6 Bridges in Dubai That Showcase the City's Engineering Advancement

Architecture marvels and structures of people’s fascination, bridges not only seem to aid in travel but also add on to the aesthetic marvel of a place. Dubai, known for Burj Khalifa and numerous shopping malls, is also home to some of the most astounding and well-constructed bridges of all time. From becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world to a live display of man's greatest engineering achievements, the bridges in Dubai seem to grab everyone's eyes. 

Here’s a look at some of these wonders of engineering.

1. Floating Bridge

The first of its kind in the Emirates, the Floating Bridge in Dubai has easily become one of the most famous structures in this city. Built by Waagner-Biro, it carries six lanes across the Dubai Creek. It was built mainly to help ease out the traffic in Al Maktoum Bridge. The construction of this pontoon bridge was completed in an astonishing 23 days. However, the planning, design-making and the rest of the work took around 10 months to get done.
Connects: Intersection near Deira City Centre and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club.
Note: The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority recently announced that the bridge would remain closed from Thursday, 10:00PM until Saturday, 6:00AM every week.
Length of the bridge: 365 m

2. Al Maktoum Bridge

Al Maktoum Bridge
One of the first bridges in Dubai, Al Maktoum Bridge has undergone many modifications since it was first constructed in 1969. The modifications took place in 1974, 1990, 2001 and 2007 leading to the increased capacity of the bridge to accommodate vehicles, etc. The toll system on the bridge has been through a number of variations as well and Salik (road toll) has been imposed since 2008.

It has a bascule opening mechanism which allows large ships to pass through. 
Connects: Bur Dubai and Deira, crossing Dubai Creek.
Length of the bridge: 37 metres

3. Al Garhoud Bridge

Al Garhoud Bridge
One of the road bridges over Dubai Creek, Al Garhoud Bridge was constructed to help tackle the issue of excessive traffic. The old Al Garhoud Bridge was built and opened in 1976. But due to the vast number of roads that were connected to it, traffic jams became a frequent problem in Dubai. This task was completed between 2006 and 2008. The new bridge in Dubai has a total of 14 lanes, 7 in each direction.  The old bridge was destroyed after the opening up of the new one. The new Al Garhoud Bridge showcases artworks that provide an aesthetic view to travellers on the bridge.
Length of the bridge: 520 m

4. Business Bay Crossing

Business Bay Crossing
One of the most recently built bridges in Dubai, Business Bay Crossing connects Deira to Bur Dubai through six of its 13 lanes and Bur Dubai to Deira through the rest seven. It was opened in 2007, having a length of 1.6 kilometres and a height of 15 metres. The bridge provides a corridor for motorists travelling from Bur Dubai to Deira and to Sharjah.

Upcoming Bridges in Dubai 

5. Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Crossing

Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Crossing
Also known as the Sixth Crossing, the construction of this bridge began in 2008. The design of this arch bridge, made by FXFOWLE Architects, comprises of two bridges bisected by an artificial island. The west bridge will span over 667 metres and rise over 205 metres. The east bridge will have a span of 560 metres. It will unite the areas of Al Jaddaf and Bur Dubai. The goal behind this establishment has been to increase connectivity, have a pedestrian-friendly gateway, among other things. The bridge is supposed to have 6 lanes for moving traffic in each direction. Once constructed, it will become one of the longest arch bridges in the world.

6. Al Ittihad Bridge 

Planned to replace the Floating Bridge, Al Ittihad Bridge is a proposed 12-lane arch bridge. It will be connecting Bur Dubai and Deira. The design of the bridge includes 6 lanes and a footpath in both directions. It will have a width of 61.6 metres and a height of 15 metres. Along with a waterway of 400 metres, it is supposed to connect to an underpass on the Bur Dubai side and will further be linked to Al Ittihad Road on the Deira side.

Showcasing the architectural development of Dubai as well as providing an opportunity for people to witness the aesthetic factors of the city, these bridges in Dubai are a sight to behold. These well-constructed, well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing structures witness hundreds of vehicles passing through them every day.

This post was published by Archita Zutshi

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