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28 kilometres north of the coast of Male, Thulusdhoo Island lies in the Kaafu Atoll and is the capital of the same. The island's location makes it ones of the best surf spots in the Indian Ocean, so much so that it is often known as the 'surf island'. The waves that break at Thulusdhoo due to the coral reef which almost surrounds the island is the reason why so many people are attracted to this place and travel here from all over the world. Thulusdhoo's surfing, as well as the snorkelling and diving opportunities, is what makes the island a delightful spot through which to enjoy Maldives and all it offers.

Although the island is not as famous as others in the Maldives, it is a well-known budget destination. Thulusdhoo provides enough accommodation for all individuals whether its surf camps, guesthouses or 5-star luxury hotels. The island itself has just about 1400 inhabitants but is a great place to learn more about the local island culture and the ways of the Maldivian people

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Best Time To Visit Thulusdhoo

Surf Season: March to October

Good Weather Conditions: January to March

Surfing at Thulusdhoo Island

Surfing at Thulusdhoo Island

Some of the best surf spots can be experienced on the Pacific coast of Thulusdhoo Island. The island is partially surrounded by a shallow reef which is a great advantage for surfers as the waves tend to be more powerful but not dangerous and is therefore not a risk to one's life. However, for some surf spots, it is advised to avoid going into the water unless your surfing skill set is strong and on an advanced level.

The best, most famous surf spot on the island is the Cokes. The spot was given its name due to the nearby Coca-Cola factory that has become a renowned tourist attraction for all that visit the island. The Cokes is famous for its strong waves that make for a challenging yet enjoyable surf. Another famous surf spot is the Chickens, which is not as famous and adrenaline pumping as the Cokes, but is still an excellent spot to get the boards out and enjoy the waters. Kite Surfing and other kinds of surfing is also possible in Chickens.

To reach the Chickens, one is supposed to take a short boat trip from where the waves are more accessible. Other spots around the island are the Ninjas and the Sultans. For first time surfers, surfing schools are also available to help you learn the basics.

Things to Do


Other than the great surf spots, Thulusdhoo Island has several tourist attractions and activities that would be sure to keep you entertained and make your stay an enjoyable yet relaxing one. The coral reef does not only benefit surfers, but it is also the cause for the humongous marine life which makes the island coast an excellent choice for snorkelling. Scuba Diving is also immensely popular with several diving schools dotting the island.

Another reason the island gets many visitors is that the area around Thulusdhoo Island is often surrounded by schools of dolphins that can be seen even from the coast of the island. Day trips on boats that take you up close to the dolphins are also a popular choice.

Those looking for some exploring can always book an island bike tour and ride through the entire island in a matter of a day while also experiencing the island culture that prevails. The tourist beach, which is the only place where individuals can get away with wearing bikinis and board shorts, is also a great spot to unwind and spend an afternoon relaxing on the sand or partaking in the water sports activities available.

Aside from this people can also visit the Coca-Cola Factory or the various Buddhist Temples and mosques that have left an imprint on the island and form a huge part of the heritage of Thulusdhoo. If privacy is your priority, there are several uninhabited islands such as Baros, Dhoonidhoo and Boduhithi that surround Thulusdhoo and are untouched by humans making them the epitomes of beauty and serenity.

How To Reach Thulusdhoo

Ferry transfer from Airport Island to Male - daily except Fridays (25 minutes).

From Male-
Ferry: 85 minutes
Saturday to Thursday- 3:30 PM
Friday- 10:30 PM

Slow Ferry: 120 minutes
Saturday to Thursday- 2:30 PM

Inland Transport: Travel in and around Thulusdhoo Island is mainly done through bikes and cycles on rent and is the easiest mode of transport.

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