10 Commandments for Rafters (especially, first timers)

Adventure- Check!
Fun- Check!
High adrenaline- Check
Travel ticket booking- Check!
Camp booking- Check!

Awesome! So, you have made up your mind to go rafting!

Fun! As the water gushes down (Source)

Fun! As the water gushes down (Source)

As Poseidon, the God of seas and rivers speaketh through me, do take note of some pointers that you must keep in mind and follow solemnly!

10 commandments for rafters:

1. Thou shalt wear a properly adjusted helmet and life jacket throughout the rafting stretch.

It should feel tight and firm when you slide a finger between the strap and your chin.

2. Thou shalt adhere to the instructions given by the professional guide.

The instructor would give commands for paddling such as “forward”, “backward” and for safety like “get down” or commands that you crave hearing: “relax”. The occasional ‘war cry’ sure is inspirational as all team members shout out a slogan in symphony.

The war cry: boosting morale (Source)

The war cry: boosting morale (Source)

3. Thou shalt NOT panic.

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