Maldives Cruises - Discover the Country Wave by Wave

If you wish to make the most of your Maldives trip, do it in a different way than the usual overwater villa or beach resort, and want to walk on some of the most unexplored islands of Maldives, your search ends here! We know you've always wanted to be on a cruise. Hopefully, all your questions regarding it will be answered by the time you finish reading this.

Why Cruise in the Maldives?

Maldives cruises

Cruising is undoubtedly the best way to get to the heart of Maldives, not just because it's exciting but also because it allows one to explore the hidden gems by gaining access to thousands of stunning islands and hundreds of resorts. Not just that, the customised routes are the best for water sports enthusiasts to have a fun, adventurous and an unforgettable experience, in a crowd less space. Apart from the offbeat itineraries and a chance to explore some of the underwater marvels, you will have the option of pairing your cruise with a luxurious resort stay for one or more nights to have a taste of both land and the ocean.

Ideal Duration

Best Time for Maldives Cruises

Maldives Cruises

The dry phase that runs from November to April is considered to be the best period to cruise the tranquil waters of Maldives. Around this time, humidity is relatively less, and it hardly rains, making way for a smooth cruise experience. January to April is the perfect time for underwater activities like snorkelling when the waters are clearer, and the visibility is high. Also, between March and April, you can go on an exclusive South Expedition (or a part of it) by booking through Yacht Maldives, in which the yacht touches twelve of the fourteen Southern atolls - it will definitely be a unique experience.

Avoid May to September as the weather becomes less predictable during this period and you are more likely to encounter storms.

Dhoni Cruise

Dhoni Cruise maldives

The oldest known vessel of Maldives - Dhoni, distinguished by its curved bow that extends and reaches up to the sky, has been mechanised and upgraded over the years. Today, a large number of travellers choose this uniquely shaped Dhoni Yacht to cruise the extraordinary islands, which offers excellent service and carefully selected amenities, making it an exciting blend of modern and traditional. With the kind of romantic setting and privacy it provides, it is just perfect for the honeymooning in Maldives. Sunset from the yacht is just a cherry on the cake!

Tour Operators

1. G Adventures 

G Adventure Maldives cruise

G Adventures is quite a popular operator when it comes to Dhoni cruises. Explore and experience the enchanting Maldives on this cruise which carries 8 to 10 passengers. The itinerary gives one chance to explore the local villages and towns, as well as the unexplored desert islands, while also providing plenty of time to relax under the sun, on the Dhoni yacht, surrounded by clear water on all sides.

Amenities: Apart from air-conditioned twin and double bed cabins with ensuite bathrooms, television and window pop-ups, this Dhoni also provides a covered dining room and a large sundeck with an outdoor sitting area for relaxation. Snorkelling equipment is also available.   

Activities: The tours usually include activities such as snorkelling, diving, hiking, biking, rafting, or kayaking. Excursions also involve enjoying local entertainment.

Cost: Around MVR 24,800 - MVR 28,000 which includes 7 days, 6 nights' accommodation, arrival transfer, 6 lunches, Snorkelling equipment, local guide charges, permits, etc.

2. Yacht Maldives 

Yacht Maldives Cruise

Yacht Maldives lets you choose from some 21 tailored itineraries to follow, or design your own cruise with the online cruise planner. Even people staying in the resort can charter a private Dhoni for private daily excursions for a minimum of 3 or more consecutive days.

Amenities: Apart from cabins equipped with hot water showers, air conditioning, television, and Wi-Fi connection, the Dhoni yacht also houses a small library containing books and movies, and a sundeck for relaxing and soaking up that tropical sun. In the night, a romantic candle-light dinner amid sea breeze and under the starry sky can be arranged on the top deck. The aft deck is for adventurous activities.

Activities: The Diving Centre is located on the aft deck which offers a number of exciting activities and intensive lessons, under the supervision of professional dive instructors. Some of the activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, and fishing. Fish for your own supper aboard your Dhoni yacht. Diving and snorkelling gear is available on request, apart from full fishing gear, rod holders and fighting belts for trolling and spinning. Apart from water activities, indulge in the beautiful island excursions, spend time on the pristine beaches, visit local villages on the inhabited islands and explore those beautiful, unspoiled desert islands. The guide will help you get to know the place better and will answer all your questions.

Cost: Daily rates of Dhoni Stella 1 (best option for one couple/family) range from MVR 13,000 to MVR 16,000, while daily rates of Dhoni Stella 2 range from MVR 15,400 to MVR 18,500. Daily rates include GST (12%); Crew (1 captain, 1 cook, 1 steward + 1 divemaster when required); snorkelling and fishing gears, bed linens, towels, beach towels, bathrobes. WI-FI Internet.

3. World Expeditions 

World Expeditions Maldives cruise

World Expeditions provides a 6 days itinerary which you can modify if you choose private group travel, and get an itinerary that meets the need of your group - what you want to see, where you want to go and when you want to do it. Those travelling with their families can create a unique family adventure tailored to your needs.

Amenities: World Expeditions uses different types of Dhonis based on group size, cabins with bunk beds, some without ensuite.  Each vessel has an outside dining area. Other facilities include a bar, dining area, library, sun deck, television, DVD/VCD player, music player. Wi-Fi is not available.

Activities: Water-based activities include swimming, snorkelling and fishing. Snorkelling lessons are provided. Excursions to local villages, local towns and the uninhabited islands are also included in the itinerary (and can be excluded in the custom ones). A local guide is the part of the crew; snorkelling gear and fishing line is available.

Cost: A six days Maldives Dhoni Cruise costs around MVR 18,000 - MVR 24,000 per person which includes 15 meals, accommodation on board on a twin share basis, tourist taxes and tour permits, basic equipment for snorkelling and fishing, local guide charges, and airport transfers.

Things to Pack

There is limited space on the Dhoni, so make sure you don't overpack for your cruise in Maldives.
  • It is best to avoid the large hard suitcases as they take up a lot of space. Duffel bags and backpacks are recommended

  • Do not forget to carry all the essential documents and a carry on which will come in handy while your luggage will be transferred to your room and on your excursions as well.

  • Pack quick-drying cover-up or a pair of shorts for a quick change, and a light pullover or pashmina for the cool, breezy nights.

  • Don't forget a sunscreen lotion, power bank and camera.

  • Keep the drugs for motion sickness or other remedies like Sea-Band Wristband or ginger in order to combat seasickness. 

Just imagine sunbathing any time of the day on the deck, snorkelling with the marvels of the ocean, having a drink while viewing the setting sun, fishing for your supper, and having candle-light dinner under the night sky. Sounds just perfect, doesn't it?

Still got any questions or confusion? Let us know in the comments section!

This post was published by Pranjali Kureel

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