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The synagogues in Houston come across as extremely vibrant, diverse, welcoming, and warm places in the city. These congregations mainly focus on teaching the jews the philosophy of the Torah, which (Read More)teaches the relation between the secular world and Judaism. The synagogues also are welcoming of people from all age groups, castes, ages, and religions in order to spread the values and teachings of Judaism.

Here is the list of 12 Synagogues in Houston

1. Congregation Beth Yeshurun, Houston

Congregation Beth Yeshurun, Houston

A conservative synagogue in the city of Houston, the Congregation Beth Yeshurun was founded in 1891, it later merged with Congregation Beth El in 1946 and finally took its original name in 2002. Until then the synagogue was not recognized as a different worship place but was merged with private homes, wooden frames and a former church.

Address : 4525 Beechnut St, Houston
Open Hours : 7:00am - 6:45 pm
Established : 1891
Membership : USD 350/ year
Shabbat Services: Friday Evening

2. Congregation Emamu El, Houston

Congregation Emamu El, Houston

A reform synagogue, affiliated to the Union Reform of Judaism the Congragtaion Emalu el is an ancient synagogue was built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and was designed by Lenard Gabert and MacKie & Kamrath Architect. Back then the building was 65,000 acres with 855 seatings which was connected to the main social hall, making it one of the most creative and well-constructed buildings back then.

Address: 1500 Sunset Blvd, Houston, TX 77005, United States
Open Hours: Morning to evening
Established: 1944
Membership: Free
Shabbat Services: Currently Suspended

3. Houston Congregation Reform, Houston

Houston Congregation Reform, Houston

The Houston Congregation reform, a social reform synagogue has celebrated 60 years as a place of worship. The synagogue is located in the heart of Houston’s Galleria area, the synagogue offers an intimate, vibrant and gives the feeling of warmth and goodwill when one enters the synagogue. Houston Congregation reform started reforming their congregation in 2005 and also conducted synagogue classes and every Friday night the synagogue has shabbat services for its jewish people.

Address: 801 Bering Dr, Houston
Open Hours: Morning to Evening
Established: 1960
Membership: Free
Shabbat Services: Friday 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

4. Congregation Beth Israel, Houston

Congregation Beth Israel, Houston

A reform Jewish congregation in the city of Houston, the Congregation Beth Israel is one of Houston's most recognized, active and vibrant synagogues present. The synagogue was established in 1845 making it one of Texas’ oldest places of worship, in addition to this Congregation Beth Israel also has an extremely rich history and is now affiliated with the Union of Reform Judaism to maintain this ancient culture and heritage.

Address: 5600 N Braeswood Blvd, Houston
Open Hours: Monday- Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday:9:00 AM- 2:00PM
Established: 1844
Membership: USD 225-250
Shabbat Services: Friday evening and Saturday morning

5. United Orthodox Synagogues, Houston

United Orthodox Synagogues, Houston

Commonly referred to as the UOS the United Orthodox synagogues were formed 50 years ago when the oldest 3 synagogues namely, Adath Israel, Adath Emeth, and Beth Jacob merged together to form one synagogue to unite the smaller Jewish community. Today the UOS are a modern ordothox community synagogue, with an extremely beautiful residential area near the synagogue itself.

Address: 9001 Greenwillow St, Houston.
Open Hours : Monday-Thursday: 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM 
Friday: 8:30AM- 3:00 PM
Established: 1870

6. Young Israel of Houston, Houston

Young Israel of Houston, Houston

An orthodix synagogue located in the heart of southwest Houston, the Young Israel of Houston has been a community that provides exciting activities for the Jewish people to bond and unite as a community. The Young Israel of Houston is a warm and welcoming committee that is filled with Jewish families from all over the world. They base all principles on the philosophy of the Torah that teaches them self growth and development.

Address : 7823 Ludington Dr, Houston.
Open Hours : Monday- Friday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Membership : USD 650
Shabbat Services : Currently suspended

7. Congregation Beth Rambam, Houston

Congregation Beth Rambam, Houston

A diverse and orthodox synagogue, the Congregation Beth Rambam, is located in the southwest area of Houston. The synagogue was originally made for the Sephardic Jews to feel comfortable and homely among the people who share the same beliefs and Sephardic customs as them. The Congregation Beth Rambam was originally set up in Meadow Walk Townhomes Clubhouse.

Address: 11333 Braesridge Dr, Houston
Open Hours: Monday- Friday 9:30 AM- 2.30 PM
Shabbat Services: 7:00 PM

8. Meyerland Minyan Synagogue, Houston

Meyerland Minyan Synagogue, Houston

Located in the Jewish heart of Houston, the Meyerland Minyan synagogue is one of Houston's oldest, most dynamic, and most welcoming synagogues. The orthodox synagogue is welcoming to people of all age groups, different jew communities, and people with intellectually different open. Meyerland aims at creating an atmosphere for people to be comfortable and learn more and more under the synagogue.

Address: 9002 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston.
Open Hours: Morning to evening
Membership: Not required

9. Temple Sinai, Houston

Temple Sinai, Houston

Temple Sinai is a synagogue that majorly serves the community of jews of the west side of Houston. The temple is known for its utmost welcoming nature and comforting environment for people from different ages, castes and religions. At Sinai they majorly focus on teaching lessons that are lifelong learnings and relevant.Their mission strongly suggests that “ Your home for fostering spiritual growth, nurturing genuine connections, and strengthening Jewish life.

Address : 13875 Brimhurst Dr, Houston
Open Hours : Morning to evening
Established : 1947
Shabbat Services : Friday Evening

10. Temple Beth Tikvah, Houston

Temple Beth Tikvah, Houston

The Temple Beth Tikvah is located amongst a beautiful surrounding between Lake Clear close to the city of Galveston. The reform synagogue is a community that is based on inclusiveness where everyone of all age groups, any marital status or sexual orientation. The congregation also holds several events during the year which include several shabbats, musical services and religious school days. These are organised by the congregation itself with the aim of making the community inclusive and welcoming.

Address : 12411 Park Shadows Trail, Houston
Open Hours : Morning to Evening
Established : 1944
Shabbat Services : Friday evening 7:15 PM

11. Chabad at the Medical Center, Houston

Chabad at the Medical Center, Houston

A community synagogue that is open to allJews irrespective of their background of their level of observance. The Chabad usually comes across as a place with an extremely positive, inspiring, stimulating, friendly and non judgemental area for the people. The Chabad has weekday morning services that are followed by a light breakfast for the people, the people can also arrange for a study session with the Rabbi to understand the depth of the religion and its teaching.

Address : 1955 University Blvd, Houston
Open Hours : 1:00PM-6:00PM
Membership : Not Required

12. Heimish of Houston, Houston

Heimish of Houston, Houston

The Heminish is a community that was formed late in 2018. The modern community is a welcoming ground for the jews who wish to learn and grow with the help of the teaching in the Torah. The Heminish is also a place for the jews to bond, unite and grow from a small to an expanding community of people who follow and learn the philosophy of the Torah . Ever since the Heminish has started it has only been seeing a growing number of people who join to learn what the Aibester there teaches, their main goal is to transform lives and warm hearts.

Address : 11811 Dandelion Ln, Houston
Open Hours : 24/7
Establsihed : 2018

Here are some of Houston's most welcoming and diverse synagogues. These synagogues help one to grow and understand the teachings and values of the religion. We hope you like it!

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