with palm swaying in the wind welcomes the tourists as they arrive in for an island escapade.

And with such divine beauty and delicate charm is the tropical Maldives weather in April which persists throughout the year here. Sunkissed mornings and windy evenings are a constant while short rains are intermittent in the Maldives. April, in particular, has mixed weather that varies as the month progresses. The month commences with a dry spell, balmy afternoons and almost no drop pouring from the sky. However, as the month reaches its end, the amount of rain falling increases. Hence, till mid-April, a high influx of tourists is seen at various islands of the archipelago. 

Sunset in Maldives during April

Average Conditions for Maldives Weather in April

April is the month when the tropical weather of Maldives is at its pinnacle. Sun shines brightly during the day, with an almost cloudless sky and warm sea breezes adding humidity to the air. The temperature soars to 31 degrees Celsius during the day and drops to a pleasant 27 degrees Celcius at night. To beat the heat, tourists prefer to spend maximum time lazing at the beach. The calm tides during this time of year are also splendid for snorkelling in the Maldives and other water activities. However, the rainfalls are uneven and unpredictable but are not a deterrent as they don't last very long. A total 132mm of rain occurs in the entire nation, concentrated mostly in the southern islands.


Things to Do

Scuba Diving in Maldives in April
Even though the main objective of any tourist visiting the archipelago is to try water sports, the blend of sunny and rainy Maldives weather in April proves even more meritorious for feasting the water. Banana Reef and Manta Point, the two eminent diving spots, are full of travellers adorning their snorkelling gears and waiting for their turns to go dive in the mystical sea. The kaleidoscopic underwater world is full of sponges, coral reefs, turtles, reef sharks, manta rays and shoals of small colourful fishes. The cyan blue waters are translucent enough to spot these treasures while canoeing or paddleboarding on the surface too. Towards the end of the month, when the water starts cooling down, and tide gets calmer, shark diving and dolphin spotting get in demand.

The clear skies in the night are excellent for snuggling in your love's arms and watching a movie while lying on the soft sandy beach. Outdoor cinemas are organised by some of the resorts, especially for couples. It is also a great time to have beachside luncheons or dine under the starlit sky by the shore when the sky mirrors the galaxies.

Lastly, the fine weather also favours those seeking to explore the archipelago by island hopping. Cruises and speedboats are available for touring around the islands and provide fantastic seascapes of the sunset.

What to Pack?

Beach Kit for Maldives
With the sun shining in the sky during Maldives' weather in April, if you choose to wear denim jeans or those formal attires, you'll get roasted within a few minutes. The tropical climate here demands loosely-fitted lightweight clothes that can soak perspiration quickly. So, the best bet will be clothes made of cotton and linen. The clothes, however, should not be too revealing for two reasons. First, it may result in overexposure to the sun and cause sunburn and rashes. Second, skimpy or revealing clothes are disrespectful to Maldivian culture and are resented by the locals. Same is the case with your beachwear and swimming gears. The UV rays during this time of the year are very harmful, hence, apply plenty of sunblocks to protect your skin or you may end up with a rashy skin after your tropical break. Also, remember to carry mosquito repellants. Lastly, when heading to the beach, do put on footwear to block your feet from getting cut by the small seashells scattered all over the shore.

Tropical bliss abundant with unspoilt beaches around its periphery attracts tourists stronger than a magnet to this Indian Ocean jewel. Any time of the year, you'll find the streets buzzing with lively crowds. With deep-sea diving, dolphin watching, sunset cruising, beachside luncheons to keep you occupied all day, and a roaring nightlife, you will be creating a lifetime of memories here. However, the Maldives weather in April here has the habit of turning naughty. It rains without notice. So, to not let such surprises ruin your plans be updated about the weather forecast of every day. And, while travelling to the scintillating island nation, do keep in mind the general Maldives safety and tips to make your holiday the best ever!

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